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How to Know PLDT Account Number: Complete Guide

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How to know PLDT account number

How to know PLDT account number?

Your PLDT Account number serves as the most efficient customer identification data for payments and customer support.

There are times we suddenly need our account number but we have not taken note of it.

If you just asked yourself how to know PLDT account number, continue reading this article.

How to check my PLDT Account Number

More likely than not, you just failed to notice your PLDT Account Number from existing copies.

Follow these steps to look for your account number in existing materials:

Step 1: Check for the paper copy of your PLDT Bill and look for the Billing Information Box.

Step 2: If you have an e-statement, open it and look at the right corner as well.

Step 3: Open your email app and search for PLDT, then look for the application approval messages or an email billing statement.

Step 4: Check copies of your previous payment receipts.

If any of these does not help you such as when you do not have a copy of your billing statement, explore additional ways below.

Where can I call to ask for my account number?

You can call the 171 hotline but you should be the account owner because the customer service representative will ask for your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

These were the details that were provided during the application process for your line.

Because of this, it is a good measure to compile documents for your utility bills so that anyone from the same household can deal with issues in case you are not home.

What transactions need PLDT account number?

If you are a new subscriber and you are not yet using the SMS or paperless billing, you definitely need your account number in order to use the askPLDT app to check your dues.

The account number is usually the first thing that a customer support agent asks for when you are calling for any concern.

This is not unique to PLDT so it’s best that you take note of all your utilities’ account numbers in a dedicated notepad for easier access in the future.

What is the format of the PLDT Account Number?

Your PLDT Account Number is comprised of 10-digits, but you should not be confused as this is always labeled whether in the paper, email, or e-copy billing statement.

Take note that this is different from the Statement of Account Number which corresponds to the current billing statement.

In the paper copy and digital billing statements, this is on the upper right of the document along with other details such as Statement Date and Telephone Number.

On the other hand, it is in the body of the billing statement sent to your email if you have enrolled in electronic mail billing.

How to Know PLDT Account Number – Conclusion

It is a good rule of thumb to always take note of your account details, especially those that concern utility bills.

If you have not memorized your PLDT Account Number, you can always check it in previous messages, billing statements, receipts, and the PLDT hotline.

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