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Homesurf199: 30GB Mobile Data 7 Days for 199

By May 22, 2021September 14th, 20212 Comments

Since the start of the global pandemic last 2020, people are required to stay at home.

This has caused a significant increase in the demand for internet data, both for students, employees, and businessmen.

Students needed to consume more data in order to attend their online classes, employees needed to work from home which means that the tasks they need to accomplish will be done and submitted online, and businessmen continued their operations through various online platforms.

It’s a good thing that Globe has a Homesurf199 promo!

Going to computer shops is not an option now because the government has restricted the public, especially minors, from going out of the house in order to contain the virus from spreading.

Globe knew that there will be an increase in the demand for a data connection as almost everything has transitioned online, so they improved their internet services and provided the public with various options and promos, and this includes their Globe Homesurf199. 

Inclusions in Globe’s Homesurf199 Promo

Globe Homesurf199 is most suited for those who need to browse the web, post on social media, check e-mails, and submit other school or work-related tasks.

If you are someone who loves to stream movies online, then Globe recommends that you try a different promo like Globe HomeWATCH because this offers a higher data allocation to accommodate streaming sites like iWant TV, Youtube, Netflix, TikTok, iFlix, NBA, and HOOQ.

For those who simply need the data to attend classes, submit outputs, or post online, the Homesurf199 offering from Globe includes 22 GB of data which is divided into the following:

  • 15 GB of open access data for a period of 7 days. (You can use this data to access apps and websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Messenger, Zoom, Snapchat, Spotify, Google Meets, Netflix, Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, PUBG, Wild Rift, and much more!)
  • 1 GB daily access to Youtube for a period of 7 days

Overall, that is 22GB which you can use to attend classes, work from home, or maintain and grow your business!

Data Boost by Globe

Last March 21, 2020, Globe boosted their Homesurf199 Promo offering, and instead of getting 22 GB of data, they added in a free 7 GB which totals to 30 GB of data valid for 7 days (23 GB open access data + 1 GB of daily access to Youtube).

This boost lasted for a month, but Globe saw the need of its consumers, so they keep on extending this promo boost in their Homesurf199 offer!

They also gave their subscribers a chance to be updated on the news concerning COVID-19 by giving free access to the websites of the Department of Health (DOH) and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRMMC).

Winsley Bangit, the VP and Head of Globe At Home Prepaid said “Globe At Home understands that this is the time when everyone in the family needs to stay connected and safe at home. We hope that with this gesture, we can continue our role in providing more Filipino homes with affordable and quality Internet access to help them power through these challenging times.”

How to Register Homesurf199 Promo

There are various ways on how to register homesurf199. You can simply choose the one that is most convenient for you:

Register to HomeSurf199 via SMS (Globe Share-A-Promo): Globe’s Share a Load service enables Globe subscribers to transfer promos and other Globe offerings to a Prepaid Home WiFi Sim.

Here is how to register homesurf199 through Share a Promo:

  • Simply text the HOMESURF199 promo keyword and send it to your Prepaid WiFi Number with the access code format ‘2 + your 10-digit mobile number’ (ex. 29271234567)
  • Sample Format: type HOMESURF199 and send it to 29271234567
  • You will receive an automated response afterward, simply reply “YES” and proceed with your share-a-promo transaction.
  • Wait for the confirmation that will be sent to you via text. 

Note: A P1.00 transaction fee will be charged to your account together with the amount of your preferred promo or offer. Share-a-load transactions can only be processed up to 5 times a day.

How to register HomeSurf199 through the Globe At Home app

  • Download the Globe At Home application on Google Play Store and link the mobile number of your modem to it. 
  • Open the Globe at Home application
  • Go to the dashboard
  • Click on + Get More Data
  • Select HomeSurf199 promo and click on subscribe

By using the Globe At Home application, you can easily buy load, track the status of your subscriptions, and manage your Home Prepaid Wifi. 

How to register HomeSurf199 through *143#

*143# is the USSD Code of Globe, and dialing this number will let you have access to their promos and other services.

Here’s a step by step procedure on how to register HomeSurf199 through *143#:

  • Dial *143# on your phone (for Globe users only)
  • Click on My Account
  • Click on Globe at Home
  • Click on Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi
  • Enter the 10-digit Prepaid WiFi Number (ex. 9662756289) found at the back of your modem
  • Click on Get Data
  • Choose between Share-a-Promo w/ PIN or Share-a-Promo w/o PIN. If you chose Share-a-Promo w/ PIN, then simply enter the PIN to proceed with the transaction
  • Click on the HOMESURF199 promo
  • Confirm the transaction and wait for the confirmation message that you have successfully been loaded Homesurf199 before accessing the internet

How to register HomeSurf199 through Globe AutoLoadMax

AutoLoadMax is the e-loading service that allows a subscriber to buy load or promos directly into their accounts.

Here’s a step by step procedure on how to register HomeSurf199 through AutoLoadMax:

  • Visit the nearest sari-sari store or convenience store and ask the seller to load you with Homesurf199
  • Give your 11-digit Prepaid WiFi Number to the seller (ex. 09271234567) which is found at the back of the modem
  • Pay for the load + transaction fees (the transaction fees usually vary per store)
  • Wait for the confirmation message before you start using the internet

How to Check the Status

To check your prepaid balance and remaining data allocation, all you have to do is go to the Glome at Home App dashboard.

You can also text HOMESURF STATUS and send it to 8080. 

How to extend Homesurf199 subscription

If you want to know how to extend Homesurf199, all you have to do is to register again to the same promo before it expires, and the remaining GB you have will be carried over.

For instance, you only have 2 GB left today before your Homesurf199 promo expires tomorrow.

All you have to do is to register to Homesurf199 again, and the remaining 2 GB you have will be added to the 22 GB you just registered for.

This means that you will have a total of 24 GB instead of just the regular 22 GB. 


Now that you know how awesome this promo is, go ahead and share it with everyone you know!

Feel free to comment any questions you might have as well.

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