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How to Extend GOSAKTO90 Easily in 2024

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How to extend GOSAKTO90

How to extend GOSAKTO90? If you want to know right now, just jump into this (How to extend GOSAKTO90) section of the article now!

Globe Telecom, Inc., popularly known as Globe, is one of the leading provider of telecommunication services in the Philippines alongside Smart Communications (SMART). The company has the largest mobile network operator in the country, also the largest fixed line and broadband networks. As of this day, users of Globe reached 89.3 million.

Because of this, the telecommunication company offers cost-effective products and services among its consumers – one of which is its GOSAKTO promo. The GOSAKTO allows its users to enjoy access to internet with unlimited texts and/or calls at an affordable pricing.

One of the most popular GOSAKTO promo is its GOSAKTO90 which one may avail for only P90.00 GOSAKTO90, formerly known as GOTSCOMBOBB90, is one of the most affordable offers of the GOSAKTO promo line. It is an enhanced version of the GOSAKTO70 that used to offer 1GB data for only P70 good for seven (7) days or one (1) week.

Here’s a quick overview on how to register, extend or stop your GOSAKTO90 promo.

The GOSAKTO90 offers the following

  • 2GB mobile data + free 1GB/day for GoWatch and Play (YouTube, Netflix, iWant, NBA, Viu, ONE, iFlix, HBO GO, VLive, Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Free Fire, PUBG, Call of Duty, Marvel Super War, Mobile Legends, ROS, etc.) and GoShare and Shop (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Shopee, and Zalora) + Free 1GB GoWiFi + Free GCash voucher
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Valid for seven (7) days or one (1) week

How to register to GOSAKTO90

  1. Text GOSAKTO90 to 8080; or
  2. Key in *143# and choose GOSAKTO > GOSAKTO90 > Subscribe.
  3. To check the status of your GOSAKTO promo, text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080.
  4. If you want to know the list of apps included in the promo, text WNP LIST to 8080.
  5. To check the remaining data balance for your freebies and promo, text WNP STATUS and GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080.

Perks of using the GOSAKTO90 promo of Globe

Here are the benefits of choosing the GOSAKTO90 promo.

  1. 89 hours surfing (23 MB per hour)
  2. 102 hours on Facebook (20 per hour excluding streaming of videos)
  3. 137 video plays on YouTube (15MB for every five minute video)
  4. 68,533 messages on WhatsApp
  5. 68,533 emails
  6. Nine (9) hours on Skype (224MB for every 60-minute video chat)
  7. 514 tracks on Spotify (4MB per one track)
  8. 33 hours of gameplay for Mobile Legends and ROS (1MB per minute)

How to stop GOSAKTO90

There are three (3) ways to stop your GOSAKTO90 subscription:

  1. To stop your GOSAKTO promo, text GOSAKTO STOP to 8080.
  2. If the aforementioned isn’t working, you may reach out to any of the social media accounts of Globe and inform them that you’re unable to unsubscribe to the promo.
  3. Call the Globe customer Care hotline – 211 – on your mobile no. which requires P8.00, or +632 7730 1000 using your landline no. The customer hotline may help in cancelling your subscription. They’ll get your mobile number and after necessary information has been gather, you’ll have to wait for 24 hours for the SMS notification confirming your request.

How to extend GOSAKTO90

If you want to know how to extend GOSAKTO90, A day before your promo ends, Globe will send you a text informing you that your promo may be extended for one (1) more day.

To extend, text GOLONGER10 to 8080. The next day you’ll receive the same notification and you may use the aforementioned code as long as you have regular load (P10). But if you want to extend your GOSAKTO90 subscription for 30 days, just text GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080. This will cost you P121.

This promo is also stackable – which means you may still purchase the same promo while being registered into one. Hence, if you load GOSAKTO90 twice, it’ll cost you P180.00 for a 4GB mobile data.

How to purchase add-on(s) for GOSAKTO90 promo

The Globe also offers its customers with add-on such as follows:

  • For additional 2GB video streaming for one (1) day, load P29.00 and text GOWATCH290 to 8080. This add-on may be utilized to steam videos from YouTube and other video streaming platforms.
  • Users may also use the GoBOOST15 of Globe, it offers 1GB data for one (1) for only P15.00 Just text GoBOOST15 to 8080.
  • There’s also GoMIDNIGHT10 wherein users may utilize its 1GB data that may be used from 12:00 MN to 6:00 AM valid for one (1) day. This can be availed through the Buy Load feature of GCash.
  • Selected users may also register to HACKS90 to 8080 and have access to 2GB data, 7GB data for GoWatch, 700MB data for GoPlay, and unlimited all-next texts valid for seven (7) days or one (1) week for only P90.00.

Other GLOBESAKTO promos

Here are other GLOBESAKTO promos offered by Globe:

  • GOSAKTO50 – For P50 and three (3) days, you may indulge in 5GB data for all sites, as well unlimited texts, and 1GB GoWiFi access.
  • GOSAKTO70 – For P70 and seven (7) days, you may use its 1GB data, 1GB daily for Facebook, Watch, and Instagram, as well as Watch and Play, 1GB GoWiFi Access and P50.00 worth of GCash QR voucher.
  • GOSAKTO120 – For P120 and seven (7) days, you may use its 3GB data, 2GB daily for Facebook, Instagram, Watch and Play, 1GB GoWiFi Access, and P50 worth of GCash QR voucher.
  • GOSAKTO140 – For P140 and seven (7) days, you have 4GB data, 2GB daily for Facebook, Instagram, Watch and Play, 1GB GoWiFi Access, and P50 worth of GCash QR voucher.

Aside from GOSAKTO, the other two flagship mobile services of Globe are GOSURF and GOUNLI – GOSURF for exploring internet while the latter is for unlimited calls and texts. Thus, here’s a quick rundown of GOSURF and GOUNLI offers by Globe:

    • GOSURF15 – 100 MB for two (2) days
    • GOSURF50 – 2GB for three (3) days
    • GOSURF299 – 2GB for 30 days
    • GOSURF599 – 5GB for 30 days
    • GOSURF999 – 10GB for 30 days
    • GOSURF1299 – 15GB for 30 days
    • GOSURF1999 – 30GB for 30 days
    • GOSURF2499 – 50GB for 30 days
    • GOUNLI20 – Unlimited calls to Globe/TM and unlimited texts to all networks for one (1) day.
    • GOUNLI25 – Unlimited calls to Globe/TM, unlimited texts to all networks, and unlimited Viber for one (1) day.
    • GOUNLI30 – Unlimited calls to Globe/TM, unlimited texts to all networks, and 30MB of internet for two (2) days.
    • GOUNLI50 – Unlimited calls to Globe/TM, unlimited texts to all networks, and 50MB of internet for three (3) days.
    • GOUNLI95 – Unlimited calls to Globe/TM, unlimited texts to all networks, and 100MB of internet for seven (7) days.
    • GOUNLI180 – Unlimited calls to Globe/TM, unlimited texts to all networks, and 150 of internet for 15 days.
    • GOUNLI350 – Unlimited calls to Globe/TM, unlimited texts to all networks, and 200MB of internet for 30 days.

For other promos and/or services offered by Globe, you may visit their website.

How to extend GOSAKTO90 – Bottomline

Now you know how to extend GOSAKTO90 easily, share this info with your friends and family now!

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