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How to Reconnect PLDT After Disconnection: Full Guide

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How to reconnect PLDT

PLDT is the most popular and widely available provider of internet connection services in the country, paired with its landline service.

Just like any other utility service, your service connection may be disconnected after failing to pay your bill past the due date.

If you want to know how to reconnect PLDT after a disconnection, read more below.

What happens if you don’t pay your PLDT bill?

If you do not pay your PLDT bill whether it is intentional or unintentional such as when you are very busy or you have no funds yet, your service will be interrupted.

Technically, there will still be an internet connection but it is only limited to reaching the payment page of PLDT.

If you paid a week late, it means you will not be able to utilize the internet connection for that time period and you will still pay the same price at the end of the current billing period.

If you paid too late such as after a month, you will need to even pay a 1% delinquency fee, and possibly a reconnection fee as well.

How do I know if my PLDT WiFi is disconnected?

Once you try to use an internet browser and you are redirected to a payment page, it means that your service is already disconnected.

Other devices that require an internet connection to work will simply not function properly.

How to Reconnect PLDT (Steps)

Follow these instructions on how to reconnect PLDT service:

Step 1: Pay your bill via the PLDT payment portal or e-wallet apps such as PayMaya, or GCash which does not require mobile data for Bills Payment for Globe and TM subscribers.

Step 2: Dial 171 from your phone with a Smart sim.

Step 3: Follow the prompt, such as clicking number 1 on the dialer.

Step 4: Provide your area code plus telephone number.

Step 5: Choose the number response for reconnection.

You can also reach PLDT via Facebook Messenger to request reconnection.

It may take at least 2 hours for reconnection and then you can try to turn off your modem for 5 minutes and then restart it.

How long does it take to reconnect PLDT?

After a successful reconnection request, your service connection may be restored after at least 2 hours.

Realistically, it may take even a whole day so be prepared for backup connections just in case this unfortunate scenario happens.

Is there a reconnection fee for PLDT?

Actually, it depends as it is an arbitrary decision by PLDT whether you need to pay or not.

If you just missed your payment by a few days, the reconnection fee can be waived.

Logically, you would need to pay a huge amount if you decide to pay after a month from the due date.

Take note that this amount is separate from the unpaid bill and the delinquency fee of 1% if paid beyond 30 days from the due date.

It is better to just pay your bills on time since your billing period does not move even when you have been reconnected at a later time.

How long is the grace period for my PLDT bill?

There is no exact time period before disconnection after the due date, although this has been extended up to a month during the coronavirus pandemic.

You should know the exact day after receiving an SMS notification from PLDT or a call from a customer service agent, not more than 1 week after the due date.

What is the number for PLDT reconnection?

You can call the 171 hotline from any mobile phone with a Smart sim to reach PLDT.

Prepare your area code and telephone number in case you do not memorize them before calling.


Having your PLDT service disconnected is a hassle and can severely impact your study or work needs.

Paying your bills on time or even earlier is the right move for a responsible subscriber.

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