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35 Best Christmas Gift Ideas Under P500 in the Philippines!

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Christmas gift ideas philippines

Note: This post contains affiliate links that may give me a commission when you use the links to purchase at no additional cost to you! 🙂

It’s that time of the year again, have you thought about your Christmas gifts yet?

Thankfully, I’ve compiled all the best Christmas gift ideas in the Philippines in this blog post. Here’s why you should choose your christmas gifts from this list:

  • Affordable (All items are under ₱499 )
  • High-quality (I’ve searched for products with good reviews)
  • Most of the products here were tried and tested by me and my family!
  • You don’t need to go out of the house to buy gifts especially since we’re on quarantine

So, are you excited to give? Here are best christmas gifts in the Philippines that are under ₱499!

For your grandparents and parents

Since we can’t get out of our house right now, a lot of Pinoys probably haven’t seen their lolo, lola as well as their parents. They don’t have to be lonely! Send over these thoughtful Christmas gifts that will surely leave a smile on their faces.

1. Sanuk Sandals


2. Curtains


3. Bike tail light rechargeable

Bike LED light

4. 2-in-1 Pump Soap Dispenser

Soap pump dispenser

5. Personalized Magic Mug

Magic Mug

For your siblings

For our siblings who are currently stressed in their online classes, these are the perfect de-stressors! Plus, these will help greatly with their studies. Show some love and support to your siblings with these gifts. Don’t forget to tell them this after giving “Dapat tumaas na ang grades mo ah!” to keep the tradition.

6. Colourette lip tint

Colourette liptint

7. Foldable laptop table

Laptop table

8. Flash drive cruzer blade

Sandisk Flashdrive

9. Personalized Thermal Tumbler (With Temperature Indicator)

Thermal tumbler

10. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard and mouse

For your partners

Your surprises for your partner may have been ruined since they’re at the house all the time, it’s not too late for these gifts! These best Christmas gift ideas in the Philippines for your partner will surely earn you a kiss or more!

11. Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask

Bluetooth sleeping eyemask

12. Bedroom slippers

Bedroom slippers

13. Personalized Bamboo Chopping Board

Personalized chopping board

14. Personalized Table LED Night Lamp

LED Night lamp

15. Massage Pillow

Massage pillow

For your friends

Haven’t seen your friends in a long time? Don’t worry, these Christmas gifts are the perfect ones for the holidays. Show them that there’s still a reason to smile this season!

16. JBL Earphones

JBL Earphones

17. Personalized Alcohol Holder Keyring

Alcohol dispenser

18. Wall Mounted Key Holder

Wall mounted key holder

19. Desktop Phone Holder

Desktop phone holder

20. LED Humidifier

LED humidifier

For your relatives

Our relatives may not be with us at all times, but they are always there when we need them (especially in handaans 😂). That’s why they’re sure to come to our house when the holidays come! Greet them with these affordable yet thoughfut gifts!

21. Smart bulbs

Smart bulbs christmas gift ideas philippines

22. Personalized Cable organizer

Personalized cable organizer

23. Customized Signature Style Coffee Cup

Customized Coffee cup

24. Cosmetic Storage Organizer

Cosmetic storage organizer

25. Yoga Mat

Yoga mat

For your coworkers

You may be working at home right now or not, but we can still show our love and care to our coworkers! These gifts are the perfect for those that are working from home too! Who knows, your boss might be impressed at your thoughtfulness and he/she just might give you a promotion.

26. LED Light USB

LED light USB

27. Self-Adhesive Drawer Hidden Box

Hidden drawer

28. Personalized Notebooks

Personalized notebooks

29. Personalized Keychains

Personalized keychain

30. Japan Great Waves Mouse Pad


For your kids

Since our kids are mostly at home nowadays, it’s best to give them Christmas gifts that are useful and fun at the same time. Hopefully, they’ll start doing their chores once you give them these gifts!

31. JBL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker

32. Ipon challenge coin bank

Ipon challenge

33. Game of the Generals

Game of the generals

34. Wooden Chess Board Set


35. LCD Writing Tablet

LCD Writing tablet

Christmas Gift Ideas Philippines – Final Thoughts

As you can see, there isn’t an excuse not to give a gift this Christmas season! It’s all the more fun since I handpicked these gifts which are affordable and unique!

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