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74 Mind-Blowing Tipid Tips That Will Save You Thousands!

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tipid tips

What are some tipid tips you know?

For most people, when it comes to saving, they would think about money at first. But did you know that there are tons of things you can do to save money without saving MONEY?

Yes, these are called tipid hacks/tipid tips which I’m going to share to you in this article. Without further ado, here are 74 tipid tips you should know to save thousands of Pesos!

Stick around till the end as I’ll also teach you how to earn money in addition to these tipid tips!

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Tipid Tips on Grocery-shopping and Food

Tipid tips in grocery

We all know that buying less can save us more money. But did you know that there is more to that than just that general advice? Here, we’ll give you some valuable and specific tipid tips on food consumption, storage and shopping!

1. Don’t just look at the products on your eye level.

A common practice of groceries is to put premium products at eye level. This is because people see these products first. So, if you want to save money on groceries, you must look up and down for other brands that are cheaper but are still high-quality.

2. Don’t shop when you’re hungry.

Yes, our empty stomach has betrayed us so many times before when grocery shopping. This is because when you’re hungry, you’ll see all food as delicious when you’d normally don’t if you’re full. So, always remember to shop only when you’ve already eaten to save money!  

3. Have a list and stick to it.

Another tipid tip that has been used by our parents, grandparents – is the grocery list. Although a lot of people still write lists when going to the grocery, the younger ones aren’t.

But a list actually has a lot of advantages to it!

  • It allows you to take less time in the grocery.
  • With a list, you’ll never forget the important things you need to buy.
  • You can save money since you aren’t picking up unnecessary things.

But a list will only work if you stick to it! Also, if you don’t want to look like a complete tito/tita with a paper list on the grocery, you can just put the list on your phone!

4. Buy bulk.

Many Filipinos know that buying bulk saves money. But the problem is that we don’t have the money to buy bulk even if we want to. This is why we are fond of tingi-tingi and buying things in sari-sari stores.

But if you really want to save money, you shouldn’t buy everything in bulk! You must only focus on non-perishable items such as toiletries, canned goods, detergents and the likes. Why? Because buying bulk perishable items have a higher chance of being wasted since they shorter expiration dates.

5. Don’t bring the kids.

Sometimes, grocery is one of the only places where we can bond with our kids. But if you’re on a budget, it might be wise to leave them at the house when going grocery shopping.

We all know how kids can be demanding! Instead, you can just pick a few treats for them yourself that doesn’t go beyond the budget.  

6. Bring your headphones and listen to upbeat songs.

A study found out that groceries use mellow and classical music to keep the customers longer. Though not all groceries in the Philippines use this tactic, this is still worth noting.

To keep you focused and get you out of the grocery fast, you should bring your headphones and listen to something upbeat instead. This will make you more awake and focused on the task at hand – which is to get the things you need and get out!

7. Pick less processed food.

Buying canned goods and processed food is common for Filipinos. We love our canned sardines, corned beef and meatloaf! But aside from not being healthy, large consumptions of these usually are more expensive.

It’s better to spend your money on fresh fruits, veggies and meat! Yes, this might mean that you’ll need to spend more time in the kitchen but you can save thousands this way!

8. Don’t bring credit cards.

Credit cards have the power to make us think that we have more money than what we actually have. For this reason, it’s a bad idea to bring your credit card to the grocery especially if you don’t have a grocery list. Instead, just bring cash which should force you to stick to the budget.

9. Compare prices to volume.

You might think that you’re getting better value from a bigger shampoo pack. But if you compare their price from the regular item, you don’t actually save money!

This is why it’s important to compare the price per volume of what you’re getting. This means that you should check out different brands and sizes at first before deciding which to get.

10. Grow your own plants.

If you have space, why not grow your plants? Aside from better air quality, you’ll get fresher veggies and fruits! Not to mention, you’ll save a lot of time and money than buying all the time from the market.

11. Plan your meals for the whole week.

A typical Filipino family will just cook whatever is in the fridge or the kitchen. But if you have some extra time on your hands, it might be beneficial to plan your meals for the whole week!

This way, you’ll save time, energy and money on buying the ingredients you need. You also don’t have to eat the same thing every day by doing so!

12. Cook for the whole day.

If you’re living with your family, it might be a good idea to cook the meal for the whole day in one go. Usually, we cook our food for lunch and dinner and just separate the portions. This way, we get to save on time, money and energy spent on cooking.

But this also means that you’ll eat the same thing throughout the day! But if you don’t mind, this is a great tipid tip!

13. Experiment with food, try different organic recipes.

It might be more efficient to just cook meals that you know and love every day. But it’s not a bad idea to experiment with different recipes to save money!

For instance, instead of meat, you can try creating a burger out of veggies. Yes, there are actually unique recipes like that if you just search on the internet. Not only will you save money, you get to try something new too by doing so!

14. Organize your kitchen, clean your refrigerator.

Did you know that you lose a lot of money on an unorganized and unclean kitchen? Having a dirty refrigerator and kitchen appliances contribute to the expensive electricity bills. So, aside from keeping your kitchen clean, it’s not a bad idea to keep everything organized.

A bonus tipid tip: Have a basket where all the food nearing expiration dates can be eaten first.

15. Limit the number of times you go out.

It might seem obvious but just limiting the number of times you go out to eat will save you a lot of money! Instead of going out, why not just have a date night at home? Try to come up with inexpensive substitutes for what you usually eat outside.

16. Going out to eat on a birthday? Find restaurants that offer freebies!

Even if you or your family member have a birthday coming up, it doesn’t mean that you can’t save money! By going to restaurants that offer freebies for birthday celebrants, you can get some sweet deals.

17. Put a clip in chips that you can’t finish.

Eating your favorite chips but have to go somewhere? Don’t let it go to waste! Find a clip in the laundry or under the refrigerator and seal your chip!

18. Store ripe and non-ripe fruit separately

If you don’t want your fruits to all ripen immediately, you need to keep this in mind after buying them! It might be a good idea to have separate baskets or containers for these and label them.

19. Don’t put cooking oil near the gas stove.

This is so the cooking oil won’t evaporate quickly! Also, put the cooking in a container if you bought it in plastic to get every last bit of it.

20. Peel veggies using a spoon instead of a knife.

Peeling veggies using a spoon makes it easier. Aside from that, it allows you to retain more of the vegetables which save you more money!

21. Avoid buying pre-cut vegetables.

It might be tempting to buy pre-cut vegetables because they’re convenient, but they are actually more expensive! You’ll get more for the same price if you just buy the whole ingredients instead.

22. Every week, see which food os wasted then list them.

If you find that you’re constantly throwing out items every day that are not fully eaten or have gone past the expiration date – take note of them! Every week, list which ones are only wasted so you’ll know which ones to avoid or buy less of.

23. Pack lunch for work.

If you’re on a budget, it doesn’t help that you’re constantly eating out at work. Instead, try to bring your own lunch if you can. This way, you can even pick out healthy options!

Tipid Tips at Home

Tipid tips at home

One of the biggest expenses we will incur during our lifetime will be around the house. We can just accept the reality and move on or we can apply these tipid tips to potentially save thousands!

24. Clean your appliances regularly.

Did you know that you can save more money by keeping your appliances clean? They are running more efficiently when clean which allows you to save more on energy consumption.

25. Unplugged unused devices and electronics.

Devices left unplugged could add up to hundreds and thousands every month! This is because they still use energy even when on standby. Aside from saving money, you are maintaining prolonging their life span against a sudden electricity surge.

26. Collect and sell items you don’t need.

Every year, you should make it a habit to find and collect items that you no longer need. And since we’re currently on lockdown, this is the best time to do so! After collecting them, you can sell them online for a profit.

27. Fix it yourself before calling for help.

Oftentimes, you can find a lot of helpful tutorials on YouTube or Google for simple things like a clogged sink or a broken appliance. But take note that you should only do this for small tasks otherwise you could risk putting more damage.

28. Use LED bulbs.

If you’re still using the traditional incandescent bulbs or the yellow ones back in the day, it’s time to ditch them! We now have more energy-efficient light bulbs such as LED ones. These are brighter and may be a bit pricier but they can save you more money in the long run!

29. Cancel your cable subscription.

In a time where the internet has become a need, it’s time to look at unnecessary expenses such as cable subscriptions.

It’s time to ask yourself this, “Are you using your TV more or your smartphone or computers?” Maybe it’s time to cancel your cable subscription if you don’t use it often. Or if you find that you’d rather watch movies or shows on streaming platforms such as Netflix. If you do, then just opt for a streaming service that’s cheaper than your cable subscription!

30. Drink more water.

Sometimes, we might think that we’re hungry but we just need some water. Drinking 8 glasses of water daily can help in your digestion and overall health too aside from saving you more money on juices or other liquids.

31. Have a budget system.

In every household, there should be a budget system in place. Every expense and income should be listed down to be systematic. Because once you do, it would be easier to manage and save money if you know where it goes!

32. Cut your hair shorter to save on shampoo and conditioners.

Long hair may be your style but if you think about it, you can save more on shampoo and conditioner if you cut your hair just a little bit shorter!

33. Maintain your ideal weight to save money on clothes.

Tired of having to buy new clothes all the time because you can’t fit in yours anymore? Then, it’s time to find your ideal weight and maintain it to save money.

34. When moving into a new house, don’t buy all the furniture at once!

It’s easy to get carried away when you move into a new house. We tend to buy all the furniture and things we think would be great in our house. But sometimes, you find that the furniture doesn’t even fit in well after some time.

To avoid this, buy only the basic ones at first. And once you have moved in, you’ll know what else is missing!

35. Mix your dishwashing liquid with water.

This doesn’t work for any brand though. You need to find ones that still work even if you mix it with water. This way, your dishwashing liquid will last longer!

36. Create your own gym at home/use apps.

If you have some gym memberships that you don’t even use a lot, it’s time to reconsider. You’ll find that you can buy some cheap but effective gym equipment in Lazada or Shopee! But you can also have a full workout without spending a single Peso! Just search for workout apps on your phone. I personally use an app called “Home Workout” and it has allowed me to gain some muscles in some months all at home.

37. Barter

We don’t barter anymore since we now have a payment system called money. But it’s not a bad thing to barter things that we no longer find useful at our house. Start with your neighbors and relatives, you can exchange them for items that you may have a use for.

38. Drink water 30 mins. Before eating.

Aside from improving our health, this practice also allows you to eat less since you’re a bit full!

39. Keep your freezer full.

Did you know that keeping your freezer full allows you to save more money in the long run? This is because your refrigerator constantly cools down all the warm air that comes in. So, if you have a full freezer, lesser warm air can come in.

40. Maintain your vehicle regularly.

If you have any type of vehicle, it might be easier to just let it be until it needs fixing. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

But you’ll lose more money in the long run if you follow this thinking. To prevent this, you must regularly maintain your vehicle including getting oil changes, maintaining the correct tire pressure and more.

41. Have a no-spend day.

Who says that you need to spend money to have fun? There are a lot of things you can do in a day that doesn’t involve you burning your hard-earned money. Try having a no-spend day in which you won’t spend a single Peso or you limit your spending for the day!

Personal Tipid Tips

personal tipid tips

Did you know that you can save the most money if you invest in yourself and your family? No, I’m not talking about monetary investments (though important), instead I want you to know these tipid tips!

42. Avoid being around people who aren’t budget-conscious.

If you’re constantly around people who like to eat outside or shop for the latest fashion trends, then it’s time to change! Unless you’re already a millionaire, it’s more beneficial for you to get away from these types of people as much as possible.

43. Teach your kids the value of money.

Filipino culture says that talking about money is taboo. But this should change now that we’re into the 21st century. This is because they don’t teach in school what we should know about money and how to manage it.

If you have kids, it’s important to teach them even the basic things about money such as savings, investments and proper money management.

44. Have short term and long-term goals.

Most people don’t have savings or investments because they don’t even have those goals. That’s why it’s important to set goals both for the short and long term. Doing so allows you to see the bigger picture and will allow you to keep grounded when you’re tempted to waste your money.

45. Invest your time wisely.

Investing doesn’t always involve money. If you want to save money in the long run, you must also invest your time wisely. This means reading finance books, following finance Facebook pages such as Peso Hacks, Grow Bright Juan and many more.  

46. Bring your own water if you’re going outside.

We all know how expensive drinks can be. Mineral water can cost you P25 a bottle in malls. But sometimes, we don’t have a choice. But what if you just bring your own water when you’re going outside? A tumbler will do, you can just refill it for cheap!

47. If you get a bonus or salary increase, don’t treat it as a bonus.

Most Filipinos who get a bonus will usually spend it on things, food and other expenses. But if you’re living fine even without the bonus or salary increase, would you still want to waste it on such things? No, right? What you should do instead is to either save it or invest it.

If you do save it, I suggest going for digital banks that offer 3% interest such as GSave, Diskartech or ING.

48. Try saving in small amounts instead of large chunks.

If you’ve been trying to save for a long time now but you always fail, you may have been doing it the wrong way. Instead of trying to save it in large chunks, why not save money in small amounts?

So, instead of aiming to save P5,000 a month, why not set a goal for P200 daily or every week. This may be more effective since you’re not setting an unrealistic goal every month.

49. Create a Pag-ibig MP2 account.

If you still don’t have a Pag-Ibig MP2 account, it’s time to get one! This is a much more secure investment than any bank out there not to mention the interest rates! It averages from 7%-8% every year for 5 years.

Read all about it here: What is Pag IBIG MP2? Can you really earn PASSIVE INCOME?

50. Use your bank’s ATM to withdraw.

When we’re in a rush, we don’t even think about the charges that we incur every time we withdraw in other ATMs. But if you think about it, those P15 fees or more could add up to hundreds every month! So, as much as possible, withdraw money in your bank’s ATM to withdraw for free or for a small fee.

51. Call your bank to have your credit card annual fee waived.

Did you know that you can call your bank to waive your annual fee? If you have a credit card and have been a good payer ever since, you can call or go to your bank to do so. Usually, they’re happy to do it if you have a good balance and a good credit standing with them.

52. Pay your debt using the snowball method.

If you have large debts that you are having difficulty paying till now, it might be because you’re not using this method! The Debt Snowball Method simply involves making minimum payments on all debts first. Then, you will pay the smallest ones first before moving to the bigger ones. This way, you’ll not feel overwhelmed!

53. Put your savings somewhere not easily accessible.

Another tipid tip I have for you if you find that you’re having a hard time saving is to put them somewhere not easily accessible. As for me, I opened a passbook account which doesn’t have an ATM card. Doing so has allowed me to save money since I can’t easily withdraw it. Additionally, it can’t be withdrawn online!

Tipid Tips on Buying and Clothes

Tipid tips on buying clothes

Most Pinoys spend a lot of money on clothes every chance they get. While they can be a source of joy for us, it’s important to know these tipid tips if you’re on a budget!

54. Buy clothes in neutral colors so you can easily match it.

Here’s a tipid tip for fashionistas – buy clothes in neutral colors! This allows you to easily mix and match your clothes! Although I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy other colors anymore, just limit it.

Here are the neutral colors: black, white, gray and navy.

55. Don’t be afraid to bargain in the markets.

We’ve watched our parents, grandparents and relatives haggle in markets like it’s nothing. But for the young ones, it might seem intimidating. I feel you since I didn’t like to bargain before.

But now, I make it a point to ask if there’s a discount or if they can lower the price before I buy it. But of course, this doesn’t really work in places that have fixed prices such as in malls.

56. Don’t follow trends on clothes – they usually die out fast.

If you’re someone who constantly shops for the latest clothes, you might be wasting your money. Take the jogger pants as an example, tons of people bought them back when they were all over the country. But now, you can’t see anyone wearing it since it would look jejemon.

What you should do instead is to invest in classics and timeless pieces. Coupled with our tip before which is to buy them in neutral colors and you’re looking at clothes that you can use for years!

57. For major purchases, wait till the end of the month.

Most stores have quotas that they want to achieve so they offer discounts which is especially true in car dealerships. Keep this in mind for your next big purchase!

58. Read all the bad reviews of a product to be discouraged from buying it.

If you’re having a hard time steering away from buying things, this is a nifty trick! Read all the bad reviews of the product online and you’ll think twice about buying it. This has worked for me several times so I know it’s effective!

59. If you have a credit card, put a reminder on it.

A simple but powerful way to limit your credit card spending is to literally put a reminder on the card and tape it. Be creative and witty, put something you know that will discourage your future self from wasting money!

Here are some funny yet effective suggestions:

  • “Mayaman ka ghorl?”
  • “San mo nanaman kukunin pambayad niyan?”
  • “Ilang oras ka nanaman magtatrabaho para diyan?”
  • “Nabayaran mo na ba mga utang mo?”

60. Wait for 30 days before buying a huge item.

Another simple yet effective tipid tip is waiting for 30 days before buying a huge item. Why wait you say? We tend to act impulsively when we really want to buy something. So by putting it on hold for 30 days, we’re giving ourselves more time to think about whether or not it’s a wise purchase!

61. After using your credit card, pay it instantly if you can.

If you have a credit card, it should only be used for emergencies or points. For this reason, you should already set aside the payment after using your credit card and pay it as soon as possible. This is to avoid penalties or racking up a huge debt!

62. Don’t make a major purchase at night!

When you make decisions at night, you’re tired so you’re more prone to making bad decisions. So, to avoid this, only make major purchase decisions at day with a clear head.

Tipid Tips on Using Gadgets and Appliances

Nowadays, we rely so much on technology from our personal lives to even work. But did you know that there are a lot of simple ways you can do to save money while using your devices? Here are my tipid tips on technology use!

63. If you have some unused Netflix profiles, share it for a small fee!

If you have unused Netflix profiles, why not share it with your friends for as small as 100 per month to lessen your expenses? Just put pin codes in each one to protect your privacies.

64. Pay your bills online.

Nowadays, we can pay bills in the comfort of our homes without the hassle of commuting or getting in long lines. Online money wallets such as GCash,, and Paymaya offer these services for a small fee!

Personally, I pay our internet and other bills in GCash!

65. Turn on airplane mode to charge your phone faster.

Most people don’t know this but turning on airplane mode as you charge makes the process faster! This then allows you to save money on your electricity bill every month. But take note, you can’t receive texts or calls if you turn on airplane mode.

66. Lower the brightness of your devices to save on battery consumption.

Doing so will not only save battery, it will also reduce the strain on your eyes! Often times, you don’t even need the full brightness.

67. Use Incognito Mode when buying airline tickets.

Did you know airline websites actually raise the ticket prices if you repeatedly search for a destination? To avoid this, just use the incognito mode in your browser when buying tickets online! Access incognito mode quickly by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N in your browser.

68. Join Facebook groups.

Sometimes, it feels discouraging to save money when you’re doing it alone. For this reason, there are Facebook groups created for like-minded individuals. In here, you can talk about all things involving tipid tips, investments and money management. And the best thing about it is that it’s free!

Join our Facebook group – Peso Hacks Community! There are tons of valuable advice you can get here and you can talk with our members as well!  

69. Use Picodi to get insane coupons when shopping online.

Picodi is a website that offers all the discounts in one place! Here, you can search for promo codes, coupons and other discounts that can save you up to thousands! Use it when you shop online.

Why these Tipid Tips Aren’t Enough

earn from side hustles, freelancing and more

Although these tipid tips are effective, they’re still not enough if you want to achieve financial stability. This is why it’s important to know how to invest or to earn more money even while you’re at home! Read these mind-blowing ways to earn more here!

70. Put some savings in a digital bank that offers 3% interest and up!

Did you know that most banks only offer interest rates of less than 1% annually? But did you also know that there are digital banks that offer 3% interest rates up? Digital banks such as CIMB, ING, Komo and the likes offer this and more!

Read this: Diskartech: 8 Appealing Reasons to Download This App

71. Don’t buy load on sari-sari stores – use and GCash for rebates!

If you’re still buying prepaid load in sari-sari stores like the majority of Pinoys, it’s time to upgrade! Did you know that you can buy load using money wallet apps that also offer rebates? is an app that allows you to get 10% rebates when you buy load. For instance, if you buy P50 worth of load, you get P5 back! This means that you’d have saved P7 than when buying in stores since they charge extra. Then, you can also use this to put up a loading business!

Related: Review 2020 (Plus 3 Ways to Earn Money!)

72. Use Shopback to earn money while shopping online!

At this point, almost all of us already experienced shopping online. But did you know that you could earn thousands just by shopping online? Shopback is an app that allows you to do so!

Read my full review of Shopback here: Shopback Review: How to Shop and Earn Thousands!

73. Start a side hustle.

Even if you follow all these tipid tips and tricks, they aren’t still enough at the end of the day. This is especially true if you’re relying on one income only. This is why you should consider starting some side hustles to help your finances.

Here are some great ideas that you can start today:

  • Start a blog/vlog
  • Online selling
  • Buy and sell
  • Streaming
  • Street food
  • Loading business
  • Online teaching (ESL)

74. Become a freelancer.

Sometimes, even having side hustles isn’t enough. And with the situation we have right now during the pandemic, it might be wise to turn to something more future-proof.

For this reason, thousands of Filipinos have found financial stability in becoming online freelancers including myself. If you’d like to know more about this awesome opportunity, read these guides I wrote for you:


Those are the 74 tipid tips that you should know to save thousands! Share them with your family and friends so you can all achieve financial freedom!

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