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GOMO: How to Buy, Activate, Load and Promos

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What is GOMO

Are you looking for affordable and backup internet?

GOMO might be for you…

Read on if you want to know what this is, their promos, and how to buy one. I’ve prepared this extensive beginner’s guide.

What is GOMO?

GOMO is one of the Philippines’ newest fully digital telecommunications networks that primarily offers affordable data services. They allow users to buy a sim and buy promos with data that doesn’t expire and unlimited data for affordable prices.

GOMO doesn’t necessarily compete with big brands like Globe or Smart.

GOMO uses Globe’s nationwide network, so the company didn’t have to put up new towers.

But since the emergence of DITO, people have been wondering if this one is worth it.

What is the Meaning of GOMO?

The meaning of GOMO is “Go out more often,” according to Yuen Kuan Moon, who’s the CEO of Consumer Singapore at Singtel. This digital telco network was launched in October 2020 in the Philippines. GOMO is available now in Ireland, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Where to Buy a GOMO sim card in the Philippines?

The first step to enjoying the services that GOMO offers is to buy a sim card. There are various ways to purchase a GOMO sim in the Philippines, such as the official website, Lazada, and Shopee. We’ll list them all and the steps so you can easily buy one.  

I recommend that you buy from Lazada or Shopee because you can get some huge discounts from time to time.

The shopping apps also let you use coins to reduce the cost more.

But the official website also offers free shipping, so you need to compare which one gets you the most discount.

How to Buy GOMO Sim on the official website

Step 1: Go to

How to buy GOMO sim using website 1

Step 2: Select Get GOMO SIM

Step 3: Select how many GOMO sims you’d like to buy, then click Add to Cart of Buy Now

How to buy GOMO sim using website 2

Step 4: Input your shipping details

Step 5: Pay via GCash, debit card, or credit card and confirm the order

Step 6: Then wait for at least a week or two for the sim to be delivered to your doorstep

How to Buy GOMO Sim through Shopee/Lazada

Step 1: Open the Lazada/Shopee app and search for GOMO

How to buy GOMO sim using Lazada 1

Step 2: Select the one from the official store and add it to the cart

Step 3: Check your shipping details, add any vouchers, select your payment method, and checkout

How to buy GOMO sim using Lazada 2

Step 4: Wait for your sim to arrive at your address

How to Activate GOMO?

Once you’ve received your GOMO sim, you’ll need to activate it before you can use it.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Insert the GOMO sim into your device

Step 2: Download the GOMO PH app from App Store or Play Store

Step 3: Open your GOMO PH app and enter your GOMO number (you can find this in the back of the sim card)

How to activate GOMO 1

Step 4: Enter the OTP code sent to your GOMO number

How to activate GOMO 2

Step 5: Then, complete the information requested, such as name, gender, email, birthday, etc. and tap Create Account

Step 6: Set your six-digit PIN

Step 7: Tap Get Started

How to Use the GOMO Sim?

GOMO functions just like any other sim that you may have used before.

You need to insert it into your device and activate it by following the steps above.

After doing that, you can turn on your mobile data and select GOMO so you can start using it to browse the internet and use various apps.

You can also send texts and call any number from all networks using ‘Mo creds.

The beauty of GOMO is that you can even convert your data balance to ‘Mo creds if you want to. 

But if you want to manage your usage, you can visit the GOMO PH app anytime on your device.

Here, you’ll see the following:

  • Remaining data balance
  • Remaining texts and calls balance
  • Your activity
  • GOMO number
  • ‘Mo Creds
  • Shop
  • Account details
  • Refer a Friend

There are more features that you’ll be able to use in the GOMO PH app.

It’s recommended that you explore it as soon as possible so you’ll know what other things you can do with it.

How Fast is GOMO?

Since GOMO uses Globe’s network nationwide, you may get similar speeds. But what I’ve noticed in more than one year of usage is that the internet speed depends on your location.

If you’re near a Globe signal tower, it will be fast. Our location is in Cagayan Valley, and we’re near a tower. We’re getting around 35 Mbps from GOMO on good days.

This is super-fast, considering that you won’t get these speeds in other networks.

But you should expect an average of 5 Mbps at most as advertised on their site. The general rule is that if Globe is fast in your area, GOMO will be fast too and vice versa.

How to Load GOMO

Once you see that you’re running out of data or ‘Mo creds, you can load your GOMO in two ways.

You can do it in the GOMO PH app itself or through GCash.

You can find different promos at any time in the app and GCash.

You need to see what they’re offering to decide where to load your GOMO sim.

But the process of loading them is simple. Here’s how:

How to load GOMO using the app

Step 1: Open your GOMO app, and tap Add More

How to load GOMO using the app 1

Step 2: Choose the promo that you want to buy, such as data or ‘Mo Creds

How to load GOMO using the app 2

Step 3: Select your payment methods such as GCash, credit, or debit card and pay for the promo

Step 4: That’s it, your data or ‘Mo Creds shouldbe reflected instantly in the app

How to load GOMO using GCash

Step 1: Open the GCash app and go to GLife

How to load GOMO using GCash 1

Step 2: Search for GOMO

How to load GOMO using GCash 2

Step 3: Select the promo that you want to buy

Step 4: Log in to your GOMO app using your GOMO number and PIN

Step 5: Pay using your GCash balance

Step 6: Your new balance should be reflected in the app immediately

List of GOMO Promos

GOMO offers various promos that you can avail yourself of at any time.

But the thing about their promos is that some aren’t always around.

So, in this section, we’ll list down the most common promos that you can see from the GOMO app and the GOMO section in GCash:

30GB data no expiry₱299
25GB data no expiry + 100 mins + 500 texts₱499
GOMO Sim with 30GB no expiry₱299
40GB data no expiry₱359
20GB data no expiry₱199
GOMO Sim with 40GB no expiry₱359
Unli data for 30 days₱499

Aside from promos, GOMO also offers the following in the app:

  • GOMO VR Cardboard – ₱288
  • GOMO T-Shirt – ₱799
  • GOMO Windbreaker – ₱1799
  • GOMO Fanny Pack – ₱899
  • GOMO Corduroy Cap – ₱999
  • GOMO Face Mask – ₱299
  • GOMO Bucket Hat – ₱899
  • GOMO Beanie – ₱899

GOMO Refer a Friend Program

GOMO introduced the Refer a Friend program, where you can refer a friend to buy a GOMO sim with 30GB of data. You and your friend get an additional 1GB of data when they activate their sim using your unique code.

GOMO Refer a friend

You can refer as many as 50 friends per month to get up to 50GB!

To access your unique code and your stats, go to GOMO PH app > Menu > Refer a Friend.

If you don’t have a GOMO sim yet and you want to get 1GB for free, use my code: CHUI3546


GOMO and DITO are two of the newest telecommunications networks in the Philippines. DITO is considered more of a competition to Globe and Smart, so you might wonder which one is more beneficial to you. Here’s what we found out:

Internet speed5Mbps as advertised (35Mbps personal use)60-80Mbps
            Promos        25GB + 100 Mins + 500 texts: ₱49930GB No expiry: ₱299Unli data 30 days: ₱4997GB data + unli DITO to DITO calls + 300 mins other networks + unli texts for 30 days: ₱9916GB data + same pack above: ₱19928GB data + same pack above: ₱29955GB data + same pack above: ₱499 120GB data+ same pack above: ₱999
SIM Price₱299 with 30GB no expiry₱49 – ₱224 (3GB to 28GB)
Where to buy SIMWebsite, Shopee and LazadaLazada, Shopee and retailers nationwide
Compatible phonesMost Android and iOS devicesMost Android phones (for iOS – change APN manually)
Network coverageNationwideNationwide (Limited)
SupportFB Page, ArticlesHotline, Articles, Live chat, social media

If we compare the two from the table above, we’ll see that they’re mostly the same in many categories.

But in terms of speed, DITO is more than ten times faster since they use their network towers.

However, GOMO provides the most bang for your buck as they offer data promos that don’t expire. This is what sets it apart from DITO and other networks.

Since I’ve been using GOMO as a backup data only, I’ve been able to use 30GB for an entire year! I’ve been able to use every single Mbps that I’ve paid for, unlike DITO, which only lets you use their promos for 30 days.

However, the decision still lies in the needs and wants of the user at the end. If you only want a backup data sim, GOMO is for you; otherwise, go with DITO.

GOMO Coverage Philippines

GOMO uses Globe’s network, so you can use it as you use a Globe sim. This means it’s available nationwide as it uses Globe’s signal towers.

If Globe’s signal is vital in your area, you can expect to see similar speeds in GOMO.

But overall, they offer an average speed of 5MBPS, which isn’t bad if you’re using this as backup data.

How to Check GOMO Balance

The great thing about GOMO, unlike Globe or Smart, is that you can quickly check your balance using an app. To check your balance, open your GOMO PH app. Here, you’ll be able to see the remaining data, minutes, and texts.

You’ll also be able to easily see your activity and even buy promos if you need to.

This is better than texting a code or calling *143 every time you want to check your remaining load balance.

What are the Compatible Phones for GOMO?

Since GOMO uses Globe’s network, all phones are compatible with it. This means that you can use a smartphone or any other phone whether you have it. If a Globe sim can be used on your phone, you’ll most likely be able to use GOMO.

But GOMO thrives when your phone has two sim slots so that you can use this exclusively for data.

Not that you can’t text or call using this, but their data promos are what most people are after.

How to Contact GOMO Customer Service

You can quickly contact GOMO through their official Facebook Page. If you have any concerns, you’re free to ask for help from one of their representatives. It helps if you provide a screenshot of the problem as well.

You can also access their help center filled with articles that will answer most of your questions. To do this, go to GOMO PH > Menu > Help Center.

How to Switch Your Sim to GOMO

If you want to use GOMO but want to keep your number, you can convert your old sim to GOMO. GOMO lets you go through a process where you can use your number as is to access GOMO promos. Here’s the process:

Step 1: Request for a Unique Subscriber Code from your current network provider (For Globe and TM: text USC to 5050, For Smart/TNT, you need to go to their branch)

Step 2: Go to and select Switch to GOMO


Step 4: Enter the mobile number that you want to switch to GOMO

Step 5: Type the 6-digit OTP sent to your number

Step 6: Type your USC code and tap Proceed

Step 7: Fill up the application form and wait for GOMO to contact you

Step 8: Order your GOMO EASY SWITCH SIM for P299 so you can get a 30GB data pack

Step 9: Enter your porting code to your new GOMO sim and enjoy

How to use GOMO sim in Globe Prepaid WiFi?

If you want to use your GOMO sim as a WIFI, you can use your Globe Prepaid WiFi router. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download the GOMO PH app on your phone and activate the sim

Step 2: Install the GOMO sim into your Globe Prepaid WiFi

Step 3: You can also install the Huawei HiLink app if you need to, and that’s it!

If you’re wondering the benefits of doing this, here are they:

  • Two or more users can easily connect to the WiFi
  • It can be used as a backup internet
  • No expiry of data
  • You can use the unlimited GOMO data promo whenever available

How to Fix GOMO No Internet Problems?

If you’re having internet troubles while using GOMO, there are a few quick fixes to it:

  • Try restarting your phone
  • Clear GOMO’s cache and data in the settings
  • Re-install the GOMO PH app
  • Re-insert your GOMO sim

If these don’t fix your problems, try inserting the sim into another phone and see if it persists. If not, you may need to contact GOMO’s customer service through their Facebook page.


Can I cancel my GOMO sim order?

It depends on where you bought your GOMO sim. If you bought it on the official website, you wouldn’t be able to cancel it. But if you bought it from Shopee/Lazada, you could still cancel it when the seller hasn’t shipped your order.

Does GOMO have a branch I can visit?

Since GOMO is a fully digital telecommunications network, it doesn’t have a lot of branches like other networks. However, since it uses Globe networks, we’ve found a branch in Manila called the Globe Tower.

The Globe Tower, 32nd St, 1643 7th Ave, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila.

Does the GOMO sim expire?

Yes. If you don’t activate the GOMO sim before the expiration date, you will not be able to use it again. But if you’re asking about the regular data promos – they don’t expire unless you bought the unlimited data, which is only for 30 days.

Can I use GOMO on any phone?

Yes, you can use it for any Android and iOS device. It’s compatible with any device that allows a sim card.

Can I buy a GOMO sim every time I run out of data?

Yes, you can. But this isn’t advised as it will just contribute to more waste. Unless you’ve lost your old GOMO sim, destroyed it, or given it away, you can quickly reload it. You don’t have to buy a new GOMO sim to get it at a discounted price as other users do.


GOMO is quite unlike any other. It’s the only telecommunications network in the Philippines that offers data packs that don’t expire. This makes it a very appealing sim for me.

I hope this post has also answered a lot of your questions. Feel free to comment down your thoughts.  

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