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If you’re in this website, that means you’re curious (You’re already a step ahead on most people!).
Whether you’re here from social media, google or even if you’ve no idea how you got here, I still want to thank you.
Thank you for taking the first step to financial freedom. Did you know that less than 1% of the Philippine population invests in the stock market?
Furthermore, 77% of Filipinos still don’t have a bank account.
The first one may not be all that surprising but the second fact says a lot about our financial status.
But I have a vision that these numbers will turn around at the near future. I created this blog to help us achieve financial prosperity faster hence the name of the website.
In here, I’ll write about:
– How to save money
– How to make more money
– Free stuff
I’ll be sharing with you some tips, stories and things I learned and will learn from experience.
Sound good?
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