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6 Ways Video Can Boost Your Business

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6 Ways Video can boost your business

Videos have been a winner ever since they appeared on the social media circuit.

The tool has now become so popular that many digital marketing companies and brands have integrated video marketing as an essential tool in their digital marketing strategy. 

More than 60% of businesses today use this tool in their marketing campaigns and about half of these marketers have been using videos for more than one year.

The positive news is that almost 94% of marketers who use video marketing have plans to persistently use the tool because of its many benefits.

The usage of video is not just limited to marketers. It is increasingly being used in various departments like HR, admin, sales and operations.

We will share six amazing ways to use the full potential of videos to boost your business.

 1.     Create explainer videos – use videos to explain what your business is about

This idea works extremely well for technology companies that need to publish content for target customers that are not tech-savvy. This concept also works well for businesses with complicated, multiple and intricate processes.

In such cases, videos help brands and companies talk about their various offerings and business value propositions in the most simple, easy-to-understand and effective manner.

Compare two different mediums, for example, a whitepaper that people need to read and spend considerable time interpreting, vis-a-vis a video that involves visual and audio content to pass the same information to the target customer.

From the perspective of our customers, imagine which medium makes more sense and helps them understand the essence of the information with ease.

This particular aspect can work well with almost all types of businesses. Small scale businesses can use the power of video to help their B2C and B2B customers know more about them, their products and services – all of which can help improve sales and revenues.

These explainer videos can be artfully and impressively created using a powerful video editor that can help fetch the right audience by posting on different social media platforms, on the homepage of your website, on the About Us section, etc.

2.     Inspire talent – use powerful videos to attract attention from people who can make a difference to your business

As the HR domain evolves, more and more organizations today are using videos to showcase their organizational culture, teamwork and collaborative landscape.

All of this is to get traction from prospective employees, to attract talented, skilled and trained professionals to associate with your organization.

Not just brands and organizations, even individuals have now started to use videos to feature on their social media sites. One example is LinkedIn where people reach out to potential employers and showcase their strengths and skills.

Either way, well-made videos can go a long way in employing the right talent at the right place.

3.     Learning solutions – videos are one of the most engaging ways to train employees

Training has become one of the best ways to make your employees and team members aware of the latest technologies, trends and techniques.

In a world that is changing fast, acquired skills and knowledge can become redundant and obsolete in no time.

Organizations spend millions every year to meaningfully train their internal stakeholders. This is important because the organization gets a competitive edge with thoroughly trained and knowledgeable staff.

More and more trainers are using video editors to create magic and award-winning training videos for their audiences.

Firstly, the video medium is a tool that delivers, engages, is interactive, and offers visual and aural learnings synchronously.

Not just organizations, even educational institutes like schools and colleges use the medium to impart learning to students.

The training department can use videos to offer effective department-specific training to employees, taking a cue from this. 

4.     Product demos – create awareness and engagement opportunities with potential customers

It is one of the most common uses of video marketing in this century.

Since it is a medium where the products and services can be shown in a three-dimensional space and can be accompanied by special effects and background music, product demo videos can become a good source of conversions.

Such videos are versatile and can be used effectively across multiple mediums – online and offline to meet specific goals and objectives.

For example, the same video can run in a retail outlet and on their social media platform to garner attention in the marketplace.

Since this gamut of videos has evolved tremendously in the past few years, more and more marketers are using them to create tutorials, DIY videos, how-to-use videos and unboxing videos, besides conventional product demos.

5. Excellent use on social media platforms

There is something arresting about videos – as a result, they work immensely well on different social media platforms. Look at these stats:

· Nine out of ten people prefer to watch videos from brands they love.

· At least 75% of the online crowd watch videos weekly, while 55% watch daily on social media.

· Social media posts with videos get at least 48% more views.

· YouTube is the favorite amongst marketers for sharing videos.

If you wish to create buzz on social media, you know that video is your most dependable tool.

 6. Extensive use in customer engagement

Imagine, as a customer, you getting personalized videos from your favorite brand to help answer your queries.

It is an excellent way of building customer loyalty, making the customer feel special and important.

In the modern world, everything is about creating bespoke experiences, whether services or products.

Brands can effectively use the power of videos to strengthen their customer support and services team by offering enhanced customer satisfaction.


There is an overall enthusiasm about videos. It allows people to use their creativity innovatively and to the fullest extent to tell stories. The tool can be used across departments, industries, niches and genres.

It is a versatile medium and, when used strategically, can help boost your business like never before. Invest in video today and watch your business transform in a short span.

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