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How to Get Free Load: Globe, TM, Smart, SUN & TNT

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How to get free load

If you’re here, it probably means that you’re looking for quick ways to get free load, right?

You’re in the right place!

You don’t have to get tricked by scams circulating in social media about apps and websites that give out load for free.

These are mostly scams!

But if you want to know the most legit and proven ways to get free load immediately, read on below.

All of the ways I’ve listed here came from personal experience.

Because of this, I know that you can get load for free 100% just by following the steps.

Without further ado, here are the 12 easy ways!

Note: This blog post may contain affiliate links which will allow me to earn some money when you use them. This will help keep the site running 😊

1. How to get free load from Diskartech

Free load Diskartech

Update: The referral program of Diskartech isn’t currently available.

If you haven’t heard of Diskartech yet, it’s a brand-new e-wallet/digital bank from RCBC!

The way you can get free load here is just by creating an account using my code (AASN5516) and referring your friends so you can earn up to ₱30,000/month!

Here’s how you can easily register in Diskartech and instantly claim your free ₱10:

1. Download the Diskartech app from Google Play Store or App Store.  

2. Install the app and tap “Gumawa ng account”.

3. Enter your nickname.

4. Enter my referral code (AASN5516) so you and I can get the free bonus.

5. Enter your mobile number.

6. Input the OTP.

7. Create a password.

8. That’s it, you can now use the app to buy load, insurance, earn money, have 3.25% interest on your savings and more!

9. If you want to invite your friends and earn money, just open the app > tap Account > Tap Mag-invite ng friends sa Diskartech > you’ll see your referral code there.

Since the referral program of Diskartech isn’t available currently, you can still get free load in the form of interest earned!

This digital wallet allows you to earn 3.25% interest per year on your savings!

Read more: Diskartech: 8 Appealing Reasons to Download This App

2. How to get free load from GCash

Next is the most popular e-wallet in the Philippines – Gcash.

This app from Globe has been around for years now yet it still allows you to earn money.

You can get free load by referring your friends to the app.

You can earn up to ₱1,250 per month just by referring people.

Get free load from GCash

If you still don’t have a GCash account, use my link to register so you can receive your free ₱50.

But take note that you need to install the app first to register and you also need to verify your account.

Easy right?

I personally earned a lot from GCash just by referring when I was a student and even now on my blog.

But there’s actually more ways to earn from GCash:

  • Play Goama Games and Earn
  • High-Interest Savings
  • Cashback by Findshare
  • Buy and Sell Load
  • GInvest
  • Digital Payment Services

Read these to learn how to earn from these: 7 Best Ways to Earn Money in GCash

3. How to get free load from Paymaya

Another popular e-wallet in the Philippines is Paymaya.

It’s owned by Smart which makes it a competitor of GCash.

But you can easily get free load from it just by registering and referring your friends!

You can earn ₱100 each time you refer a friend!

Paymaya free load

If you want to earn now, just download the Paymaya app. Then, input my referral code (285wit3).

You just need to fill in the details and then verify your account to receive the reward.

Then, you can also refer your friends to Paymaya so you can earn ₱100 as well!

4. How to get free load from ShopBack

Get free load in Shopback

ShopBack is a popular cashback platform in the Philippines.

In short, it rewards you cash back (money) for every purchase you make from online shopping sites through ShopBack.

There are a lot of ways to earn from ShopBack which you can use to get free load.

  • Register and get ₱100 bonus! Use my referral code (dTy2rl)
  • Earn cash back by using the app
  • Refer your friends to ShopBack
  • By completing surveys in SurveyWall

I’ve personally earned a lot of money from ShopBack.

Mainly by using the app to shop online in Lazada, Shopee, Zalora and many more.

If you want to know how I earned thousands using this app, read this: Shopback Review: How to Shop and Earn Thousands!

5. How to get free load from MVP Rewards

The Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Rewards app is a membership program for customers of:

  • PLDT
  • Smart
  • TNT
  • Cignal
  • De Los Santos Medical Center
  • And more

You can earn points, cash rebates, coupons and others here by enrolling your account in the mentioned service providers above.

Each service provider has different mechanics which you need to follow to earn money such as registering your account and paying your bills on time.

You can then use your points to redeem various vouchers including Shopee coupons which you can use to buy load there!

6. How to get free load from LYKA

LYKA isn’t a new app but it has become trending during the past months so I included it in this list.

But the most important reason why it’s here is because it’s a social media app that pays users!

Yes, you can earn real money here just by posting photos and videos and also rating other people’s posts!

Read this if you want to learn more: What is LYKA App? How to Earn Real Money

7. How to get free load from Shopee

A study showed that around ¾ of 69 million internet users in the Philippines shop online.

Chances are, you’ve probably shopped as well maybe just this month. But did you know that you can get free load from online shopping?

Shopee coins

This is through Shopee coins.

You just need to do different tasks in Shopee so you can earn the coins.

Then, you can use these coins to buy load in Shopee.

Although it takes time to earn coins, it accumulates quickly the more you use the app!

You can also earn through Lazada coins although you can’t use them to buy load.

But there are a lot of other things you can buy online using your coins.

There’s also the Shopee Referral Program where you can earn 100 coins per person that you invite through your referral code.

You can also promote Shopee products and earn commissions through Involve Asia.

Read this to know more: Shopee Affiliate Program Philippines: How to Earn Money

8. How to get free load from

I used to earn some money from referral promo back then.

But now it seems that they’ve removed this feature.

However, they’re still bringing it up every now and then such as now. free load

Since they removed the referral program and the cashback program, you can only join the Loyalty Program now.

This is a program that lets you earn points as you:

  • Pay bills
  • Buy load
  • Buy game credits
  • Buy tollway credits

You’ll receive equivalent points as you do these things in the app.

Then, you can convert your points to any of the available vouchers!

Aside from that, if you want to know more, read this: Review (Plus 3 Ways to Earn Money!)

9. How to get free load from CIMB and ING

Aside from e-wallets, I also get free load from digital banks!

The way I get them here isn’t through referrals though.

I just store my savings in CIMB and ING which allows it to earn from 3 – 4% per year.

As you can see, the interest rate here is much higher than what normal banks offer. Banks usually just offer interest rates of less than 1% on savings account.

The interest I earn here is what I use to buy load from digital wallets such as GCash, and Paymaya which allows me to get rebates so I can get more free load!

Aside from that, they also have a lot of promos throughout the year.

ING promo

There’s this one time that I got free ₱2,000 in ING just from depositing ₱500 in my account!

So if you’re looking for a great way to save and earn money, read more about CIMB here: CIMB Bank Review: Earn up to 4% Interest Rate!

10. How to get free load from online surveys

MOBROG online survey

This one isn’t as easy as the other ways here but you can potentially earn some to get free load here.

Basically, you’ll just complete some online surveys and you can earn ₱25/survey.

Each survey typically lasts around 20 minutes or less.

The best thing of all, you don’t need to think when answering the surveys, just answer honestly.

You can register in MOBROG now using my link!

Aside from completing surveys, you can also invite your friends so you can earn ₱25 for every invite.

Share it with your friends and family now!

If you want to earn more money using surveys, check this out: 7 Best Paid Surveys Philippines: Legit and Paying

11. How to get free load in Globe through Points

If you didn’t know, you can get free load in Globe through points!

You can get points whenever you buy load.

There are plenty of rewards you can redeem to get free load!

From combo calls and texts to surf promos, you can redeem them all as long as you have sufficient points.

Take note that this also applies to TM subscribers.

If you want to check your rewards balance in TM or Globe, what rewards you can redeem and more, just dial *143# > tap Rewards. Or you can text BAL and send to 4438.

I regularly get free load this way but try to use them as soon as you can because they also have an expiration date.

To know more, read this: How to Redeem Points in TM: Get Free Load!

12. How to get free load in Smart through GigaPoints

If you’re wondering how to get free load in Smart, they now have a loyalty rewards program – GigapPoints.

These are similar to Globe’s rewards as you can earn GigaPoints by loading and subscribing to their promos.

1 GigaPoint is equal to ₱1.00 which means you can redeem your points to redeem rewards!

In addition, if you want to check your GigaPoints balance, you can do so in the GigaLife app. Or, you can dial *123# and through text.

To know more, read this: How to Redeem Points in Smart: Get Free Promos

13. Through freelancing or having passive income

Lastly, the best way to get free load is to just work part time as an online freelancer.

You won’t exactly get it for free but by working and having extra income, you can buy load easily.

If you want to learn how to become an online freelancer like me, I’ve written helpful guide for newbies here:

Or you can also create side hustles that earn passive income.

14. Send free texts

If you absolutely don’t have time to do any of the above to get load for free, then you can just send texts for free!

Just use the Afreesms website to send your text instantly.

Or you can send it through messenger by searching for PreText SMS. This will allow you to send emergency texts if you don’t have load.


How can I get 50 load in GCash?

You can get free 50 load in GCash by signing up using this link. You can also earn up to ₱1,250 per month just by referring your friends to GCash! Read more about this above.

How to get free load in Globe?

In most of the ways I listed above, you can get free load in Globe using them. You just need to buy the load thru GCash or other e-wallets.

How to get free load in Smart?

You can also get free load in Smart by doing the things I mentioned above in this post. Then, buy your load thru GCash, Paymaya, or Diskartech.

How to get free load instantly?

If you want to get free load instantly, just follow the 12 ways I listed above. Most of them allow you to earn money instantly so you can use it to buy load.

How to get free load – Bottomline

Those are the best 12 ways you can get free load based on my experience.

But one of the best things to do to get more money to buy load is to save.

If you happen to know more ways, feel free to comment them below so others may see it!

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