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Piso WiFi Business: How to Start, Costs and Profits

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Piso Wifi business

In this time of COVID-19 pandemic, the normal life of everyone changed. It is now the “new normal” where wearing of face mask and face shield were required when going outside, social distancing, sanitizing the hands and staying at home.

Online class and answering modules are new ways of the government to continue the education of the students.

While others have work from home set up for them to continue their work.

We can say that internet has a vital role in this world today where we use it for learning, working and for entertainment purposes also.

Although not all people can afford internet connection or WiFi at their homes. Some were using mobile data but not that fat especially when they’re in remote areas where signal is too weak.

That is why Piso Wifi was one of the cheapest ways to connect on the internet where you can browse at a limited time.

Since then, vending machines were popular for it can dispense different things like coffee, water, soft drinks, chocolates and many more.

Not only that, people can now experience to charge their phones even outside without bringing charger where charging kiosks were available at different convenience stores and try to connect on the internet using Piso Wifi.

You heard it right! You can connect on the internet and browse with just one peso only! Now, let’s learn more about this business here!

What is Piso Wifi?

It is a Wi-Fi enabled system which gives you an instant Wi-Fi hotspot for as low as Php 1 only.

It’s compatible with the following devices:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Any device with wifi

Piso Wifi Features

No Username and Password Needed

It does not require for the users to log in using a username and password. More convenient right? No more hassle for the user for a username and password. 

Manageable System

Some Piso Wifi system has a feature called the Network Management System (NMS) where you can manage or monitor your system anytime you want.

You can monitor your users, sales,  and control other features of the machine remotely via internet anytime, anywhere.

Here are the following monitoring system on some Piso Wifi systems:

  • Device Settings
  • Top-up Voucher
  • Profit Record/Statistics
  • Device Alarm
  • Device Status

Coin Operated

You can easily browse the internet by just inserting a coin on the machine. The payment portal settings can be set up to accept new or old and new coins. It accepts:

  • Php 1.00
  • Php 5.00
  • Php 10.00


Since we are now accelerating on the technological advancement, enhanced Piso Wifi system uses e-vouchers that will be sent by the seller once you want to connect on their internet unlike the traditional hotspot system that you need to print the voucher.

After that, all you need is tap your device on the machine and you can no connect.

You can Customize Rates

You can customize rates based on the client’s preference:

  • Data rates are centered on data consumption.
  • Time rates are centered on running timer (minutes/peso).

Anti-lag System

In Piso Wifi where most of the end-users are gamers, it has an anti-lag system that will avoid too much lagging while browsing the internet or while having online games for the benefit of the users of course.

You can filter the Contents

It allows the owner of the machines to block porn/adult and other malicious sites or filter any contents he/she would like to allow or block based on his/her preference.

Summarize your Payment history

If you want to check on the payment history, Piso Wifi has a feature to summarize your income which is a great way of checking your history.

WiFi Signal is Expandable

The Piso Wifi system is compatible with whichever access point wi-fi extenders on their areas.

Internet and Power Only is What You Need

In setting up of Piso Wifi nowadays, it is now easy to install as long as you have an internet connection and power.

How to connect on Piso Wifi Service?

  1. Tap your device on the Piso Wifi Machine.
  2. Turn on the Wifi on the device you want to connect.
  3. Insert a coin based on the rates of every Piso Wifi machine into the coin slot.
  4. Wait for the machine to beep. You can now remove your device.
  5. You can now surf the internet, play online games and enjoy browsing on different social medias!

Piso Wifi Rates

Sample rates are:

  • Php 1.00 = 5 minutes
  • Php 10.00 = 1 hour

Other rates are like these:

  • Php 1.00 = 6 minutes
  • Php 5.00 = 1 hour
  • Php 10.00 = 3 hours
  • Php 15.00 = 5 hours

Note: Payment can be set up and will depend on the seller’s preference.

Is Piso Wifi Profitable?

In times like this where internet connection becomes valuable for most people, investing in Piso Wifi is highly profitable.

This business can offer an accessible internet connection at an affordable price.

Particularly to those who need internet for their homework or send emails urgently, for those who have weak signal using their phones mobile data and who do not have internet connection at their homes and for some who cannot go to computer shops.

For those who want to start their small business this is a perfect idea since it only needs an estimated capital worth of Php 30,000.

Sales of a single Piso Wifi machine were at Php200/day to Php500/day or P6,000/month-Php 15,000/month, but it can reach up to P44,000 in a month.

The sales may vary depending on the number of users you have and the number of vending machines you own.

Is Piso WiFi still profitable in 2022?

Despite the entry of a new telco player in the country and the abundance of discounted pocket WiFi or modem devices, there will always be underserved individuals who cannot afford them.

Not all local governments have free mobile data or WiFi connection programs, so you need to target these areas for the marketing of Piso WiFi.

The tingi culture will always be ingrained in most Filipinos despite the promotions of affordable no-expiry internet or unli data that can last you for a month or more.

Since the economy is starting to recover from the pandemic, both PisoNet and Piso WiFi businesses can thrive because the key to earning with both is the volume of customers.

Where can I put my Piso Wifi Machine?

It is good to establish the machines on the following areas:

  • Malls
  • Bus Terminals
  • Apartments/Boarding House
  • Coffee Shops

List of Piso Wifi Providers

If you want to start on having small business like this which is available all over the Philippines, here are the following providers:

1. Piso Wifi Vending Machine PH

Location: New Lower Bicutan, Taguig City
Contact: +(63949)8804399
Email: Piso

2. Piso Wifi Vendo

Contact: 0926-712-6078 (Globe) 0939-430-4860 (Smart)
Email: support@Piso

3. AdoPiSoft

Location: AdoPiSoft Store, Duterte Str., Danao City Cebu
Contact: (032) 424 7532

4. LBP Piso Wifi Software


5. PisoFi


What is the maintenance cost for Piso WiFi machines?

Unless you experience some disasters such as flooding or earthquake that can cause physical damage to your Piso WiFi, there is virtually no maintenance cost for it.

The companies that sell these devices have already done the research and testing, and they also don’t make it from scratch since the parts are already available.

Unless you made the machine yourself using sourced parts, the only thing you need to worry about is the internet connection.

Should I put up a Piso WiFi machine on my store premise?

Free WiFi is sometimes an attraction, but sometimes it is also just an add-on to customers’ dining or shopping experience.

To truly understand your customers, you can ask them to fill out a survey or leave feedback.

If you are one of those establishments with free WiFi but have a poor connection due to many users, Piso WiFi can be an excellent option for you and your customers.

You can set up a first-come, first-served basis for the free WiFi then the rest can still enjoy a decent or even faster connection using the Piso WiFi.

If people can spend more money on their purchase, availing the Piso WiFi is not too much.

It can also increase the foot traffic to your store, leading to actual sales of your main products.

In short, you can treat it as an immediate source of income or as an investment.

How to improve the security of Piso WiFi

Like any piece of technology, your Piso WiFi could be subjected to digital attacks.

To avoid this, you should keep your operating software up to date and ensure that admin access is secured.

However, technical security does not protect your asset from physical attacks, so you still need to check your device or have it covered by a security camera to avert theft.

Just because your Piso WiFi machine can operate independently doesn’t mean you should leave it be.

On the other end, you can secure yourself as a customer of the Piso WiFi connection.

By using the Piso WiFi with other connected customers, you are effectively on the same WiFi network, and it is therefore considered public.

You can secure your connection by using VPN software and keeping your device’s OS up to date and patched for vulnerabilities.


As you can see, this business is a hit all over the country. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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  • Ericko says:

    how much would the piso vendo machine cost at the top of the maxi range, all complete and integral with maintenance monitoring, installation included and wifi included, please?
    I would really like to have an idea because the competition is diverse and the prices are sometimes risky
    thank you for letting us know!
    Good day to you all
    and always be well!

  • Marejoy Cabillo says:

    Pano po ako maka avail and how much is the cost of one vendo Piso net WiFi

  • Marejoy Cabillo says:

    how much would the piso vendo machine cost at the top of the maxi range, all complete and integral with maintenance monitoring, installation included and wifi included, please?
    I would really like to have an idea because the competition is diverse and the prices are sometimes risky
    thank you for letting us know!
    Good day to you all
    and always be well!

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