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0977 What Network it is? Globe or Smart?

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0977 What network

If you’re wondering what network is 0977, it’s Globe or TM.

You’ve probably wondered and Googled often “What is 0977 network?” With numerous telecommunications companies in the Philippines, it can be confusing if the cellular number 0977 (or +63977) is a Smart, Globe, or Sun Cellular number.

The mobile network for 0977 is Globe Telecommunications (Globe) or Touch Mobile (TM). You can further confirm 0977 network with the person(s) you know has this as their mobile number.

About the 0977 Network

In the Philippines, we’re all aware that the first four (4) number in an 11-digit cellular number determines the network of the number. Thus, in a number such as 09773217869, 0977 should help you determine of the network you’re trying to contact.

Why you do need to know a number’s network?

Here are two (2) reasons why it’s important to know a cellphone number’s network:

  1. As there are several mobile networks in the country (i.e. Cherry Mobile, Sun Cellular (Sun), Smart, Globe, TM, Talk ‘N Text (TNT), etc.), knowing the network of a mobile number should help you in determining the appropriate load promo you should avail.
  2. Moreover, in consuming your prepaid load promos, there’s limitation as to what mobile networks you can call and text. Hence, knowing a person’s mobile network prevents you from using your regular load which we often experience.

How to contact a 0977 network

If you’re in the Philippines, you may call or message a mobile number starting with 0977 by just keying in 0 and the rest of the ten numbers.

However, if you’re outside the Philippines, replace the 0 with +63 (i.e. from 09773217869 to +639773217869) so as to determine the country of origin of the number you are trying to reach.

Future of 0977 network and other cellular numbers

Telecommunication giants – Smart and Globe, and new player DITO Telecommunity signed a deal with a company. This will allow their customers to keep their cellphone numbers even if they decided to change their network (i.e. from Globe to Smart and vice versa).

This joint venture between the three (3) telecommunications companies with the technology firm Syniverse is in line with the implementation of R.A. No. 11202 also known as the Mobile Number Portability. Through this law, Filipinos may change networks and shift from postpaid to prepaid subscription and vice versa.

According to this networks, they are expecting to integrate their systems within 18 months after setting up their support mechanisms. This should be cost-effective for millions of Filipinos as one won’t need to purchase another sim card just so to switch networks or shift from their preferred subscription.

Also, it’ll be easy for us to get in touch with our friends and loved ones as this law promotes lifetime ownership of our mobile numbers. Thus, we won’t have to second guess if the person already changed their number as they prefer to utilize service(s) of other mobile network.

If you’re confuse with networks of other domination, such as 0955, 0956, and the like, read the complete list of mobile prefixes, click here.


Now you know what network 0977 belongs to. You can share it with your friends and family!

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