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0955 What Network is it? Globe or Smart?

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0955 what network

What network is 0955? Prefixes that start with 0955 are TM numbers.

Cellular communication in the Philippines is run by six cellular networks owned by two giant telecommunications technology providers. This fact makes identifying which network operates which mobile number confusing. For example, you may have found yourself asking your friends what cellular network operates mobile numbers starting in 0955. And that could have only resulted in one of two ways: either they gave you the right answer or not.

If your friends were right, then you have no problem. However, if your friends were wrong, then you may have been charged a higher amount for texting or calling that number just because it belongs to a network different from the one operating your own number.

So, what network operates mobile numbers starting in 0955? Is 0955 Globe or Smart?

Mobile numbers in the Philippines starting in 0955 (or +63955 if using the country code) fall under the TM network, which sometimes goes by the name TM Tambayan and formerly known as Touch Mobile and then Republika ng TM. Checked using the mobile application PreFIX PH, all numbers starting in 0955, regardless of the remaining digits, were found to be TM numbers.

However, since TM was launched and is owned by Globe Telecom, Inc., TM and Globe users can call and text each other at only the minimum rate, unlike when they call or text Smart, TNT, or Sun Cellular subscribers. This is also the reason why mobile prefixes for Globe and TM networks are grouped together.

You can check for the complete and updated mobile number prefixes under Globe and TM networks here, where you can see the full and updated list of mobile number prefixes used in the Philippines and their corresponding networks.

Is 0955 different from +63955? 

No, a number starting in 0955 is just the same as its counterpart in +63955 format. The country code +63 is used most essentially for overseas telecommunication. For mobile users in the country, 0955 and +63955 can both be used. However, a mobile user outside the country can only call or text the number using the country code; hence, +63955 should be used.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Globe the same as TM?

Not exactly. Let’s look at it from a corporate perspective. Globe Telecom, Inc. is the company that owns the Globe network. It is the same company that launched TM back in 2001, making TM a “subsidiary” of Globe Telecom, Inc. So, in terms of being a cellular service brand, Globe is different from TM, and TM is different from Globe. However, since TM is a subsidiary of the parent company of Globe, the interconnection between these two networks is possible.

2. What about 0945? Is it Globe or Smart?

They can either be Globe or TM. Numbers starting in 0945 or +63945 can either be Globe or TM depending on the remaining digits. You can check for its exact network using the free mobile application PreFIX PH. Read more here.

0955 What Network – Bottomline

That’s it! You’ve just learned that numbers starting with 0955 are TM numbers.

For questions, comments, and inquiries, feel free to comment below!

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