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How to Share Data in Globe and TM: Ultimate Guide

How to share data in Globe and TM

Globe gives you plenty of ways to share your surfing MBs with other subscribers.

Sharing is caring, as they say, and you can split your mobile data with other users to save money.

If you want to know how to share data in Globe and TM, check out this article.

Ways to share mobile data for Globe or TM subscribers

Currently, Globe offers promos that allow you to automatically share mobile data allocation with other numbers, with the SURF4ALL promos.

Previously, you can already share or send MBs to another user via USSD.

Read more on the following sections to see step-by-step instructions on how to share your mobile data for internet connection.

How to share mobile data in Globe and TM via USSD

Follow these steps on how to share data in Globe and TM:

Step 1: Subscribe to a promo that has a set amount of MBs such as GoSURF.

Step 2: Open the dialer of the call app on your phone.

Step 3: Go to MyAccount or Account by replying with the corresponding number.

Step 4: Go to Share-A-Load/Promo/MB.

Step 5: Select Share MBs (GS SHARE).

Step 6: Now enter the number of MBs that you want to share.

Step 7: Provide the 10-digit mobile number of the person whom you want to share your surfing data.

How to share mobile data in Globe and TM through SURF4ALL promos

Here are the steps on how to share mobile data if you are subscribed to a SURF4ALL promo:

Step 1: Go to the new GlobeOne app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Proceed to the Manage Group Data section.

Step 3: Enter the name and mobile number of other users.

You can add 3 more members in a SURF4ALL group, as you are the 4th one.

You can also go to the Manage Your Group menu via *143#.

What are the SURF4ALL promos?

There are two SURF4ALL promos, which you can get via the new GlobeOne app or the *143# menu.

SURF4ALL99 costs P99 with 9GB of data allocation, while SURF4ALL249 has a 20GB data allocation.

Both have a validity of 7 days, and you can add 3 other members to your SURF4ALL group.

You can also use all the data all by yourself.

Is there a fee to share MBs with other users?

If you are subscribed to a SURF4ALL data, you do not have to spend anything since you can do your sharing using the new GlobeOne app or via USSD.

However, if you share data using GS SHARE, there will be a P5 fee for every transaction, regardless of the amount of MBs that you want to share.

What is the amount of mobile data that I can share?

If you are using GS SHARE, you can send as low as 10MB up to a maximum of 30MB.

On the other hand, if you are registered to a SURF4ALL promo, you can set the limit to 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB.

By default though, there are no set limits so any user that is added as a member to a SURF4ALL promo can use up all of the mobile data allocation.

Can I set the allocation for shared mobile data?

With GS SHARE, the allocation is straightforward as it is a fixed amount in MBs.

With SURF4ALL promo, you can decide not to set a limit but you can also easily choose how much to share, and even remove a mobile number from the sharing group.

Who can share mobile data among themselves?

Subscribers of Globe Prepaid, TM, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, Globe Postpaid, and Globe Platinum are eligible to be a member of a SURF4ALL group.

Who can track the mobile data usage of SURF4ALL members?

The amount of data allocated to and consumed by other SURF4ALL members can only be seen by the owner, or the one who purchased the promo.

Does the promo owner have a data usage limit?

Of course not, the promo owner can use all of the mobile data allocation of the SURF4ALL promo, even when there are allocations for other members.

The allocations are only limits, and not reservations.

If there is any other member with no set usage limit, then they can also use all of the mobile data allocation for the whole SURF4ALL promo.

Can I leave a SURF4ALL group?

Yes, you can leave the SURF4ALL group that you are a member of by going to the dashboard at the new GlobeOne app.

If you are the promo owner, then you can remove all the other members included.

Other members can only see until when they can use their mobile data allocation.

Can I share my SURF4ALL data with modem or pocket WiFi?

Yes, you can enroll mobile numbers that you are using with modem or pocket wifi, as a member of the SURF4ALL group.

This is a nifty feature that lets you browse using WiFi for other devices such as laptops when you are at home during online classes or after a day at work.

At the same time, you can use the mobile data while you are travelling or outside your home.

In this way, you do not have to register for separate promos for 2 different numbers unless you are using a no-expiry mobile data promo.


Sharing mobile surfing data is very easy if you are a Globe or TM subscriber.

Utilize SURF4ALL promos to ensure that every bit of your mobile data allocation is utilized.

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