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0997 What Network is it? Globe or Smart?

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0997 what network

What network is 0997? Mobile numbers in the Philippines that start with 0997 are either Globe or TM numbers.

Mobile numbers with the prefix 0997 (or +63997, if using the country code) belong to Globe and TM subscribers. Furthermore, here is what we know as of January 2021:

Numbers starting in 09971, 09972, 09973, up until 09979 are mobile numbers provided by TM (also currently known as TM Tambayan, formerly known as Touch Mobile, and Republika ng TM). 

Numbers starting in 09970, however, can either belong to subscribers or Globe or TM. If a contact’s number has this starting combination, it would be best to ask them for their exact network.

A Way to Know A Number’s Network Instantly

However, if you’re anxious to ask someone for their network, or you fear you might get charged by your network just from texting to ask for somebody else’s network, you can use PreFIX PH, free of charge.

PreFIX PH is a mobile application free for download at the App Store and Google Play. When given access to your contact list, it can automatically segregate your contacts by their networks (Globe, Smart, Sun, and Others). It also has a function that lets you view all promos available from your network for your easy subscription. The best part is that it has a function that allows you to check a contact’s or a number’s network.

Using the “Check Network” option from the menu, or by tapping on the “Dialer” icon, simply type the number using the numeric keypad and wait for the application to display the network below the number.

If you’ve been a mobile phone user for some time, you know that knowing someone’s network can help you save load since charges for calls and texts will vary depending on the recipient’s network.

Then, if you’re wondering how to call or text someone whose number starts with 0997, here’s how:

If you’re in the Philippines, simply type the number on the recipient bar or dial using your numeric keypad. Both the formats that use 0997 and +63997 will work.

However, if you want to call or text someone from outside the country, you will need to use the country code format instead, such that +63997xxxxxxx will be used instead of 0997xxxxxxx. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Under what network do mobile numbers with the prefix 0945 fall?

Mobile numbers with the prefix 0945 (or +63945) are numbers operated by either Globe or TM.

2. Under what network do mobile numbers with the prefix 0955 fall?

Mobile numbers with the prefix 0955 (or +63955) are numbers operated exclusively by TM.

3. Under what network do mobile numbers with the prefix 0956 fall?

Mobile numbers with the prefix 0956 (or +63956) are numbers operated exclusively by Globe.

4. What other prefixes do Globe and TM carry?

You can view our compiled and updated table of prefixes here, grouped by network and numerically. 

0997 What Network – Bottomline

That’s it! We hopefully have answered your question of what network is 0997. If you have any comments or suggestions, kindly leave your feedback below.

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