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0949 What network is it?Globe or Smart?

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0949 what network

What network is 0949? This prefix is a Smart number, hence owned and operated by Smart Communications, Inc.

Quick information about the 0949 network

The 0949 network is just among the pool of prefixes of Smart.

As previously mentioned, these prefixes, or first four (4) digits in an 11-digit cellphone number, determines the network a person is using.

Importance of knowing a number’s network

If you don’t want to accidentally use a huge amount of your regular load on long calls and numerous texts (especially if you’re in a postpaid plan) thinking you’re conversing with a person of the same network, then it’s just necessary to either do your research or ask the person what network he or she is using.

Other perks of knowing a person’s network is you can either share a load loan or rewards your network offers.

Contacting a 0949 network

To text or call a 0949 network, just type 0 followed by the ten (10) digit number of the person you are trying to contact.

But if you’re trying to reach a 0949 network while residing outside the Philippines, change 0 with +63 followed by the ten (10) digit number.

Be wary of the changes you may acquire in this type of call as this is considered a long distance call.

If it’s still quite bewildering who’s who when it comes in identifying prefixes owned by various telecommunication companies, here’s a complete list of mobile prefixes that you may use as your guide.

Other news about telecommunication companies’ cell numbers

Recently, senate has been pushing for the passage that allows mandatory registration of all users of prepaid subscriber identity module or SIM cards so as to track and suppress those who commit to fraud.

For the past months, there are numerous individuals who have been victim of online fraudsters who used prepaid SIM cards as a tool in carrying out illegal activities.

Under the passage – Senate Bill No. 176, also known as the SIM Card Registration Act, users of prepaid SIM cards will be required to present a valid ID, photo, and sign a control-numbered registration form issued by the telecommunication companies.

Difference between a prepaid and postpaid SIM Card

The main difference between a prepaid and postpaid SIM Card or mobile plan is when you will need to pay your plan.

With a prepaid SIM Card, you’ll have to pay the telco company or service provider upfront.

On the other hand, with a postpaid plan, you have to pay the provider at the end of the month based on the usage they’ll send to you (via email or app).

Both have their own advantages, with prepaid plan you can control your usage as the service companies offers varying promos.

Once the promo ends, you won’t be able to text, call, or use your date unless you have extra regular load.

With postpaid plans, while there is a recommended number of calls, texts, and data usage monthly, you may exceed to this plan and it’ll just reflect on your monthly bill.


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