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How to Earn Money in GCash by Playing Games

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How to earn money in GCash by playing games

GCash has the GOAMA mini app, which features lots of games you can play to compete with other players.

Gone are the days when just laying around and playing games all day could bring nothing.

If you want to know how to earn money in GCash by playing games, check out this article.

What is Goama Games in GCash?

What is Goama Games

Goama Games is an app inside the GCash app under the GLife section that features lots of fun games where players can compete for a cash prize.

All games have leaderboards, whether you like it or not, displaying the possible winnings at a tournament.

Affordable entry fees and the prizes are all processed within GCash, which means that your payment is secure.

Furthermore, they check their system for bogus players, and winnings by fraud would be invalidated.

Different games you can play in Goama

Goama Games started with just five games, but there are now dozens in the Arcade.

You can choose from the different Action, Adventure, Arcade, Puzzles, Sports, and Strategy categories.

The most popular are Penalty Masters, Tap Wheels, The Switch, Jumpy Jack, Crazy Balls, and Astro Run.

There are so many players competing with each other for all the games since they all have prizes, but your only real opponent is yourself.

Be among the highest scorers, and you can win vouchers and cash prizes.

How much you can earn playing Goama Games in GCash

If you wonder how to earn money in GCash by playing games, it depends on what is advertised.

You can earn as long as your prize is more significant than your registration fees.

The good thing is that you can always practice by playing for free and joining the tournament once you are confident that you have the skills to win and reach the top of the leaderboard.

Goama declares prizes but can be more than 5,000 pesos for a single tournament with just a registration fee of about 5 to 15 pesos.

How to Access Goama Games in GCash?

If you want to start playing Goama Games, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your GCash app and go to GLife

How to access Goama Games 1

Step 2: Search for Goama Games

How to access Goama Games 2

Step 3: You’re in! You can choose any game that you want to play

How to access Goama Games 3

Other ways to earn in GCash

Aside from playing games, GCash can be your partner in business by providing multiple income streams.

Check which one below might work for you:

Selling load

You don’t need load rebates to earn money by selling load since an additional fee of 2 to 3 pesos per transaction is acceptable.

This is especially useful for sari-sari stores and convenient for those who want to avail of a GCash-exclusive load promo even when they do not have GCash or are in a hurry.

With GCash, you can be sure that no amount will be deducted from your account if a loading attempt is unsuccessful, and you can even generate a transaction history for accounting.


Using GSave does not only make your GCash funds more secure, but it also allows you to have a passive income of 2.6% interest per annum but is paid monthly.

In addition to that, an additional interest can be added on the side of CIMB when they have seasonal promotions.


GCash has made it easy to invest in actual companies even when you are a beginner and do not have the technical know-how.

GInvest under the Financial Services section offers different investment packages with their corresponding set of companies and expected annual returns.

For as low as PHP 50, you can invest in professionally-managed funds that can produce great returns over time.

The first one that came the earliest is the ATRAM Total Return Peso Bond Fund for a conservative appetite.

New ones with more significant expected returns include ATRAM Philippine Equity Smart Index Fund, ATRAM Global Technology Feeder Fund, and ATRAM Global Consumer Trends Feeder Fund.

BPI has recently partnered with GCash to bring some of its investment products straight to the app without the need to open a BPI account.

These are ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund with a PHP 1,000 minimum investment and Philippine Stock Index Fund for just a PHP 50 minimum.

Whatever is your risk appetite, there is a fund for you.

Cashback by FindShare

Another mini-app under the GLife section of GCash offers around 3% of cashback up to even 12% for Lazada purchases.

Within 90 days, you can receive the cashback amount directly to your GCash account, which is an earning if you will spend anyway in the partner merchants.

The merchants include Watsons, Shopee, Lazada, and more.

Referral program

By inviting other people to join GCash and cash in any amount after getting verified within 30 days, you will get rewarded with PHP 50.

You can earn up to PhP 1,250 per month by just inviting people to download the GCash app and make use of their e-wallet.


Here are the answers to more of your questions:

Can I only play once in the Goama tournament?

No, you can play as many times as you want unless the game stated the number of limits.

Do I need a good internet connection for Goama Games?

Yes, you need to be connected to a strong internet when playing Goama Games since slow connections can impact your gameplay.

How long does it take before I receive winnings in Goama?

After the tournament has ended, you will receive the prizes in your GCash account after seven days.

Does GSave have minimum maintaining balance?

GSave does not have a required maintaining balance, but the more you save, the more you can earn through the monthly interests.

Do GInvest expected returns change?

Yes, they can change over time since measuring performance for the last few weeks.

You can still invest even if you see a negative value as the rate of return, which could mean that you can earn more once the market bounces back.

Even high expected rates of return projected for a year can change within a week, so you should only withdraw your investment once its value is more significant than your purchase price.

How to Earn Money in GCash by Playing Games – Conclusion

GCash helps you manage your finances and helps you earn extra money as well.

Whether you have a business or you are looking for passive income sources, GCash has an option for you.

You can try this online game to win exciting prizes! –

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