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Diskartech: 8 Appealing Reasons to Download This App

By August 25, 2020December 20th, 20207 Comments

What if you had insurance as low as P20, savings that earn 3.25% annually, and a chance to earn P30,000/month on a single app?

Would you believe me if I said that these are just some of the most enticing features of Diskartech app? It sounds too good to be true at first but it’s real.

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) launched Diskartech last July, 2020. The new e-wallet/digital banking app now has over a million downloads in Google Play Store!

But aside from that, what exactly does this new app offer that other e-wallet apps haven’t already covered? you might ask. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you the 8 convincing reasons to download Diskartech below! Read till the end as you don’t want to miss anything.

Download the Diskartech app now. Don’t forget to input my invite code (AASN5516) so you and I can instantly earn money! Lastly, don’t forget to verify your account after creating. 😊

Reason #1: High Interest Rate for Savings!

Perhaps one of the best reasons why you need to download Diskartech is that they offer a ridiculous 3.25% interest rate on savings! Compared with other banks, they offer over a hundred times more!

This is on par with other top-tier digital banks right now such as CIMB and ING which ranges from 3%-4%.

And as with other digital banks, this app doesn’t have any minimum deposits. This means that even if you only have P1 in the app, it will still earn interest! Also, since this app is considered a Basic Deposit Accounts (BDA) of RCBC, it’s PDIC insured!

But the only thing that may disappoint others is that it only allows users to deposit up to P48,000 according to its website. But for some, this is enough to earn considerably especially since other e-wallet apps don’t even allow you to earn any interest!

Reason #2: Earn up to P30,000/Month

Aside from being able to earn money in savings interest rates, you can also earn in the app’s NegosyanTech Referral Incentive!

This is just their term for referrals in which you can earn P30 for every successful referral! The referred person will also receive P10 upon signing up using the referral code of another.

Diskartech invite

You will instantly get your referral reward after your referral successfully verifies their account. Just imagine, you can actually earn up to P30,000/month (which is the limit) just by referring 1,000 people to the app!

What are you waiting for? Download the Diskartech app now here. Don’t forget to input my invite code (AASN5516) so you and I can instantly earn money! Lastly, don’t forget to verify your account after creating. 😊

Reason #3: Encourages Saving with Goals

How many times have you wanted to save money to buy a particular thing only to end up failing? Don’t worry, you’re not alone as millions of Filipinos experience this as well.

The people at Diskartech knows this too so they introduced a sweet feature that allows you to create “goals” in the app! In here, the goals will allow you to easily visualize whatever it is you’re saving for.


It allows you to input and see the following:

  • Name of the goal (Ex. New phone, Tuition fee, Birthday blowout)
  • The total amount you’re aiming to save.
  • The month when you’re going to start saving and the number of months you’re going to save.
  • The monthly computed savings amount based on the total amount and the number of months you’re planning to save.
  • The percentage of completion.

For now, it only allows me to have one goal at a time. But as you can see, this is enough to encourage a lot of us to start saving for our goals!

Reason #4: Affordable Insurance

Diskartech insurance

Diskartech recently rolled out a new feature that allows you to purchase an insurance policy for as low as P20! Yes, you’ve read that right – this is especially helpful during the pandemic right now. They’ve partnered up with Malayan Insurance Co. to bring you this new feature.

But not just that, they are offering a lot of insurance products right now. Here are the products with their premium prices:

  • Commuters PA (P45)
  • Dengue Cash (P300)
  • Ridesafe 20K (P20)
  • Ridesafe 50K (P50)
  • Super PA (P100)

This is what’s currently available right now. Also, depending on the policy, you may get different coverages for accidental death, benefits, permanent disability, medical reimbursement and more. Furthermore, the coverage amounts ranges from P250 – P50,000 or more.

This is an impressive offering especially for Filipinos who couldn’t afford to pay for expensive monthly premiums for insurance policies! What’s more is that applying to them is incredibly easy you can do it in the app while at home – just provide the necessary details and then pay!

Reason #5: Pay Bills, Withdraw, Transfer and more!

Since this is an e-wallet and a digital app all rolled into one, Diskartech also features a lot of the typical ones you see in other apps.

These include:

  • Withdraw/deposit
  • Transfer (To other Diskartech account, RCBC account, Other banks or mobile wallets, and via Cardless ATM Withdrawal)
  • Pay Bills
  • Government (Pag-ibig Fund)
  • Buy Load/E-pins
  • Scan to transfer

These features are all standard to e-wallets today. But, it’s nice to see that it’s included in this app as well. Since this is still a new app, it may have more exciting features in the future!

Reason #6: Taglish

Diskartech makes history as the first digital banking app in the Philippines to be in full Taglish!

This is a great way for Filipinos especially those that are intimidated by banks to start saving. Now, you can easily understand even the most complex financial terms easily thanks to the app.

What’s more is that this will definitely appeal to Millennials and Gen Z Pinoys more since it speaks their language! Saan ka pa? Download na!

Reason #7: Easy and Secure Registration

Diskartech is a product of RCBC, therefore it provides the most secure and one of the easiest ways to register to the app!

To prove how easy it is to register, you just need to be the following:

  • Filipino
  • 18 years old and above
  • Non-US citizen

Then to register for an account, you just need to follow these steps:

1. Download the app for Android or iOS here.

2. Open the app and provide a username and password.

3. That’s it, you are now in the app. You just need to verify your account to get started!

4. The verification process just takes a few minutes of your time. You just need to provide additional info, take a picture of your valid ID and take a video selfie! (Note: They’re very strict with the ID picture, make sure you take it in broad daylight and without any glare and blur)

5. After that, they will review your verification. You should receive a text if you’ve been successfully verified!  

6. That’s it, you now have a Diskartech account! You can now access the other features of the app as well as start earning through referrals.

Reason #8: Telemedicine

One of the most common problems in the Philippines is healthcare. Just going to the doctor for a consultation scares many – which mostly isn’t the patient’s fault. After all, hospitals already charge money just by being assessed.

But that all changes thanks to iDoc which is an online health portal of Healthcare United Global Solutions Inc. (HUGS). Simply put, their aim is to provide a more accessible health assistance to Filipinos nationwide. Here, you can chat, call, email and text licensed doctors for your health concerns. Just think of them as virtual doctors but with real people!


They’ve partnered up with RCBC’s Diskartech so you can avail of these services at affordable rates. They currently offer the iDoc Basic Plan worth P799 per year plus 3 months’ worth of subscription.

For a quick overview, here are the benefits you’ll get with this plan:

  • Unlimited non-emergency Telehealth Consultation with our Licensed Doctors and Medical Professionals via phone, SMS, Email, Chat applications and iDoc application.
  • Online Health Records through iDoc application.
  • Electronic Medicine Prescription and Laboratory Referral.
  • Access to our strategic partners: Hi-Precision Diagnostic, Asian Eye Institute, Watson’s Pharmacy.

In my opinion, this is a great feature if it really works and it’s a more affordable way to consult a doctor. You no longer need to pay P500 or more every time you visit a doctor if you have this, right? However, like all things, you should conduct your own research first. For more information, check their website here.

Diskartech FAQs

Is Diskartech Legit?

Yes! I’ve used it for months now and it’s legit. It’s also PDIC insured because it’s classifed as a basic RCBC deposit account. This means that deposits of up to P500,000 will be insured for every account.

What is RCBC Diskartech?

This is an online banking platform that also acts as an e-wallet app similar to apps such as GCash, Paymaya and But what’s unique with Diskartech is that it allows you to save money and earn an interest rate of 3.25% per annum.

How do I deposit with Diskartech?

You can easily deposit money in your Diskartech account by following these steps:

  1. Open the Diskartech app on your phone.
  2. Tap “Deposit”.
  3. Select from the partners there such as 7-Eleven, Bayad Center CVM Pawnshop and more.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  5. You’ll then be provided with a reference number/barcode.
  6. Go to your chosen payment gateway and present the reference number and then pay the amount you indicated.
  7. Check your balance in the Diskartech app!

How do I create a Diskartech account?

To create a Diskartech account, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Diskartech app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Open and select “Gumawa ng account”.
  3. Enter the details that are asked.
  4. Enter a referral code. Use our referral code (AASN5516) so you will instantly receive P10 upon successful registration!
  5. Enter your mobile number.
  6. Enter OTP or One Time Password.
  7. Create a password.
  8. Congrats, you now have a Diskartech account!

Diskartech – Bottomline

For a new e-wallet/digital bank app, RCBC’s Diskartech is packed with features you won’t see elsewhere! Even if you already have other e-wallets and digital banking apps, this is still worth downloading just for the other features it offers!

What are you waiting for? Download the Diskartech app now here. Don’t forget to input my invite code (AASN5516) so you and I can instantly earn money! Lastly, don’t forget to verify your account after creating. 😊

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