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0951 What Network is it? Globe or Smart?

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0951 what network

What network is 0951? The 0951 prefix is registered under Smart and Talk ‘N Text.

There are mobile numbers we deem as peculiar the moment we see them. If you ever happen to encounter a 0951 prefix for the first time, this most likely falls under the category of uncommon mobile numbers.

“Is your mobile network Globe or Smart?” If you receive or ask this question countless times, don’t worry; we prepared a handy and helpful guide.

What are Mobile Prefixes?

Mobile prefixes refer to the first four digits of any 11-digit mobile number in the Philippines. The format followed is 09xxxxxxxxx. For instance, your number is 09511234567, the mobile prefix is 0951. We use the prefix as reference to determine its mobile network provider.

You may encounter mobile numbers that start with the country code prefix +63951. From the 11-digit mobile number format, just replace the first digit 0 with the country code +63. Thus, the number 09511234567 becomes +639511234567 instead. This primarily applies to international calls.

About 0951 Prefix

A mobile number that starts with 0951 or +63951 prefix belongs to a Smart or Talk ‘N Text network. Talk ‘N Text is a subsidiary of Smart, and they often share identical mobile number prefixes.

Aside from directly asking the subscriber and owner about his/her mobile network, searching it up online, or using an application, is apparently more convenient.

What is the Importance of Knowing the Network of a Mobile Number?

While the main question: 0951 what network is it? has been answered, this leads us to another relevant question. What is the reason behind knowing the network of a particular mobile number?

Smart, Globe, TNT, TM (Touch Mobile) and Sun are among the popular network providers. Basically, it would be better to know if the number you will be calling or texting or sending a load to is from tie-up networks.

You can enjoy promos such as unlimited texts and unlimited calls that are exclusive to fellow network users, such as Smart and Talk ‘N Text, as well as Globe and TM. It will be less costly and more convenient to communicate.

Knowing mobile networks can be useful if you’re purchasing prepaid load or only intending to text or call someone from the same network. This will prevent you from calling the wrong number and save your interconnection call rates mobile balance.

PreFix PH: First Intelligent Phone Directory Application

PreFix PH is a free phonebook application that checks your contacts and sorts your numbers by the network it’s on. This is available on App Store and Google Play. It is a user-friendly, efficient and organized app.

Your 0951 what network? question can immediately be answered and solved through this application.

0951 What Network – Bottomline

The amount of registered mobile numbers has skyrocketed throughout the years.

Smart Communications, Inc. has a whopping 73 million mobile subscribers as of 2020.

Indeed, mobile prefixes really seem confusing and update constantly. As sim card provider companies increase, it won’t be practical anymore to remember all the mobile prefixes.  

Unlike some years ago when smartphones are not prevalent yet, we can see that a mobile number that starts with 0917 belongs to Globe, or 0919 from Smart, or the 0922 prefix is registered to Sun Cellular.

0951 what network is it? Now, you know that 0951 is either Smart or Talk ‘N Text.

Are you curious about other mobile prefixes and want a broader reference? Here is a complete and updated list of all Philippine mobile network prefixes.

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