About Jerico Saquing

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Hi, I am Jerico Saquing, a young blogger from the Philippines. I am a business graduate who majored in financial management from the University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao.

In my free time, I like to watch anime, read books, and contemplate about the existence of my life. 😀


About “Peso Hacks”

Growing up, my parents and relatives always tell me to save because we’re not rich. For the longest time, I thought what they told me was reasonable. But as I became more mature, I realized that was wrong.

Now I know that most of you that are reading this have probably the same experience. To be fair, what our parents taught us about money isn’t all that wrong. It’s just outdated.

I remember when I was young, my parents almost always tells me we don’t have the budget whenever I wanted something. I remember feeling frustrated at first but I understood the reality of our situation.

To be fair, they’re not wrong. They were right about saving but they stopped just short of something they could have taught me.

I know now that savings are important but taking charge of our wealth is a step further.

Most Filipinos have the outdated mindset to just live from paycheck to paycheck. This limits their financial abilities to enjoy all the things life has to offer.

Now I know that some of us may say that money isn’t everything – I agree.

But gaining wealth shouldn’t be looked at as something evil. I believe that God wants us all to be blessed. We just have to be wise and careful about it.

That’s why I started this blog. I want to share my experiences, stories, and helpful tips to my fellowmen.

Most of all, I want to replace our old mindset that we can never achieve financial freedom.

We can, but it will be a long process. That’s why I want to give you “Peso Hacks” to ease the process a bit.

Together, let’s hack our way to financial freedom now!