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0912 What network? Is it a Globe or a Smart number?

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0912 what network

What network is 0912? This prefix is identified as a TNT (Talk ‘N Text, also previously known as Piltel, Mobiline, and Phone Pal) number owned and operated by Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART) – one of the Philippines’ leading telecommunications company.

About the 0912 network

The 0912 network is just among the 37 prefixes of Smart. Prefixes, as mentioned in the past articles, are the first four (4) digits in any 11-digit cellular number here in the Philippines.

It serves as an identifier of the network a person is using.

Why do I need to know a person’s network?

It’s important to know a person’s SIM card network for the following reasons:

  • It prevents you from acquiring accidental charges from calling or texting someone outside your network – this is applicable for both prepaid and postpaid SIM card users.
    Hence, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research beforehand or asking the person via messaging app(s) what network are they using; and
  • It creates awareness of a SIM card’s network which will allow you to share your load or rewards.

How do I contact a 0912 network?

To send a message or call a 0912 network, just type 0 followed by the ten (10) digit number of the person you are trying to reach (e.g. 0912XXXXXXX).

If you’re outside the Philippines, just change the “0” with “+63” followed by the ten (10) digit number (e.g. +63912XXXXXXX).

Do note, however, that contacting a 0912 network when outside the Philippine can have overseas charges.

If you still find the sim prefixes in the Philippines quite confusing, here’s a complete list of mobile prefixes that you may use as your guide.

Updates on SIM card registration in the Philippines

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a recurring concern on unregistered mobile SIM cards committing fraud and cellphone-triggered bombings.

You may have seen on social media sites and national news about the rampant fake bookings and credit-related frauds committed all because of the current SIM card registration system in the Philippines.

The Philippines’ Trade Industry is pushing for a mandatory SIM card registration – adapting this good practice from several countries which hugely helps them in preventing incidents such as fake booking through delivery mobile applications.

The senate also supports this statement as they’ve also proposed passing of a bill wherein prepaid SIM card users will have to present a valid ID with photograph and sign a control numbered registration form issued by the telecommunications company.

Another benefit of having a SIM card registered is that it could be one of the means of accessing e-Government services.

As an example, disbursement of financial services, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, may commence without the person having to personally visit his or her local government office.

This should also pave way for citizens to slowly adapt to digitalization of most transactions, thus avoiding transmission of virus and at the same time hastening the rollout of services provided by both local and private sector.

0912 What Network – Conclusion

Now you know what network this number belongs to, save this info now or share it to your family.

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