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What Are Stable Coins? A Guide to the Future of Crypto

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Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency that are digital assets with the same amount of flexibility but have the stability and less risky behaviour as fiat currencies. The ratio at which these are pegged is 1:1. Most of them have their value based on U.S. Dollars.

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Stablecoins will remain the same regardless of the U.S. dollar value. There are several ways the organizations that issue the Stablecoins keep the value stable and at par with the U.S. Dollar value.

Whenever the Dollar’s value moves, the organization of the Stablecoins will do everything to bring it back to its equivalent position. Read on to know more in detail to know more about the types of stablecoins to have a complete better understanding!

Types of Stablecoins

Below highlighted are three types of Stablecoins which are as follows:

  1. Crypto-backed Stablecoins: These types of stablecoins are known to be backed by cryptocurrency reserves. However, whenever the market is volatile, the Stablecoins are over-collateralized to maintain the price at its stable level. 
  2. Commodity and fiat-backed Stablecoins Are the most common type of Stablecoins, as fiat currencies peg them. Accordingly, the issuer has a reserve of $1 in U.S. bank accounts for each Stablecoin in use. Professional accounting firms regularly audit these reserves, and information about their holdings is widely available to the public.
  3. Algorithm-backed Stablecoins: In this, the value of Stablecoins is pegged by bright coins or algorithms. These algorithms maintain and circulate the supply and demand of these coins and stabilize their value per the market condition. When the value drops, the algorithm decreases the supply to increase scarcity and its value. Also, when the price increases, the supply is increased to stabilize the value. 

Common Stablecoins

Some of the common Stablecoins are:

  1. Tether: it is a U.S. Dollar backed Stablecoin and is one of the top options. Several other commodities support Tether, including gold, U.S. fiat money, and cash equivalent assets.
  2. DAI: The Maker ecosystem, developed by the Maker Foundation, includes the Dai Stablecoin. Dai is fixed at a 1:1 ratio to the Dollar. MakerDAO keeps its value by using the Maker Protocol to lock other crypto assets in intelligent contracts.
  3. USD coin: On the Ethereum (ETH) network, USD Coin (USDC) is a Stablecoin that represents tokenized U.S. dollars. It is run by a partnership named Centre that Circle and Coinbase created.
  4. Binance USD: According to the market cap, Binance is ranked third. Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, and Paxos have introduced USD, a Stablecoin. It is supported by U.S. fiat currency, much as USDC.

Uses of Stablecoins

The main applications of Stablecoins are similar to those of most cryptocurrencies. However, their enduring value creates some good possibilities that most other cryptocurrencies cannot.

Stablecoins are frequently utilized for passive income-generating activities like crypto staking and lending since their value is typically linked to tangible assets. Holders of Stablecoins might receive interest rates substantially more significantly than regular banks by locking up their assets within a particular network or protocol.

Stablecoins can also be used to make purchases at businesses worldwide. The main applications of Stablecoins are similar to those of most cryptocurrencies: as a cross-border exchange and value storage. However, their enduring value creates some good possibilities that most other cryptocurrencies cannot.

Importance of Stablecoins

Stablecoins act as a type of link between very stable real-world assets and volatile crypto assets. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, they provide consumers with higher price stability. Cryptocurrency traders use stablecoins to lower transaction costs when buying or selling other cryptocurrencies.

When investors want to preserve their investments in a weak market, they convert their less stable cryptocurrencies to something more predictable, which is when Stablecoins become very popular.


Finally, stablecoins are extensively available for purchase because exchanges effectively issue so many. To begin purchasing Stablecoins, pick a reliable exchange, create an account, choose your preferred wallet, and enter the quantity you want to buy.

Although different Stablecoins employ various technologies to maintain regular pricing, they provide comparable advantages. One should consider including Stablecoins in their cryptocurrency holdings. 

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