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Complete List of Philippine Mobile Network Prefixes 2024

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Complete list of Philippine mobile network prefixes 2021

What network is this number? Is it Globe or Smart? Is it TM or TNT?

These are the common questions we have all the time.

Philippine mobile numbers are composed of 11 digits, following the format 09xxxxxxxxx, which makes possible a billion combinations. You may also see the format +639xxxxxxxxx, which uses the country code +63 in place of 0. All mobile phone numbers in the Philippines will follow these interchangeable formats.

In the Philippines, two major mobile network operators – PLDT, Inc. (formerly known as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company) and Globe Telecom, Inc. (more commonly known as Globe) – actively operate six subsidiary networks at present, namely Smart Communications, Sun Cellular (under Digital Telecommunications Philippines or Digitel), TNT (colloquially known as Talk ‘N Text), Globe, TM (formerly known as Touch Mobile) and Cherry Prepaid (under Globe Telecom, Inc.). PLDT, Inc. owns Smart Communications, Sun Cellular, and TNT; while Globe Telecom, Inc. owns Globe, TM, and Cherry Prepaid. This crowd of network operators makes familiarizing the numbers they provide and manage difficult. But did you know there is an easy way to recognize which network a phone number belongs to?

The secret is in the mobile phone number prefixes

Mobile number prefixes in the Philippines refer to the first four digits of a mobile phone number following the format 09xxxxxxxxx. If using the format with the country code, this would mean the country code plus the first three numbers that follow. Say, for example, you buy a mobile SIM carrying the number 09123456789, the mobile prefix of that number would be 0912 or +63912.

Now, why would familiarizing myself with mobile prefixes be helpful? What good does this bring me?

Remember how there are more than one cellular network operators in the country? These cellular companies offer promos that are often exclusive. And accidentally texting a number from a different cellular network will cost you more than texting a number from the same cellular network as yours. Although sometimes, you might get automatically blocked from contacting a number from a different cellular network operator as per your promo subscription – that is the call will not connect, or the text will not be sent.

Without further ado, the following table presents Philippine mobile number prefixes organized by network.

Complete List of all the Globe Numbers in the Philippines in 2022

We listed here all the Globe numbers but these also includes TM numbers and Cherry Prepaid numbers as well. We included them all in one table since these networks are all owned by the parent company Globe Telecom Inc.

Tip: If you’re using a computer, you can quickly find which network your number belongs to by pressing Ctrl + F and then typing the prefix in the search bar.

Globe/TMCherry Prepaid
0925 (3/5/6/7/8)

Complete List of all the Smart Numbers in the Philippines in 2022

In this table, we listed all the Smart numbers including the Sun Cellular numbers and Talk ‘N Text numbers. These networks are all under the parent company PLDT Inc.

Tip: If you’re using a computer, you can quickly find which network your number belongs to by pressing Ctrl + F and then typing the prefix in the search bar.

SmartSun CellularTalk ‘N Text
09200925 (0/1/2/4/9)0912

Complete List of Philippine Mobile Network Prefixes in 2022

If you want the complete list of Philippine mobile network prefixes in numerical order, we’ve also compiled it on a table below. You’re welcome 🙂

Cherry PrepaidGlobe/TMSmartSun CellularTNT
 0904 – 0906  
    0909 – 0910
 0915 – 0917   
  0918 – 0921  
   0922 – 0924 
 0925(3/5/6/7/8) 0925(0/1/2/4/9) 
 0926 – 0927   
  0928 – 0929  
   0931 – 0934 
 0935 – 0937   
   0940 – 0943 
 0953 – 0956   
 0965 – 0967   
  0969 – 0970  
 0975 – 0979   
  0981 – 0982  
 0994 – 0995   
  0998 – 0999  

Download the PDF File of the Complete list of Mobile Prefixes here

By familiarizing these mobile number prefixes, mobile users can easily identify Globe and TM numbers from Smart numbers, Sun numbers, TNT numbers, Cherry Prepaid numbers, and vice versa. However, since TM is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, TM and Globe may sometimes share the same prefixes, hence the label “Globe/TM.”

If inspected closely, though, the table suggests that some prefixes are not yet used or unidentifiable. Globe, TM, and Sun even share the prefix 0925 and only differ starting from the fifth digit. Mobile phone numbers with 09253, 09255, 09256, 09257, and 09258 as the first five digits fall under Globe and TM cellular networks.  Meanwhile, numbers starting with 09250, 09251, 09252, 09254, and 09259 belong to Sun Cellular.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. There are so many mobile number prefixes, and I have a hard time familiarizing them (what more memorizing them). Is there a mobile phone application to make things easier?

Yes, there actually is! You can download the app “PreFIX PH” and allow the application access to your contacts to know immediately which mobile network operator they are subscribed to. The app is free and is available on App Store, Google Play Store, and Aptoide. It even has a “Check Network” function to check the mobile network operator of an unknown or unsaved number!

2.  Do DITO Telecommunity numbers have mobile number prefixes already?

DITO is claimed to be the third major mobile network provider in the country following PLDT, Inc., and Globe Telecom, Inc. According to reports, DITO is yet to launch by March 2022. Therefore, there is no way for us yet to know what mobile number prefixes DITO will use.

3. How do you know if the number is Globe or Smart?

The quickest way to know is by searching for the prefix number on the tables above. Just save this post so you don’t have to search manually every time!

Philippine Mobile Network Prefixes 2022 – Bottomline

With millions of sim numbers in the Philippines right now, it’s easy to get confused. Thankfully, we have a system of prefixes that makes it easy to determine what network a number belongs to.

But to make things even easier, we’ve made the tables above for your reference. We’d love it if you’d share this with everyone you know to help them as well!

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