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0966 What Network is it? Globe or Smart?

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0966 What network

What network is 0966? The numbers that start with 0966 are Globe or TM.

Identifying a mobile network we are trying to reach is crucial. When we encounter an unfamiliar mobile prefix, we often ask a friend to confirm its mobile network.

There are over 70 mobile prefixes and it’s impractical to remember all those.

For this article, the 0966 prefix belongs to the Globe or TM (Touch Mobile) network.

What are Mobile Prefixes?

Mobile prefixes play a crucial role for determining mobile networks.

To recap, in any 11-digit mobile number with the format 09xxxxxxxxx, mobile prefixes refer to the first four digits. For example, 0966 is the mobile prefix for the mobile number 09661234567. Thus, the mobile prefix serves as a reference for the determination of one’s mobile network. Upon looking at the mobile prefix, you can already conclude the mobile network (Globe, TM, Smart, Sun or Talk ‘N Text) to which it belongs.

Mobile numbers that start with the country code prefix, for instance, +63966, is also valid and correct. You just have to replace the first digit 0 (from the 11-digit mobile format) with the country code +63. Thus, the number 09661234567 will be changed to +639661234567 instead. This is applicable when you receive calls from overseas.

About 0966 Prefix

The 0966 is one of the additional number series for 2018. A mobile number that starts with 0966 or +63966 prefix is registered under Globe or TM (Touch Mobile) network.

Touch Mobile, well-known for its discounted call and messaging services, is a cellular service brand by Globe Telecom. Globe and TM basically share the same set of mobile prefixes.

What is the Importance of Knowing the Network of a Mobile Number?

You may ask, why is there a need to know mobile prefixes and their network providers? Since the main question 0966 what network is it? has been answered, what is the relevance of knowing the mobile networks of mobile numbers?

In the Philippines, Smart, Globe, TNT, TM (Touch Mobile) and Sun are among the popular network providers. You’ll be able to maximize your unlimited promos if you contact mobile numbers from the same network.

Unlimited texts and calls are most likely applicable to tie-up networks. For instance, if you are registered to a Globe unlimited texts and calls promo, its offer may only be exclusive to the same network, that is, to Globe and TM subscribers. It will let you save more and enjoy the promo as a greater deal.

Further, it will be useful in purchasing or sending prepaid load, as well as attempting to text or call someone only from the same network to prevent insufficient balances and unnecessary charges, especially those not covered by unlimited promos.   

For example, if you’re a Globe user and you subscribed to an offer exclusive to same and tie-up networks, you won’t even intend to immediately call, or have an all-day texting to a friend registered to Smart, since it can eat up all of your mobile balance.

0966 What Network – Bottomline

There are millions of subscribers from Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, Inc. As mobile subscribers rapidly increase, mobile prefixes constantly update every year.

As of May 2020, Globe’s total mobile subscriber base reached 89.3 million.

Many years ago, we send text messages and conduct calls through keypad mobiles. Those were the times when we can still somehow memorize mobile prefixes and their mobile networks. Now that we use touchscreens on our smartphones, mobile prefixes become too overwhelming.

0966 what network is it? To conclude, 0966 mobile prefix is registered to Globe or TM (Touch Mobile).

To simplify identifying mobile networks through mobile prefixes, you can also consider downloading PreFix PH, a free phonebook application (available on App Store and Google Play) that checks your contacts and sorts your numbers by mobile network providers.

It will be more convenient to secure and access a reference of all mobile prefixes and their respective mobile networks. Here is the complete list of updated Philippine mobile network prefixes.

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