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How to Transfer PayPal to GCash: Complete Guide 2024

By February 2, 2021January 15th, 20244 Comments
PayPal to GCash

How do I transfer money from PayPal to GCash?

Back when GCash didn’t have this feature, people would just transfer money from PayPal to their bank accounts.

This was the only option back then so they didn’t have a choice.

But the problem was that this method usually takes around 1-5 business days.

The actual waiting time depends on your bank. They may even hold it for security purposes.

This is why now that we have GCash, we can transfer money in real time from our PayPal account.

If you’re wondering how to do it, we’ve broke down the steps into 4 simple sections!

Tip: Don’t forget to read the FAQs at the last part!

How to Transfer Money from PayPal to GCash (4 Easy Steps)

If you’re here, you might be in a hurry to transfer your money from PayPal to GCash.

We know that, that’s why we’ve listed the entire process down in just 4 easy steps!

If these doesn’t answer all your problems, don’t forget to head on to the FAQs section below.  

Step 1: How to Link PayPal to GCash

  1. Open your GCash app. Make sure it’s updated.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu at the top-left corner.
  3. Select My Linked Accounts.
  4. Log in to your PayPal account.
  5. Tap Link.
  6. Select Authorize.
  7. Enter OTP.
  8. Tap close and continue.
  9. You should see a message that says “PayPal Account Linking Complete”.
  10. That’s it! You can always re-link or link another PayPal account to your GCash anytime by following the same steps above.

Step 2: Convert PayPal Balance to Peso

Before you can withdraw your balance from PayPal to GCash, you should first make sure that your PayPal balance is in Philippine Peso (PHP).

If you’re a freelancer like me, you probably receive funds to your PayPal account in dollar denominations.

But if you don’t know if it’s in Dollars or Peso, you can just open your PayPal account and see the sign on your balance.

If it’s in Dollars or other foreign currency, you should first convert it to Peso. Here’s how…

1. Log in to your PayPal account using your phone’s browser.

2. Tap the 3-dot button at the upper-right corner of your PayPal balance.

Convert paypal to peso

3. Select “Go to PayPal Balance”.

4. Tap the “PayPal Balance”.

5. Then, tap the 3-dot button on the left side of the USD currency or other foreign currency that you want to convert.

6. Tap the “Convert Currency”.

7. You should see a list of currencies that you can convert into. Select the Philippine Peso one.

8. Type the amount you want to convert. You will see the current conversion rate at the bottom.

9. If you’ve finished typing it, hit “Next”.

10. It will ask you to review everything. You should see the expected amount that you will get when you convert your balance to Peso.

Note that this includes the PayPal conversion fee.

11. Tap “Convert Now”.

12. If it’s successful, you should see a message that says “You converted $X.XX USD to PXX.XXX PHP. Tap Done.

Step 3: How to Transfer Money from PayPal to GCash

This is the part you’ve been waiting for! We’ll teach you how to transfer money from PayPal to GCash complete with images to help you.

Without further ado, here are the steps:

1. Open your GCash app.

2. Select “Cash in” from the menu.

Paypal to gcash

3. If you’ve already linked your PayPal account to GCash, you will see it on the “My Linked Accounts” section at the top. (If you haven’t linked it yet, see the steps above). Tap the PayPal logo.

4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. You should see the available balance in your PayPal account below. (If you don’t see any balance, you need to convert your PayPal balance to PHP – see the steps above to do this)

5. Tap “Confirm”.

6. You should see a message “Your Cash-In is being processed”.

7. Wait for the money to reflect in your GCash balance – refresh it. In my experience, it arrives within seconds! You should also receive a text number from GCash if you’ve received it.

Note: If you’ve waited for minutes and hours but you still haven’t received the funds yet on your GCash, you should contact their customer service: Tap the menu on the upper right side of the screen > Select “Help” > You can then chat with them or submit a ticket there.

Step 4: How to Withdraw Money from GCash

Now that you’ve successfully cashed in your money from PayPal to GCash, it’s time to withdraw it.

Luckily, GCash offers a lot of options to withdraw your money – you just need to select the one most convenient to you.

Here are all of the ways:

  • Using your GCash Mastercard (Here’s how to apply for one)
  • Bank Transfer (Send to any local bank or digital wallets such as Paymaya and
  • Deposit to CIMB
  • Send to another GCash account
  • Withdraw via Palawan Express

What is GCash?

GCash is a digital wallet that allows you to store money and spend it on different things online.

In short, it’s everything that you need when it comes to money. Here are its features:

  • Buy load (Get 5% rebate)
  • Cash in (Over the counter, online banks, global partners and remittance)
  • Save Money via CIMB (Earn 3-4% interest rates)
  • GCash Forest
  • GCredit
  • Pay Bills
  • GLife
  • Bank Transfer
  • GInsure (Affordable insurance)
  • GCash Invest Money – Read more: Ultimate GCash Invest Money Review (As low as P50!)
  •  Borrow Load
  • Send Pamasko
  • KKB
  • Book Movies
  • Game Credits
  • Pay Online
  • And many more!

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What is PayPal? 

PayPal is an online financial platform that allows you to receive and send money online on a secure account.

It also allows us to add our bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards to easily withdraw and pay online.

Overall, it’s a way for freelancers, dropshippers, and online sellers to easily get paid!

Pros and Cons of Transferring Money from PayPal to GCash

You’ve received money from PayPal, but you’re not sure if you should withdraw it in GCash?

After all, there are a lot of other ways to withdraw your PayPal funds – why should you choose this one?

Don’t worry, we’ve listed down the pros and cons of this withdrawal method for you.


  • You can withdraw your funds from PayPal to GCash in real time! The money is transferred in real time and usually arrives within seconds.
  • There’s P0.00 cash in fee excluding the PayPal conversion fee.
  • You can do it easily within minutes by following the steps above.
  • You don’t need a bank account to withdraw from PayPal using GCash.


  • Sometimes, this service is unavailable or GCash is under maintenance.
  • There’s a risk that you won’t receive your money. (If it has been more than an hour, contact GCash customer support as soon as you can.)
  • There’s a minimum withdrawal amount of P500.

I’ve already withdrawn money from PayPal to GCash numerous times.

This is why I recommend you do the same especially if you need the money instantly.

In my experience, I haven’t encountered any problems at all. Just make sure to follow all the steps I’ve mentioned above!


How to relink PayPal to GCash?

To relink your PayPal to GCash, simply open your GCash > tap the hamburger menu at the upper-left side of the screen > Select “My Linked Accounts” > Tap “PayPal” > Tap “Link” > Select “Yes” > Tap “Authorize” > Enter your PayPal login details > Enter OTP > DONE!

How to unlink PayPal to GCash?

To easily unlink your PayPal account from GCash, simply type the same email address that was already linked to your GCash.

This will allow GCash to unlink it automatically.

How to link GCash Mastercard to PayPal?

If you want to link your GCash Mastercard to PayPal, simply cash in P200 to your GCash then apply and activate your GCash Mastercard then link that card to your PayPal account.

Help, I’ve transferred but haven’t received the funds

Sometimes, this unexpected error happens.

Don’t worry, just make sure you take screenshots every time you withdraw.

But even if you didn’t, you can still contact their customer support to help you on the matter.

Why I can’t cash in my PayPal to GCash?

There are only a handful of reasons why you can’t cash in from your PayPal to GCash.

First, you need to make sure that you have sufficient balance in your PayPal account.

Also, the minimum amount you can withdraw from PayPal to GCash is P500.

If you can’t still cash in, make sure that your PayPal balance is in Peso.

If not, convert it by following the steps above.

But if you still can’t cash in, try re-linking your PayPal account to your GCash. If all else fails, contact GCash customer service.

How much does PayPal charge for GCash?

There’s no cash-in fee when you withdraw from PayPal to GCash.

However, do note that there’s still a PayPal conversion fee that you will shoulder.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw in PayPal to GCash?

The minimum amount that you can withdraw from PayPal to GCash is P500.

You can’t withdraw any money less than the said amount.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to this post, you should now know how to transfer money from PayPal to GCash.

If there’s any part you don’t understand or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

I’ll do my best to answer you as fast as I can!

Also, check out this cool invoice template maker.

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  • Baby says:

    Hi Jerico,

    Thanks for the useful content. Just have one query – Paypal’s preapproved payments menu shows a message which says, “To protect your account, this preapproved payments has been deactivated. To reactivate it, reset your PIN”. Will this not have any impact when cashing in on my GCash account? I can’t also seem to find where to reset the PIN. Have searched for this but the instructions provided doesn’t seem to match with what’s on Paypal’s dashboard.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for the comment! As for your question, I believe the preapproved payments refers to subscription plans. PayPal deactivated your preapproved payments to prevent you from paying without your consent. But I don’t know what PIN you’re referring to. Have you tried contacting PayPal directly for clarification?

  • Mailyn says:

    Hi?I am having issue transferring fund from paypal to gcash I received email says You’ve signed up for preapproved payments plan with G-xchange INC with PayPal.

    To view the details, log in on the PayPal homepage, go to your Profile, and click Preapproved Payments. Then click G-xchange INC:PA-9WU67248UB792741E.

    • Hi Mailyn,

      If you want to send money from PayPal to GCash, you need to first link your PayPal in GCash. If you’ve already done this but you’re having problems, try to unlink your PayPal from GCash and do it again. Thanks!

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