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What is LYKA App? How to Earn Real Money

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LYKA app

What is LYKA? Can you really earn real money? Is it a scam?

If you’re on social media the past months, you’ve probably heard of the LYKA app.

It’s apparently the hot new social media platform that allows people to earn real money.

But even though it’s trending, not a lot of people seem to know what this is all about.

And a lot even doubt its credibility. Because of that, I decided to create a guide for you all!

Stick till the end as there are some useful tips you can use to earn more LYKA Gems!

What is LYKA?

Simply put, LYKA is a social media platform that allows users to earn money by interacting with people.

It’s not a new app concept but it recently received popularity in the Philippines as popular influencers and celebrities started using it.

What is LYKA

Among the most popular ones is YouTube Star Ivana Alawi who posted a video in which she bought a car using LYKA gems!

The car is Ford Expedition which is worth more than 3 million pesos. She bought this as a gift to her mother recently.

It’s also an e-commerce platform and social media platform rolled into one!

How Does LYKA Work?

How does LYKA work

If you’re here now, there’s a high chance that you have a social media account whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Although we use these platforms all the time, they don’t pay us anything.

LYKA then creates a platform where you can create a profile, share posts and interact with your friends.

Basically, it’s just like any other social media platforms that you use today.

The only difference is that there are rewards (LYKA Gems).

LYKA rewards users with 0.05 LYKA gems for every post that you upload.

Then if you rate a post of your friend, you’ll receive 0.02 LYKA gems. Take note that the current rate is 1 LYKA gem = P1.00.

Aside from that, here are its features:

  • Create a profile easily
  • Share photos and videos and earn gems
  • Rate posts
  • Discover interesting posts
  • Get verified
  • Share and comment on posts
  • Chat
  • Edit profile
  • Follow people
  • Support other people using GEMS
  • Withdraw real money
  • Rankings
  • LYKA Games
  • Pay in stores using LYKA gems
  • LYKA Mall
  • Send Gems
  • And more!

How to Install and Use LYKA

  1. Search for LYKA in the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Select create a new account if this is your first time using it.
  3. Input your name, gender, birthday, email address/contact number
  4. Type the confirmation code sent to your email address/contact number.
  5. Create a password.
  6. Tap Sign Up.
  7. Go to your profile and start editing it!

How to Earn LYKA Gems? (5 Tips)

Since we already have numerous social media accounts, it’s hard to create another.

But since we earn rewards in LYKA just by posting and engaging, it makes more sense to spend more time using it.

But if you’re thinking about how you can earn more LYKA gems, here are some tips for you!

1. Post Engaging Content Regularly

LYKA is a social media app that combines the most popular ones you use today such as Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok.

Because of this, you’ll see a lot of influencers and celebrities who are using the app extensively.

They are everywhere on Moments, Recommended Posts, VlogStars, and more!

So, the question is, how can you compete with these people if you aren’t as popular as them?

The answer is simple, you just need to post regularly and be consistent.

Remember that LYKA rewards users for posting and engaging. Which means that the more you post, the more gems you can earn!

But before you hit that post button, think carefully about what you’re going to post.

Ideally, you should put high-quality content in your profile so people would follow you and rate your posts.

So, try to leverage your TikTok videos or even your skills in your posts.

Don’t just post anything that doesn’t hold value unless you’re already an influencer.

2. Create a community

Everywhere you look on social media, you’ll see a lot of people part of different communities.

If you want to have a big following on LYKA, it’s important that you start even a small community.

For instance, you love cooking. Share your recipes and start following people with similar interests!

Then, you can even create group chats in LYKA and engage with those people.

That’s how you can earn more gems.

3. Invite people

Although you don’t directly earn gems when you invite people to join LYKA, there are a lot of benefits in doing so.

Ultimately, the more followers you have, the more chances of earning more gems!

If you’re having a hard time inviting people, try enticing them with the rewards!

Use any strategy you can do. In my case, I’m writing this blog post now and I’m also inviting new people here to follow me J (See what I did there?)

Just search for my name (Jerico Saquing) in LYKA and follow me! I promise to follow you back.

4. Give and you shall receive

LYKA is a social media sharing platform that encourages users to engage and connect with each other.

If you want to earn LYKA games here, you first need to give.

I’m not saying that you should give gems to anyone you see.

Rather, build a following and engage with your followers.

Rate their posts, chat with them and support them as well if you can. People love helping those who help them first!

5. Play LYKA Games

If you want to earn gems and enjoy playing at the same time, try the LKYA Games.

Here, there are different mini games that you can play at a time.

Right now, there’s a game called Stack the Pancake in which you just need to put as many pancakes as you can on top of each other.

The more pancakes you can stack before it all falls down, the more rewards you can earn.

There are winners in every season and there’s a lot of prizes given away especially if you rank at the top!

Instead of playing other mobile games, try playing this one whenever you have free time.

LYKA Merchants

Since LYKA became trending in the Philippines in the past months, the number of stores that accept LYKA Gems as payment also grew!

Now, you can use it to pay in a lot of malls, restaurants, stores, and car dealerships all over the country.

Although there isn’t an official list of stores that accept LYKA Gems in the Philippines, I found one list which might help.


Is this app a scam? The short answer is no. It’s a legit social media platform that really rewards its users with gems.

But if you’re thinking that you can easily get rich using this app, you’re on the wrong one.

This app doesn’t give huge rewards that you can consider to be life-changing.

But if you do it right and follow my tips above, you might just make it big!

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