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How to Activate TNT Sim in 2021: 3 Ways

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How to activate TNT sim

Have you just bought a new Talk ‘N Text LTE Prepaid SIM Card?

Or do you have current plans of switching to Talk ‘N Text real soon? You’ve come to the right place!

Talk ‘N Text, a cellular service of Smart Communications, is known for its affordable and budget-friendly promos as compared to other mobile networks.

What’s in store of being a TNT user?

Well, your P10 can move mountains! For as low as P10 per day, you can already subscribe to unlimited text or call promos.

You can also surf through websites, browse Facebook or watch YouTube videos for as low as P5! Doesn’t this excite you?

Buying a sim card won’t cost you a fortune.

Actually, the price of a TNT sim card is only P15. However, it may cost you a higher price if you purchase from a local retailer or reseller. Benefits will outweigh the costs, don’t worry!

Before you can enjoy their low-cost packages of unlimited call, text and various internet promos, you need to learn how to activate new TNT sim card.

Make yourself an official TNT subscriber!

Here are 3 Easy Ways on How to Activate TNT Sim Card:

On your purchase, you are also provided with the manual to guide you on the activation.


  1. Ensure your sim card is still active. Check first the expiry date of your newly purchased SIM card. Turn off your mobile device before inserting your new mobile sim.
  2. Go to your phone’s settings and enable mobile data.
  3. Launch your mobile browser and go to the TNT website. Type on the address bar and load the page.
  4. You will receive a welcoming message from TNT. You’re all set!

METHOD 2: ?15001 TO 214

This is the fastest and easiest way to activate your sim.

Text ?15001 and send it to 214.

You will be notified about your load balance through a text message. You will receive a welcoming message from TNT as well, indicating that your TNT sim activation has been successful.


  1. Do a balance check by texting BAL to 214. You can also dial the USSD code *123# and navigate to Balance/Services > Check Balance. You will be receiving information about your load balance and a text message that says, “Welcome to TNT!” to imply success on activation.
  2. Text UROWN and then send it to 4545.
  3. Claim your freebie by texting FBFREE to 4545. You can enjoy free Facebook access for 15 days during your first-time activation.

Enabled mobile data but still no internet connection?

If you already turned your mobile data on from your mobile settings, but still struggling to connect to the internet, make sure to use the correct TNT APN settings

 Activate your sim card’s GPRS, WAP, MMS, 3G and LTE settings.

  1. Text SET and then send it to 211. This is free of charge.
  2. Wait for the response containing the configuration settings. You will then be prompted to save your configuration settings.
  3. You may be asked to enter your PIN. Note that the default pin is 1234.

How to Activate TNT Sim – Bottomline

Before we enjoy the most budget-friendly promos from TNT, you should learn how to activate the sim first. There are different and easy ways on how to activate TNT sim.

Regularly load your new sim to avoid interruptions and disconnections.

You can also download the GigaLife app from Google Play or App Store to manage your TNT account.

Its features include registration to promos, balance inquiry and purchase of mobile load and a lot more.

If you have further help and concerns, just call *888 for free.

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