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How to do Balance Inquiry in Globe: 4 Easy Ways

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How to balance inquiry in Globe

Globe provides you with many options to check your remaining load balance, so you can decide whether to use regular load or register for a promo.

You can use the USSD, text message, or new GlobeOne app to check your Globe load.

If you want to know how to balance inquiry in Globe, check out this article for the details.

How to Inquire Balance in Globe (4 Ways)

How to check Globe load using the GlobeOne app

You can readily check your load balance just by opening the new GlobeOne app:

Step 1: If you haven’t registered yet, enrol your number in the new GlobeOne app.

Step 2: Open the new GlobeOne app on your smartphone.

Step 3: Just scroll down to see your load balance.

You can click on your account to see the expiry date of your remaining load.

How to do balance inquiry in Globe via USSD

These are the steps on how to balance inquiry in Globe using *143#:

Step 1: Open the calling app or dialer on your phone.

Step 2: Type *143# and press the call button.

It’s as easy as those steps, you can now see your load balance above the menu.

How to check airtime load balance in Globe using SMS

Texting Globe is an old-time way to check your load balance:

Step 1: Open the messages app on your phone.

Step 2: Type BAL.

Step 3: Send the message to 222.

You will receive a message from the official GLOBE account stating your mobile load, the date and the time of expiry, as well as any free texts.

How to check Globe load balance by calling 222

This is almost the same with the SMS method, but you can do this if you are in a hurry:

Step 1: Open the call app or your phone’s dialer.

Step 2: Type 222 and press the call button.

You can leave this in loudspeaker as there will be an automated voice response.

There will be a P1 charge per call but don’t worry if you missed it since Globe will also send a text message.

Can I check my Globe load via their website?

Yes, you can also check your load balance by going to

Just register your mobile number after signing into the website, which will provide relevant details to your account.

Can I check the load balance of other users?

This is possible if you are a TM subscriber, and you can also enable or disable your account from being enrolled in the service.

You just need to dial *143# and go to Account, then Balance Inquiry.

From there, you need to select the option that you want to check the load balance of another user.

You can choose to proceed with the inquiry, but you can also disable your number from being checked by others.

Alternatively, you can also allow all numbers to check your prepaid balance.

However, there will be a message that says the number is not enrolled in the service if the other person did not enable it.

If you really want this feature, you can try mobile number porting from Globe to TM.

If you want to be able to check another person’s mobile load in real-time, the best option is to just enroll both your accounts in the new GlobeOne app.

Why is the new GlobeOne app not displaying the year of expiry?

Globe may still be working on improving the new GlobeOne app for the users.

However, remember that all load amounts have a set validity period of 1 year.

So don’t be surprised if you see a very near date as it is more likely set for the next year unless you have not reloaded for a while.

Does Globe eat regular load?

One of the common complaints of subscribers is the random deduction of amounts from their prepaid load.

You may experience this if you have not subscribed to SurfAlert and you turned on your mobile data.

Globe sent an announcement that it will be activating the feature for all users.

You can also turn it on by texting SURFALERT ON to 8080, with no regular load required.

If you want to use your mobile load for surfing, you can send SURFALERT OFF to 8080.

Aside from that, you may have subscribed to a ringback tone promo that can really eat your load.


Globe really makes it easy for its subscribers to check their available mobile load.

Don’t forget to check your load every once in a while, to make sure you use them before the expiry date.

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