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0956 What Network is it? Globe or Smart?

By January 19, 2021January 21st, 20212 Comments
0956 what network

What network is 0956? Mobile numbers in the Philippines with the prefix 0956 are Globe numbers.

Mobile numbers starting with 0956, or +63956 if using the country code, belong to subscribers of Globe.

If you want to call a person whose number starts with 0956, simply dial the number using your numeric keypad. However, if you’re calling from overseas, you will need to use the country code +63 in place of 0 such that 0956xxxxxxx becomes +63956xxxxxxx.

Why do others say 0956 is a prefix from Globe or TM?

As of January 2021, after checking using the mobile application PreFIX PH, all numbers starting with 0956, regardless of what the next digits were, were found to be under the network Globe. Unless there is an error in the application, numbers starting with 0956 are said to belong to Globe or TM subscribers due to the fact that Globe and TM share the same parent company, Globe Telecom, Inc.

Regardless, there is no harm done here. Whether you contact the number beginning with 0956 under the assumption that it is a number under either network, the rate charged for users contacting said numbers beginning will be practically the same.

If you’re interested to see what other mobile number prefixes Globe and TM carry, read more here.

A quick recap on mobile number prefixes

Four-digit number combinations referring to the first four digits of a mobile number are called mobile number prefixes. For example, if a mobile user owns a SIM card carrying the mobile number 09561234567, their mobile number prefix will be 0956.

Mobile number prefixes provide an easy way of identifying which cellular network a mobile number belongs to. Familiarizing mobile number prefixes and their corresponding operating cellular network will help you avoid texting or calling numbers outside of the networks your current call, text, or data promo allows, saving you your load. Also, by knowing what network the number you are planning to call or text belongs to, you can estimate how much your account will subsequently get charged. 

Read more about mobile number prefixes here using our list of the updated mobile network prefixes in the Philippines. We’ve also compiled all the known mobile number prefixes used by Globe, TM, Cherry Prepaid, Smart, Sun Cellular, and TNT as of January 2021 for easy viewing in the same article. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the network of mobile prefix 0945?

Mobile numbers beginning with 0945 (or +63945) are numbers tha fall under either Globe or TM.

2. What is the network of mobile prefix 0955?

Mobile numbers beginning with 0955 (or +63955) are numbers operated exclusively by TM.

3. Can I buy a load for my Globe SIM card from TM and vice versa?

No, it does not work that way. Because even though Globe and TM networks are owned by the same company, they still operate independently from each other. Globe SIM card owners can only buy load from Globe load retailers, the same way TM SIM card owners can only buy load from TM load retailers.

0956 What Network – Bottomline

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