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How to Activate Smart SIM Card (LTE & FG): Full Guide

How to activate Smart sim

Before you can use any promotional offer that comes with a new purchase of a sim card, you need to activate it first.

Also, just in case you hoard sim cards for the free texts, calls, and mobile data, don’t forget that they have expiry dates too.

If you want to know how to activate Smart SIM, check out the details in this article.

How do I know if my Smart SIM is active?

If you are able to connect to your network operator once the sim is inserted into your mobile handset, it means that your Smart sim is active.

You can also try to call your SIM number through another phone, and check whether it says the number is incorrect, or the number cannot be reached.

By then, you will have an idea of whether your SIM is already subscribed to the network.

Why do I need to activate my Smart SIM?

You need to activate your Smart SIM in order to be able to connect to the network, which is indicated by the signal strength on your phone.

Freebies’ validity only starts once the SIM card has been activated.

This means that once you turned on a phone with a new sim card inserted, it will automatically be activated once it connects to the network.

Similarly, you need to keep your account active by reloading and using it.

In case your SIM card was deactivated, Smart no longer allows reactivation of the same number, so it will definitely be a hassle.

Ways on how to activate Smart SIM

These are the instructions on how to activate Smart SIM:

Step 1: Open the packaging of your new SIM card pack.

Step 2: Decide whether you need the nano SIM, micro SIM, or original SIM cut.

Step 3: Turn off your devices such as phone, pocket WiFi, or modem.

Step 4: Insert the appropriate size of the SIM card into the SIM card slot.

Step 5: Turn on the device and wait for the device to connect to Smart’s network.

You will usually receive a welcome message or upon texting a keyword in order to claim the freebie that comes with your new SIM.

Why can’t I connect to the network?

You should first check whether you are in a location with enough signal strength.

If that is not the problem, you should bring your SIM card to the nearest Smart store such as inside the malls.

From there, they can diagnose the problem and even offer a replacement for free especially when the SIM card that you purchased is not yet expired.

As a precaution, you should not accept SIM packs with broken seals as they may have already been used and can possibly be inactive, if not without the welcome freebies.

How do I know if my SIM card is expired?

You can determine whether your SIM card has already expired if it has the label “limited connection” or “invalid SIM.”

Your SIM can also be inactive or disconnected after being automatically deactivated by the network for reasons such as:

  • no mobile top up has been made for 6 months after last reload or expiry of load
  • number has been blocked in case you purchased a used sim
  • you have been using a sim card that came from a phone that’s fenced

What are the types of Smart SIM cards?

Smart is known to offer promotional or special sim cards like the Smart Buddy or Jump In SIM.

Right now, there are several types of SIM cards that are being offered by Smart or are still available for purchase online:

  • 5G Ready SIM – can be used to upgrade your LTE or older SIM to 5G-capable one while still retaining your number
  • LTE Ready Upgrade SIM – can also be utilized to upgrade your previous SIM to LTE, especially if your area is not covered by 5G or your device is only LTE-capable
  • Smart MAGIC SIM – comes with mobile data that will not expire even when unused
  • Smart Bro Rocket SIM – offers unlimited data with no data capping or silly fair use policy

You can buy one on popular online shopping apps or by visiting the Smart Online Store at


You need to activate your Smart SIM card in order to avail yourself of Smart Prepaid’s network services.

Choose your preferred type of SIM card depending on your needs and take advantage of welcome freebies upon activation.

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