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0945 What Network is it? Globe or Smart?

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0945 What network

What network is 0945? Mobile numbers starting in 0945 (or +63945) is either Globe or TM (also known as TM Tambayan and formerly known as Touch Mobile).

Mobile users within the Philippines can use either 0945 or +63945. However, mobile users abroad can only contact mobile numbers in the Philippines using the country code +63.

At first glance of the prefix (0945 or +63945) and without asking the owner of the mobile number, one cannot determine which among the two networks a number with such prefix belongs to.

Why, you may ask?

This is because Globe Telecom, Inc., the company that owns the network Globe, is the same company that launched TM back in 2001. This means that they have essentially the same parent company operating both networks.

This further means that promo inclusions offered by these networks may be exclusive within these two networks alone. Or at least calling and/or texting mobile numbers belonging to these networks will cost significantly lower than calling and/or texting numbers from other networks such as Smart, TNT, or Sun Cellular. For example, TM offers TXT10 promo, which allows its subscribers to send unlimited texts to Globe and TM users only.

Think asking the owner is a hassle and will only cost you your load? PreFIX PH can solve your problem!

The good news is, you can check what network a number with prefix 0945 (or +63945) belongs to without asking the owner using PreFIX PH. PreFIX PH is a free mobile application available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

Simply open the application from your smartphone, tap on the menu at the top-left corner, tap on “Check Network,” and type 0945, followed by the remaining seven digits.

The app will automatically display the network under the number. Alternatively, you can use the “Dialer” function located at the bottom-right corner.

Clicking on the “Dialer” will show a numeric keypad you can use to type the number you want to check for its network. The network will also automatically appear under the number typed.

Quick Recap on Mobile Number Prefixes in the Philippines:

Mobile number prefixes refer to the first four digits of any mobile phone number in the Philippines following the 09xxxxxxxxx format. If using the country code (+63), just replace the 0 with +63 such that the number becomes +639xxxxxxxxx. The prefix then becomes +63 followed by the next three digits. So if a SIM card carries the number 09451234567, the prefix for this number is 0945 or +63945.

And again, if you’re asking what network is 0945, every mobile number with the prefix 0945 or +63945 belongs to networks Globe or TM.

0945 What Network – Bottomline

Now you know what network 0945 belongs to. It should be easy to buy load or do other things.

If you don’t want to manually search for what network a number belongs to, here’s the updated list of all the Philippine mobile network prefixes.

Or you can just download the PDF version here.

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