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Water Refilling Station Franchise: Ultimate Guide

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Water refilling station franchise

Water is increasingly becoming a commodity rather than a basic need. People must consume water in order to survive.

Our waters, on the other hand, have been polluted and unfit to drink as a result of human introduction of chemicals into the marine world, either directly or indirectly.

Starting water refilling station franchise is one of the most successful and profitable businesses today due to the high demand for cleaner water.

Water refilling stations – water stores that sell bottled water – have seen an increase in demand. Purified water meets national drinking water requirements and, in terms of impurities removed, is much better than water produced by traditional water supply systems.

Pros and Cons of Water Refilling Station Franchises


  • It is a well-known company that can create revenue.
  • It provides safe and clean water.
  • It recycles water via its filters, allowing it to be reused.
  • It is perfect in any locations.
  • It is significant since water is a precious commodity.


  • Equipment that isn’t well-maintained can lead to dangerous products.
  • For some people, the initial and ongoing fees may be costly.
  • It is a higher rate of return on investment.
  • It doesn’t have any proprietary value.

7 Best Franchises for Water Refilling Stations in the Philippines


GQWEST Inc.’s aquabest is the company’s premier water franchising concept.

Its rapidly expanding network of water refilling stations is expanding across the country, and it has been recognized for franchising excellence by industry bodies and Entrepreneur Magazine on multiple occasions.

Aquabest water refilling station franchise fee is P100,000. Signage, machine, store opening, technical support, store software, and onsite training are all included in the P100,000 franchise kit.

It has an 18-month payback period.


BLUEWATERS Supermarket is the Philippines’ First Complete Water Refilling Station Supermarket.

They bring the need for the healthiest, cleanest, most cost-effective, and most dependable water purification device to life.

From conventional reverse osmosis to the highly esteemed Alkali, the business rises above the traditional and popular producers and distributors of water purification systems.

Blue water refilling station franchise cost P108,800 and up. Water Tank/s, Booster Pump, APC, FRP Tanks, UF Filter Membrane, UV Light, Blue Housing, and Pre-filters are all included.


Aqua 2000 Water Technology Incorporated was established in June 1997 and is a member of the Water Quality Association and the Philippine Franchise Association with a good standing.

It currently has 420 branches in the Philippines and is growing.

The total franchise cost / investment for Aqua 2000 Water Technology Incorporated is Php 450,000.

The package includes a water purification system manufactured in the United States, installation within Metro Manila, use of the Aqua 2000 trademark, regular technical support, marketing and operations support, and promotion and advertising.

It has a payback period of less than 24 months.


On December 1, 1998, Aquasoft Water Systems Inc. was established. Aquasoft Ultima Plus Series 1000 GPD, Aquasoft Ultima Plus Series 1800 GPD, Aquasoft Ultima Plus Series 3000 GPD, Aquasoft Purified Drinking Water, and 16-Stages Water Purification are among the products and services they offered.

In the Philippines, it has 115 outlets.

The total franchise cost / investment for Aquasoft Water Systems Inc is P400,000 and up. Brand Name, Free Layout and Design, Free Occular and or Site Inspection, Aquasoft Single Face Signage, Setup and Installation of Equipment, Source and Product Tanks, Foot Pump for Washing and Rinsing, Support Products worth Php 10,000.00, Hot and Cold Dispensers, 5 Gallon Tanks, Free Tarpaulin, Posters, Streamers, Free pre installation and post installation water analysis are all included in their standard package.

It also has a 2-to-3-year payback period.


Aqualipure is a member of The Water Quality Association of the United States of America and The Water Quality Association of the Philippines, Inc., ensuring that they only serve the best and ensuring the welfare of their customers.

With NO FRANCHISE FEE, NO ROYALTY, NO MAINTENANCE FEE, AND NO HIDDEN CHARGES, Aqualipure provides a full Franchise Investment Package that includes installation of a Multi-Stages Water Purification System, free assistance, free marketing, 24 hours technical support, training of probable staffs, and full stock of replacement parts and components available.


Aquahealth Pure Drinking Water Inc is a water refilling company that uses a quality purification process to provide customers with clean and healthy drinking water.

Aquahealth has been at the forefront of innovation for over 17 years.

Aquahealth’s package starts at P495,000. It includes 1 use of the AquaHealth business name, complete piping materials and labour, free use of complete water purification equipment, site evaluation and selection, lease negotiations, store layout, marketing assistance and paraphernalia, on-hand trainings (head office and on-site), equipment maintenance, initial inventory of containers, bottles, caps, seals, and stickers, Monthly water Bacteriological test, and Grand Opening Assistance.


Crystal Clear, INC. is a Filipino-owned company that sells, franchises, and manages water refilling stations.

Throughout its more than two (2) decades in the field, Crystal Clear, INC has strongly established itself as a professional and trustworthy supplier of mineral water.

The initial investment in Crystal Clear franchise is PHP 550,000. Site selection assistance and approval, store layout design, inventory, RO verification equipment for membrane cleaning, technology, operations manual, marketing support, technical training sales, pre- and post-operational assistance, and continuous operational support are all included in the package.


A water refilling station is a profitable business venture.

You can make between Php 30,000 and Php 40,000 per month with the right location and marketing.

The water refilling station business is simple to run and may benefit the entire family.

The cheapest water refilling station franchise is Aqualipure.

It has no franchise fee, no royalty, no maintenance fee, and no hidden charges. Aquabest is second to the cheapest and also the best water refilling station in the Philippines. Aquabest water refilling station franchise fee is P100,000.

A water refill station can encourage people to be more environmentally mindful.

It encourage people to use reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic ones.

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