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7 Best Ways to Earn Money in GCash 2024

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How to earn money in GCash

If you’re wondering how to earn money in GCash, you’re not alone!

Millions of pinoys have also wondered the same thing.

That’s why in this article, I’ll list down the top ways on how to earn money on GCash!

Stick around till the end because there are also other apps out there aside from GCash in which you can earn as well!

How to Earn Money in GCash

Most of the apps I listed here require little to no time and effort at all to make you money. I’ll teach you the simple ways on how to earn money on GCash and other apps! Let’s begin!


Method #1 – Play Games and Earn!

Goama Games

If you love playing games, then you can enjoy this one!

Goama Games is a feature under GCash which lets you play games like:

  • Tap Wheels
  • Penalty Masters
  • Crazy Balls
  • Astro Run
  • And many more!

You’ll need to pay a small registration fee to join and then beat everyone to climb the leaderboards.

If you’re wondering how much money you can make here, it depends on the current prize pool.

However, we’ve seen prizes of up to P5,000 for a single tournament with a registration fee of P15 only.

You can also win vouchers here if you at least make it to the leaderboards.

Read this full guide to know more: How to Earn Money in GCash by Playing Games

Method #2 – High-Interest Savings


Did you know that you only earn an average of less than 1% interest per year on regular bank savings accounts?

But with GSave, you’ll earn an interest of up to 4.00% per year!

This is a great way to save money as you can earn significantly higher interests while being able to access your savings easily.

To open a GSave account, just open your GCash app > Save Money > Create account!

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Method #3 – Cashback by Findshare

Do you shop online a lot?

If you do, then you can earn extra money without even doing anything through the Cashback by Findshare feature in GCash!

Cashback by Findshare

The way this works is that it rewards you with 3% – 12% cashback once you shop through GCash.

You simply need to Open your GCash app > GLife > search for “Cashback by Findshare” > select the shop > tap “Shop Now”.

GCash will automatically track your purchases as long as you follow the steps above!

I’ve personally earned hundreds here which is a great source of extra money you can use.

Method #4 – Referral Program

GCash referral program

If you didn’t know already, GCash is one of the best apps to save and make money. I’ve personally made P1,250 from GCash just by using my unique referral code.

The best thing about this is that you can earn P1,250 every month just doing this!

Register here so you and I can instantly get P50!

To learn more, read this: GCash Referral Code: How to Earn Money

Method #5 – Buy and Sell Load

Another way you can earn with GCash is by buying and selling load.

Whether you’re a student who wants to make extra income or a working man/woman, this will put extra cash on your pocket.

You can conveniently cash in through GCash and then use your balance to buy load.

For instance, someone buys a P20 worth of load, you’ll then buy it using your GCash balance.

You’ll then require a payment of P22 as the P2 is your profit.

Method #6 – GInvest

GCash Invest

If you’re still wondering if there are more ways on how to earn money in GCash, I’ve got your back.

Did you know that you can invest in the peso money market fund, local and international stock market right in your GCash app?

You can conveniently invest using GCash without even going to a physical stock market.

You can also withdraw your earnings straight to your GCash balance!

Just go to your GCash app > Invest Money > Create account!

For more info regarding GCash Invest, read this: Ultimate GCash Invest Money Review (As low as P50!)

Method #7 – Digital Payment Services

I’ve seen a lot of people online and offline offering to cash in/cash out money through GCash for a small fee.

This is because GCash has a monthly limit on transactions so you can offer this service as well.

Aside from that, you can also offer bills payment so that people don’t have to wait for hours just to do so!

The best thing about this is that you can do it while you’re at home.

You can even set up a small sign at your house or sari-sari store advertising your service.

Other Ways to Earn from Apps Aside from GCash



RCBC’s Diskartech is the newest addition to the e-wallet apps in the Philippines.

It has similar features to GCash and Paymaya but it has some unique ones.

But the first way to earn here is by saving money! The app allows you to earn 3.25% per annum.

This is significantly higher than what banks offer.

Aside from that, you can earn up to P30,000 monthly just by reffering Diskartech to your friends and family!

Just download the Diskartech app here. Then, input my invite code so you and I can instantly earn money! Here’s my invite code: AASN5516

For more on this, read this – Diskartech: 8 Appealing Reasons to Download This App



Ever since online shopping became popular, it became easier to spend our hard-earned money.

But did you know that you can earn a portion of your money back when you buy online?

ShopBack let’s you get a percentage of any money you spend online through their platform.

Just download the app, create an account and buy as you do. Make sure ShopBack is able to track your online purchases so you can earn money!

Although it’s not much, it’s better than nothing right? What are you waiting for? Join over 5 million members now and get your P100 free!

Read more here: Shopback Review: How to Shop and Earn Thousands!

MVP Rewards

MVP Rewards

This is an app that lets you earn vouchers and coupons!

The way this works is that you just need to download the app from the Google Play Store/App Store and create an account.

Here, you can enroll your PLDT, Smart, Easytrip, TNT and other accounts so you can earn vouchers, discounts and other deals!

You don’t have to do anything to get rewards here. You simply just enroll them and pay your bills, buy load, shop online and more.

Then, you can select plenty of ways to get your rewards here such as through vouchers, bills payment discounts and more.


LYKA is a social media and an e-commerce platform rolled into one. The best way to describe it is that it allows users to earn rewards just by posting and engaging with other posts!

Here, you can send and receive LYKA gems that you can convert to real money. 1 LYKA gem is equal to P1.00.

Check out this guide if you want to learn more about it: What is LYKA App? How to Earn Real Money is a competitor of Gcash and Paymaya. You can pay bills, buy load, and send money to anyone using like other financial services app.

The only thing that stands out in here is that you can directly exchange your money into Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple.

The way you can make money here aside from the rebates on buying and selling load is through buying and selling Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin, it’s the pioneer in Cryptocurrency. Similar to stocks, its value goes up and down every now and then.

You can buy at a low price then sell it at a high price later on to earn profits.

To know more about this awesome app, read this: Review 2020 (Plus 3 Ways to Earn Money!)



If GCash is from Globe, Paymaya was created by Smart Communications.

In terms of services, almost all the things you can do at the two financial service app above, you can also do in Paymaya.

As a freelancer, I use all these apps to my advantage. Even if you’re a student or a working employee, these apps can make you extra money if you know how to use them.

The good news is that even if you just invite one hundred people to register to these apps, you can instantly earn P5,000! Just like that without even doing any hard work, you made money.

Register here now to get your P50! (My Invite Code is: 285wit3) Share it to your friends as well so you and them can earn extra money. 🙂



Are you that someone who always keeps the receipts from the grocery or the department stores?

Even if you’re not, you will be thanks to Snapcart.

This amazing app lets you earn money just from taking pictures of your receipts from any store.

The great thing here is you can use any receipt even if you did not buy those.

The higher the amount of money paid in the receipt, the higher the money you can earn back.

Download Snapcart here!



Who said that you walking is a waste of time?

With Sweatcoin, you’ll earn money and be healthy at the same time! That’s the idea behind this revolutionary app that was created in 2016.

Just by walking outside, the app tracks your steps and converts it into virtual coins.

You can then use your coins to buy Iphones, TVs, convert it to cash or get discounts at your favorite stores.

Share this with your friends and family so they can also earn extra money and be healthy at the same time!



Kumu is a popular livestream platform that gives Filipinos a platform they can easily use.

In here, you can earn money in a lot of different ways such as livestreaming, participating in live game shows, and joining in other promotions in the app.

A lot of our fellow Pinoys are already enjoying this app so much as they give you extra money even at home.

It’s the next best alternative if you’ve always wanted to have a YouTube channel but don’t know how.

6 Legit Paying Sites Through GCash in 2022

Now that you know the different ways to earn in GCash as well as other apps that lets you earn money like GCash, it’s time to know the legit paying sites through GCash.

These are legit sites which means you’ll need to render some sort of work to get paid.

But the good thing is that you can withdraw your earnings through GCash or through some sort of workaround.  

We’ve arranged them by different sections so you’ll know what they’re about, how much you can earn and more!

1. Appen

Appen is a legit website that offers a lot of part-time jobs for people.

Here, you can apply for a free account, and you can start working. The way this works is different from traditional freelancing websites.

In this site, you must apply through different available jobs depending on your skills and device.

The types of jobs that you can do here are:

  • Search Media Evaluation
  • Social Media Evaluation
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Survey and data collection
  • Linguistic specialties
  • Lexicon annotation
  • Speech evaluation
  • Image annotation
  • Video annotation
  • And many more

The rate of pay varies depending on the job here. But typically, they pay around $3 – $5 per hour which is the minimum rate for freelancers in the Philippines.

You can get paid here via Payoneer or Paypal. Then, you can link your Paypal/Payoneer to GCash to easily withdraw your funds.

If you want to apply today, you can sign up for a free Appen account here! 

2. Mobrog

If you don’t want to think too much but still want a way to earn extra money, you’ll enjoy Mobrog!

This is a site which lets users complete surveys in exchange for cash.

They offer many surveys that range in many topics like health, groceries, money and so on.

You’ll get many offers to complete survey as you complete many as each one ranges from 15 minutes to 30 minutes and more.

Here, you can earn from P20 – P50+ depending on the survey.

Plus, you can invite your friend and family with your link and earn extra P25 per successful invite.

What are you waiting for? Create an account now here – Sign up for free in Mobrog!

3. Remotasks

You can also do various tasks at home to earn dollars.

With Remotasks, you can learn how to do the tasks, complete them, and get paid weekly.

The best thing about this site is that you don’t need to have any experience at all to start.

They have a free bootcamp that lets you watch free courses on how to do the tasks!

There are various tasks you can do here like:

  • Transcribing text and audio
  • Labeling images
  • Labeling LiDAR data
  • And more

Remotasks pay users per task that they complete. Each task has a certain degree of difficulty to them which determines the pay.

However, we’ve learned that some users earn P5,500 up to P10,000+ for doing this at least 20 hours per week!

You can cash out your earnings here through PayPal and you can withdraw it in GCash.

4. Palfish

If you don’t have a computer/laptop, you can still earn money through Palfish!

Here, you can teach as an Online English Tutor.

If you have a passion for teaching and English, then this is suitable for you.

There are only a few requirements to teach here:

  • Must have a teacher’s certificate, TESOL or TEFL
  • At least fluent in English
  • That’s it!

According to their site, teachers from the Philippines can earn up to P268/hour here.


If you’re searching for a stable online job, then is for you.

This isn’t like any other platform on this list as this one is a job-hunting site for Filipino freelancers.

You can freely create an account today and complete your profile.

Then, you can start applying to job posts here such as virtual assistance, writing, social media management, data entry and more.

The range of pay varies widely per client but if you’re a beginner, you should expect a pay of around $3+/hour depending on a lot of factors.

There’s no set of payment rules in as each client may opt for a unique payment method.

You can get paid via PayPal, Payoneer, and many more.

6. UpWork

Another online freelancing site that I recommend is UpWork.

Unlike which focuses on Filipino freelancers, UpWork is a global site.

This means that you’ll find more clients here.

You can earn anywhere from $3-$20+/hour depending on many factors.

You can get paid here via PayPal, Payoneer or bank transfer.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! I hope I satisfied your question on how to earn money in GCash!

I also hope that the other apps can have been able to help you too.

There are a lot of ways to make money online if you only know how to look.

Although they may not make you rich, these apps are perfect for you if you want to earn extra money. They are easy to do, requires little effort and best of all, makes better use of your time! 🙂

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