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Top 5 Sites to Get Free Online Courses Forever

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Do you want to work at home but you don’t know what to offer to clients?

You’ve come to the right place!

In the world of freelancing, these are the key to getting clients.

Because if you dive into freelancing without any of these, you’re likely to quit early.

It’s like going into war without guns or anything to protect yourself.

So what is this magic key that allows you to get high-paying clients?


You can get these through experience or by asking someone to be your mentor.

But what if I told you that you can get skills MUCH faster?


No you don’t need to go through an intensive bootcamp or anything like that.

You also don’t need to sell your soul to the devil…

You can get skills by enrolling in free online courses!

It sounds incredibly simple yet it’s not a get quick-rich scheme. You still need to invest your time and effort to learn these skills.

But it’s important to enroll in online courses to build your skills and portfolio. This is why I’ve listed it as the second step in starting your work at home journey.

P.S. If you haven’t read that yet, check it out here: 7 Steps to Start Working at Home in the Philippines

To help you more, I’ve compiled the best sites to get FREE online courses just for you!

These are what I used to personally make over $4,000 online now as a freelancer.

And how YOU can too!

Note: Some of the links below may contain affiliate links which may or may not give me commission.


Udemy course list

If you’ve never heard of Udemy, they’re one of the top e-learning websites available today.

And because they’re extremely popular, you can get thousands of highly-valuable free courses in there!

Personally, whenever I wanted to learn something such as SEO or content writing, I enrolled in their free as well as paid courses.

Fortunately, those same courses have paid off well as you can see from this blog and from my freelancing career.

Finally, the great thing about Udemy is their wide range of topics. They offer courses on the following broad topics:

  • Development
  • Business
  • IT & Software
  • Office Productivity
  • Personal Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Health & Fitness
  • Music

To enroll in their free courses, simply create a free account here, search for your topic and choose the best courses you can find! Don’t forget to set the filter to “free” if you only want the free courses.


You might be wondering why Canva is here in the list of free online courses?

Well, if you didn’t know yet, Canva is an awesome graphic design tool that lets you create high-quality designs.

I can’t tell you how many times Canva has saved my life.

Now, I’m not a graphic designer in any way, shape or form but I’d have to do a lot of graphics.

These can be for this blog, for my resume and for my Facebook Page posts.

Whether you’re a graphic designer or not, Canva makes your life 100x easier! Oh, and did I mention that they have free design courses too?

Canva designs

Just look at these stunning designs I was able to create with 0 Photoshop skills thanks to Canva.

Now, if you’re planning to be a freelancer, I highly suggest you use this tool and enroll in their free courses.

While you’re at it, don’t be shy to try their pro version, they offer a 30-day free trial which you can CANCEL anytime!

Here are just some of the awesomeness you’re gonna get once you sign up for their free 30-day trial!

  • Unlimited folders for your designs.
  • Invite up to 30 team members.
  • Unlimited storage for photos and assets.
  • Exclusive access to 300,000 free photos, illustrations, and templates.
  • Upload your own images.
  • Magically resize your designs.
  • Upload custom fonts for your brand.

Try the Canva Pro free 30-day trial now!

Free Course Site

I’m going to tell you a secret that only our Facebook Group “The Underwearkers” know!

What is it you’re asking me?

Free Course Site homepage

It’s a collection of free Udemy courses! These normally cost $9 and up but the site is allowing anyone to download them for free!

Here are some courses you can find in their site:

  • 3D Tutorials
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Android Tutorials
  • C# Tutorials
  • Email Marketing Tutorials
  • Shopify

Get all these high-quality free courses here!


Skillshare graphic design courses list

You’ve probably heard of Skillshare before from their ads all over social media sites.

You might have even tried it our for yourself.

But if not, this is really an amazing way to learn about any topic you can think of.

It’s like Udemy, but the difference is you pay for the monthly subscription instead of per course.

Pro tip: You don’t have to buy their free courses because they offer a free 2-month free trial! You can cancel anytime.

Get your free 2-months of Skillshare here!


Quickpro courses list

Similar to Filipino Freelance Coaching courses, Quickpro is another reputable Filipino online course site!

Just take a look at the courses they offer. These are all in-demand and perfect for newbies just starting out their freelancing career.

Here are some more sample courses that’s included in their Bronze package for P720:

  • After Effects: Complete Training
  • How to Write a Cover Letter
  • ESL Tutor Training
  • FBA Training Amazon
  • Social Media Admin
  • Real Estate 101

There are a lot more valuable courses like these when you enroll, go check them out!

Don’t forget to put my QP Member ID as your referral code: 11795

Bottom Line

These are the top sites to get courses from based on my experience. It’s where I learned many courses that I’m using now in my freelancing career.

After you learn some skills for the first time, don’t be afraid to put them to the test in the real world. Publish blog posts, create websites and so on. Then, once you’ve mastered those skills, upgrade them by watching enrolling in more online courses.

That’s one of the secrets of the highly successful freelancers.

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