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0995 What Network is it? Globe or Smart?

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0995 what network

What network is 0995? Numbers that start with this prefix belongs to Globe or TM (Touch Mobile).

“Is your mobile number Globe or Smart?” We often ask our friends to confirm their mobile networks. To save you from the hassle, a helpful and handy guide is prepared for you!

Did you know? There are over 70 mobile prefixes from various network providers. Unless you possess the sharpest memory in the world, remembering everything won’t be feasible.

What are Mobile Prefixes?

First, you may ask, what are these mobile prefixes?

Mobile prefixes are the first four digits of an 11-digit mobile number. These serve as your guide or reference to determine respective mobile networks. For instance, if your mobile number is 09951234567, 0995 is referred to as the mobile prefix.

These four digits will allow you to determine whether one number is registered to Globe or Smart.

If you’re curious how to determine the mobile prefix for mobile numbers that start with the country code +63, don’t worry; that will also be easy as pie. Instead of +639951234567, we write it as 09951234567 in the 11-digit format instead.  

About 0995 Prefix

A mobile number that starts with 0995 or +63995 prefix belongs to Globe or TM (Touch Mobile) network.

Talk N’ Text and Sun Cellular are subsidiaries of Smart Communications, while Republika ng TM is under Globe Telecom.

TM (Touch Mobile), launched in 2001 and well-known for its discounted call and messaging services, is a cellular service brand by Globe Telecom. Globe and TM basically share the same set of mobile prefixes. Thus, they are considered tie-up mobile networks.

However, they still operate independently from each other. You still can’t purchase prepaid load for your Globe SIM from a TM retailer.

What is the Importance of Knowing the Network of a Mobile Number?

Since the question 0995 what network is it?, has been answered, let’s hop on to the main point of the question. Why is there a need to identify one’s mobile network?

Determining the mobile networks of your contacts is both convenient and economical. It is economical in a sense that it allows to maximize your unlimited promos and prevent extra charges from inter-network connections.

Network provides usually offer unlimited promos exclusive only to tie-up networks.

For instance, you are a Globe user and registered to an unlimited text/call promo. Unlimited texts and calls are most likely only permitted across the same networks.

0995 What Network – Bottomline

Globe’s total mobile subscriber base reached a whopping 89.3 million as of May 2020.

The current 70 mobile prefixes from various network providers could still rapidly increase, and they could be too overwhelming.

0995 what network is it? To conclude, 0995 mobile prefix is registered to Globe or TM (Touch Mobile).

Instead of Googling every mobile prefix online, you can consider downloading PreFix PH, a free phonebook application checks your contacts and sorts your numbers by mobile network providers. This is both available on the App Store and Google Play.

Want a full list of mobile prefixes? For your convenience, you can access the complete list of updated Philippine mobile network prefixes.

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