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7 Best Paid Surveys Philippines: Ultimate List 2023

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Paid surveys Philippines

Who doesn’t want to earn money from paid surveys in the Philippines?

It’s one of the easiest online jobs you can do today!

A lot of survey platforms even allow you to answer through a smartphone.

So, I know that you’re wondering what the best survey sites are to join today.

You don’t need to worry because I’m listing all the survey sites I use as well as others that I found interesting!

Don’t forget to read the TIPS at the end so you can always QUALIFY for all the surveys and EARN more money!


Minimum Amount to Withdraw: ₱250
Available in: Mobile, PC, Tablet
Register here: MOBROG Registration

MOBROG is one of the best paid online surveys in the Philippine that I can recommend today.

I’ve already earned extra money here and you can easily do it too!

The way this works is that you’ll just answer a bunch of questions for a few minutes and then get rewarded for it.

Here, you can earn ₱5 – ₱50 per survey depending on the time it takes to complete it.

Here’s a full video tutorial on YouTube by James Tristan Ruiz:

However, the availability of the surveys depends on how many you’ve answered before.

This means that you should know the right tricks in order to get approved for each survey. We’ll give you the BEST tips on how to do this below!

Lastly, one of the things I also love about this paid survey is that it rewards you with ₱25 every time you invite your friends as well!

So, to answer the question Is MOBROG Philippines legit, the answer is a resounding YES!

2. Survey Wall (ShopBack)

Minimum Amount to Withdraw: ₱200
Available in: Mobile
Register here: Shopback Registration

Survey Wall is only available in the Shopback app.

If you didn’t know, you can earn back money when you shop online using Shopback.

This app gives out rebates every time you shop on Lazada, Shopee and many more through the app.

But aside from that, you can also earn from answering surveys inside Shopback!

Just search for Survey Wall inside and you can earn money that will be credited to your account.

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3. Milieu Surveys

Minimum Amount to Withdraw: ₱200
Available in: Mobile
Register here: Google Play and Apple App Store

Milieu surveys is an app that lets you earn money from doing simple surveys and polls.

Here you can simply answer surveys such as demographics survey and many others.

Here, you earn points per survey that you can redeem for real money through GCash, SM Gift Pass, Max Restaurant Voucher, Puregold Voucher and more!

Here’s a quick video guide from Mimi Luarca in case you want to learn more:

4. LifePoints

Minimum Amount to Withdraw: ₱250
Available in: Mobile, PC, Tablet
Register here: LifePoints Registration

Similar to Milieu Surveys, here, you earn points from answering surveys that you can withdraw for real money.

You can easily register in a few minutes and answer surveys regarding eating, working and many more.

Here, you can redeem your points through Amazon Gift Card, PayPal and many more.

The average points you can earn per survey is around 60 LifePoints. But there’s no guarantee that there will be surveys available every day.

5. Survey Time

Minimum Amount to Withdraw: $1
Available in: Mobile, PC, Tablet
Register here: Survey Time Registration

Survey Time is an international paid survey that you can do in the Philippines.

They pay around $1 per survey that you complete today.

Plus, they pay via Paypal, Amazon, Coinbase and Target. This is a great survey site that lets you earn extra money every time.

6. Toluna Influencers

Minimum Amount to Withdraw: ₱250
Available in: Mobile, PC, Tablet
Register here: Website, App

This is another website where you can do paid surveys.

Like many survey sites on this list, you’ll need to accumulate a lot of points before you can withdraw.

However, each survey just takes a few minutes and you can do them on your spare time.

But what I like here is that you can earn an average of ₱20 – ₱40 per survey which isn’t bad.

Lastly, you can only withdraw through PayPal here when you reach the minimum payout amount of ₱250.

7. Triaba

Minimum Amount to Withdraw: ₱350
Available in: PC, Mobile, Tablet
Register here: Triaba Registration

This is another legit paid survey platform where you can earn real money!

With Triaba, they promise an average of ₱3.50 – ₱91 per survey you complete. Each survey varies in the minutes needed to answer them.

5 Tips You Need to Know to Earn Money from Surveys

Answering surveys is a quick way to earn extra money.

Although they’re easy to do, most people still face a lot of problems with them.

The common problem that I’ve seen people face is that they aren’t qualified to surveys most of the time. There’s actually a trick for this!

Here are the top tips you need to know when answering paid surveys in the Philippines:

1. Don’t just select randomly

One of the biggest mistakes I see beginners make when they answer surveys is that they select their answers randomly.

Most survey sites today give you questions that allow them to see if you’re paying attention.

They do this so they can get rid of people who don’t take their surveys seriously or are lying all the time.

Therefore, you should always take your time in answering these surveys so you won’t get disqualified.

2. Select as much as possible

One of the most common questions you can get from paid surveys is to select which things you own in your household.

You’ll then be given a checklist of a lot of things below.

As much as possible, you should select all the things that are available even if you don’t have them in your house.

This is so that you can give yourself a much higher chance of qualifying for the survey!

3. Answer as many as you can

Most survey sites/apps give you more surveys the more you answer them.

So, your strategy should be to check all the survey platforms you’re registered to at least every day!

Then, when you see an available survey, you should answer it as fast as possible.

Most surveys expire after a few hours, days or weeks!

4. Complete your profile

No matter what survey platform you’re currently on, you should complete your profile first.

Most platforms have a profile survey in which you’ll answer so the platform can better match surveys according to your data.

5. Use your common sense

Lastly, you should never lie, but you should also not tell the truth too much if you want to earn money from surveys.

If you want to qualify for a lot of surveys, you only need to use your common sense.

There are a lot of clues as to what type of respondent a survey qualifies through their questions alone.

Try to fit in as much as possible and try to find out what they’re looking for.

Those are the best paid surveys in the Philippines right now!

Share them with friends and family so they can earn extra money as well.

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