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0920 What Network is it? Globe or Smart?

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What network is 0920?

What network is 0920? The numbers that start with 0920 or +63920 are Smart or Talk ‘N Text (TNT).

“What network is 09xx?” You find yourself constantly asking this question, I bet. Don’t worry, everyone can totally relate. Nowadays, access to communication has become a top necessity to Filipinos.

The need for communication arises from school and work purposes, and even from simple catching up with our loved ones.

We are typically registered to either Globe or Smart, the most dominant network providers in the country.

Mobile Prefixes Intro

Let’s start by defining mobile prefixes.

We use mobile prefixes as codes or reference for identifying mobile networks in a span of seconds.

How do you know if a contact is Globe or Smart? Well, we look at the mobile prefixes of the contact number.

Mobile prefixes refer to the first four digits in any 11-digit mobile number.

For instance, if one of your contacts has a mobile number 09201234567, 0920 is the mobile prefix.

Have you also encountered mobile numbers that start with the country code +63? How can we determine the mobile prefix for this format?

For example, the mobile number is +639201234567, you can drop +63 and replace it with 0. Now, following the 11-digit mobile format, 09201234567 will be the result, making 0920 the mobile prefix.

There are over 70 mobile prefixes in the Philippines from various network providers.

The first four digits of contact numbers will suffice to determine one’s network.

All About the 0920 Prefix

0920 what network is it? Is 0920 a Smart number?

Again the 0920 prefix is registered under the Smart or Talk ‘N Text network.

Talk ‘N Text, known for its low-cost packages, catering mostly to the mobile needs of the masses of the Philippines, is a cellular service under Smart Communications.

Smart and Talk ‘N Text basically share identical set of mobile prefixes.  

Thus, they are considered tie-up mobile networks.

Hence, a 0920 mobile prefix will imply it belongs to a Smart or a TNT subscriber.

What is the Essence of Knowing the Network of a Mobile Number?

Aside from the question 0920 what network is it?, why do we need to determine mobile networks in the first place? For what other purpose does it serve?

It is advisable that you contact mobile numbers from the same network to maximize your unlimited text/call promos.

Remember, Smart and Talk ‘N Text are tie-up networks, and the same goes to Globe and Smart.

Unlimited promo inclusions most likely apply only to tie-up networks. For instance, you are a Smart user and registered to an unlimited text/call promo.

Its inclusions may only permit texts/calls exclusively to other Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers.

Hence, if you’re a Smart user and planning to have a long midnight call to a friend, I suggest ensuring that friend is a Smart or TNT user as well.

However, you can’t buy load for your Smart SIM card from a Talk ‘N Text load retailer. Although Talk ‘N Text is a cellular service of Smart Communications, they still operate independently from each other.

Knowing your contacts’ mobile prefixes will allow you to enjoy your unlimited promo as a greater deal.

It will also prevent unnecessary extra charges for inter-network connections.

Determining the mobile networks of your contacts is both convenient and economical.

It’s a chance to allocate more of our earnings to savings or to other prioritized expenses.

PreFix PH: A Free Phonebook Application

Do you want to stop asking “What network is 09xx?” 

The easiest way is to download the Philippinne’s first ever intelligent phone application. PreFix PH, available on App Store and Google Play, checks your contacts and sorts your numbers by mobile network providers.

  • Identify your contact’s network before calling or texting
  • Promo Directory with a list of all promos available on your preferred network
  • Mobile Network Checker just by typing to first 4 numbers (ex. 09XX)
  • Pass-a-load to any contact on your preferred network
  • Group Messaging to text friends and family on the same network
  • Quickly access your favorite contacts in your Favorites

0920 What Network – Conclusion

Active mobile subscribers of Globe and Smart continue to multiply.

Globe Telecom and Smart Communications regularly updates their list of mobile prefixes.

Unless you have an out of this world ability to memorize, it is impractical to memorize everything.

Smart Communications, Inc. has a whopping 73 million mobile subscribers as of 2020.

0920 what network is it? To conclude, 0920 mobile prefix is registered to Smart or Talk ‘N Text.

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