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How to Activate Globe Sim: 3 Easy Ways in 2024

By May 16, 2021January 15th, 20245 Comments
How to activate Globe sim

Switching to the fresh Globe sim? Want a better mobile data experience?

You’ve made the right choice!

But before you can enjoy its amazing features, you need to learn how to activate Globe sim first.

Still a 3G SIM user?

Take a break from the outdated 3G sim and slow data experience!

You can switch to an LTE or 5G-ready one without losing your previous number.

Your old mobile number that you have been using to reach out to your contacts, and the number registered to all your accounts will not be discarded.

You can upgrade your old Globe sim to the fresh LTE sim by texting UPGRADE to 8080 using your previous sim.

Then, insert the new Globe sim and you will be prompted to input the 6-digit upgrade code.

If you want further assistance by Globe personnel, you can also secure an online appointment at the Globe Store. If you are a Postpaid 3G user, simply request for SIM change through the GlobeOne app.

They will be conveniently delivering your new Globe sim to your registered address by a courier.

3G is nearing its obsolescence and is starting to be a relic of the past. Slow internet speeds can be annoying. It’s time to get out of the cave!

Globe is continuously innovating to provide better surfing experience to its subscribers.

With your 5G/LTE sim, fully enjoy watching your favorite movies, your daily online shopping, paying bills, attending virtual meetings, and communicating with your peers!

What’s with the new Globe 5G-ready prepaid SIM card?

You can purchase this new Globe 5G/LTE sim for only P40!

This newly purchased sim has freebies to offer. The Globe 5G-ready SIM card comes with ₱1 load and free 1GB of mobile data.

You can redeem this by downloading the GlobeOne app.

You can also avail this freebie by texting FREE to 8080.  

When you register to GCash using your new mobile number, you will be rewarded P50 and an additional 1GB mobile data.

Take note that these freebies are only available on your first 3 months so better claim these rewards right away!

Level up your mobile internet experience with Globe Prepaid 5G Sim. Get fast surfing speed, enjoy quality videos streaming and experience next-level gaming.


Start an amazing mobile data experience by learning how to active Globe sim.

Normally, Globe will instantly turn on your new SIM after it automatically detects your SIM.

In some cases, you will be required to turn it on manually.  

Here are 3 easy ways!


This is the easiest and quickest method to activate your Globe sim.

Go to your mobile settings and turn your mobile data on.

It will detect that your SIM’s connecting to the internet.

Globe will welcome you through an SMS, signifying that activation has been successful.


In case Method 1 did not work, you can activate your Globe SIM which is by calling 222.

This is an automated call. You will be receiving an SMS with the outline of your load balance. Globe SIM has now been activated.

METHOD 3: DIAL *143#

The last way on how to activate Globe sim 5G via dialing the USSD code *143# and go to My Account > Data Balance. Then,you’ll be notified through SMS by a welcoming message from Globe. Your Globe sim has been successfully activated. You’re good to go!

Have Further Concerns?

Now you know how to activate your fresh Globe sim easily!

We’ve provided you with all of the necessary methods and steps through this article.

Regularly load your Globe mobile sim to maximize your text, call and surf experience and to make sure that it won’t deactivate.

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