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0926 What Network is it? Smart or Globe?

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0926 what network

What network is 0926? The 0926 prefix – or the first four (4) digit in a cellphone number – is a Globe or Touch Mobile network operated by Globe Telecom, Inc.

You can authenticate this by reaching out to a person who has the same prefix.

What you need to know about the 0926 network

The 0926 network is just one of the 30 prefixes operated by Globe Telecom, Inc.

By now, it’s already a common knowledge by almost everyone that the prefixes in a Philippine-issued SIM card helps determine the network of an individual’s phone number.

Why is it important to know a number’s network?

Two (2) of the key reasons why it’s advisable to know a person’s network are – (1) avoid accidentally using your regular load or acquire huge call or text charge especially if you’re outside the Philippines, and (2) you’ll be able to assess if you can share your Globe Rewards or load in general to a friend or loved ones in need.

How do you contact a 0926 network?

To text or call a 0926 network, just type in 0 followed by the ten (10) digit number of the person you are trying to contact.

But if you’re trying to call or text someone outside the Philippines, key in +63 instead of 0 followed by the ten (10) digit number.

Do note that charges apply for this type of transaction.

Advantages of a 5G network

The 0926 network and the rest of the numbers registered with Globe Telecom, Inc. have been updated into a 5G network to better cater to the needs of consumers especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to make almost all of their transactions online – may it be for school, work, or paying for utilities and groceries.

Among the advantages of a 5G network are as follows:

  1. Ability to enjoy a 15-20 GBPS, thus enabling you to access files, programs, and applications in no time.
  2. Experience lower latency, thus ability to perform remote actions in real time with little to no lagging.
  3. Increase in the number of connected devices as through the strength of 5G network, numerous devices can connect in one (1) network without experiencing lag or any internet-related concerns.
  4. Also, the emergence of the 5G network should better aid the needs of students and teachers to have a smooth exchange of information, ensuring that the students, though taught remotely, would still get the best form of education.

Needless to say, 5G is important as it has the capability to support millions of devices all over the Philippines at an ultrafast speed – a concern that the country is still facing as of this moment.

Such connection has the potential to transform lives and give numerous opportunities especially for those in need.

Globe expects that soon the whole country would be able to experience the several benefits of a 5G network connection.

If it’s still quite confusing for you to determine numerous prefixes’ network – may it be 0977, 0955, 0956, 0961, or 0935 – here’s a complete list of mobile prefixes that you may use as your guide.


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