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How to Call Cellphone Using PLDT Landline: Free Calls

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How to call cellphone using PLDT landline

The traditional landline services are reliable and are the go-to option for people in their prime years.

It is costly to maintain several contact numbers, but you can call both landline and mobile from your PLDT landline.

If you want to know how to call a cellphone using a PLDT landline, check out this article.

Can I use the PLDT landline to call my cell phone?

Yes, you can call another person’s cellular phone directly from your PLDT landline.

The regular rate or your availed plan’s rate will apply.

It is better to think closely about whether availing of a plan would save you more money since PLDT’s service is postpaid, and you may get surprised with your monthly bill.

What is NDD?

PLDT’s NDD or National Direct Dial allows you to call any PLDT landline and mobile numbers in the Philippines.

If you have an NDD line, you can call toll-free numbers, such as the customer service numbers of big brands in the country.

If you are not enrolled in the National Direct Dial service of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, you cannot use your landline device for calling other numbers.

How to Call Cellphone Using PLDT Landline (Steps)

Follow these steps on how to call a cellphone using PLDT landline with a bit of memorization needed:

Step 1: Ensure that you are enrolled in PLDT’s NDD service.

Step 2: Unlock your NDD by dialing #54*<4-digit PIN>#.

Step 3: Dial the mobile number directly with the format 09xx-xxx-xxxx.

Step 4: Talk to the point directly unless you want to be surprised with your monthly bill.

Step 5: Don’t forget to lock your NDD again by dialing *54*<4-digit PIN>#.

If you have never changed the PIN, it is set to 1234 by default.

How do I change my NDD pin code?

You can change it anytime when it is unlocked by dialing *85*1234*<new 4-digit PIN>#.

This ensures that no accidental dials will be made by other members of the household, especially the little ones and even the guests, without your permission.

PLDT landline to cellphone charge

The actual pricing will depend on whether you are subscribed to a specific plan or not.

By default, the pricing is 14 pesos per minute, comparable to the regular cost of mobile calls.

This should not be confused when using the PLDT Touch Card, wherein the rate will only be 6.50 pesos per minute, but it is prepaid and requires that you memorize additional codes.

However, the price can be negligible or considered free if you avail of PLDT Smart Call All, with 200 minutes of free calls to Smart or TNT subscribers for just 199 per month that also comes with unlimited landline calls.


It is very convenient to call all numbers in the Philippines with just one account.

PLDT NDD service comes at your service whether you need to make personal or business calls.

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