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0935 What Network is it? Globe or Smart?

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0935 what network

What network is 0935? Mobile numbers that starts – also known as prefix, is Globe number operated by Globe Telecom, Inc. To verify, you may check with a family member or a friend of yours who has the exact same prefix if it’s a Globe SIM card.

About the 0935 network

The 0935 network is just one of the 30 prefixes released by Globe. It’s a known fact in the Philippines that the first four (4) digit number in a cellphone number determines the network a person is using.

Why do you have to know a cellphone number’s network?

What’s in it for you to identify a cellphone number’s network? One of the main reasons is it prevents you from unintentionally contacting a number that would cost you money outside your promo (i.e. calling a Smart number using a Globe number).

Aside from that, it can also aide you in identifying if you can share your Globe Rewards or lend a loan to a friend in need.

How do you reach a 0935 network?

To reach a 0935 network, just key in 0 followed by the ten (10) digit number to text or call someone with a 0935 prefix.

If you’re trying to reach a 0935 network outside the Philippines, substitute 0 with +63 followed by the ten (10) digit number. Keep in mind that there are charges outside a person’s load promo if you’re trying to contact a number outside your country.

About Globe Telecom, Inc.

Globe is a provider of telecommunication services in the Philippines – from mobile, fixed line, broadband networks, to communication services for its customers, medium-sized businesses, corporate, and enterprise clients.

Its mobile business area if focused on mobile voice, mobile short message service (SMS), mobile browsing, and value-added services. Its fixed line and broadband business areas are focused on fixed line communications services, wired and wireless broadband access, as well as end-to-end connectivity solutions.

Updates from Globe Telecom, Inc.

Here are some latest initiatives from Globe:

  1. Globe has partnered with Microsoft through its Microsoft Office 365 solutions. This innovation aims to aide teachers and students in maximizing digital education amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In comparison to Learning Management Systems (LMS), the Microsoft 365 Education has the ability to provide a more secure, cost-effective, and productive platform that is compatible across all types of devices.
  2. The telecommunication company also reported that it has built 911 new cell sites and expects to build 2,000 more this 2021. Among the locations of cell these cell sites are Lanao del Sur, Sultan Kudarat, Antique, Iloilo, Leyte, Palawan, Aklan, Maguindanao, Cotabato, Misamis Oriental, and Davao del Oro – places identified that needed the connectivity the most.

    It has also upgraded at least 10,876 cell sites to 4G/LTE, thus benefitting main cities and municipalities especially during the transition to digital transactions in light of the pandemic.

If you still find prefixes of telecommunication networks bewildering – here’s a complete list of mobile prefixes.

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