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What Are The Top Crypto Affiliate Programs in 2023?

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Crypto affiliate programs allow content creators to recommend services or products related to cryptocurrency and earn a recurring revenue stream in return. This article will explore the best crypto affiliate programs for all levels of affiliate marketers, providing details on factors that should be considered when deciding which program is right for you.

Whether you’re looking for sustained profitability through long-term commission streams or immediate returns from one-off payments, there are plenty of options available with crypto affiliate marketing. Platforms like provide bitcoin trading features like precise and concise strategies to become an independent trader.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Crypto Affiliate Program

Support and Reputation

Navigating the world of affiliate marketing can be a little overwhelming when you’re just getting started, but fortunately, many crypto-affiliate programs have account managers who are there to help.

Account managers provide hands-on support and guidance with outreach strategies, responding to questions or concerns that may come up, so you feel confident while promoting their products and services. Allowing access to insights which will drive your success further ahead.

Payment Methods

In terms of figuring out the best pay-out for you, freedom is crucial. The very best crypto affiliate marketing programs provide you with the choice to decide whether you wish to be paid in blue chip cryptos such as Ether and Bitcoin or maybe in fiat currencies including EUR or USD.

This provides you with the flexibility to make selections which will not be affected by any payment limitations in your country.

Data Privacy and Security

The very last thing you would like is for your consumer’s data or funds to end up being hacked as a result of a security breach holding a crypto platform or exchange.

Search for crypto affiliate marketing programs which have websites which provide simple security functions like multifactor authentication and also Know Your Customer (KYC) laws.

Which are the popular Crypto Affiliate Programs?


Compared to a traditional, centralized exchange, Paxful might not have the same visibility. Nevertheless, it makes up for this with its Bitcoin Affiliate Program which offers instant income on every trade via a 50% escrow fee when invitees buy Bitcoin on Paxful.

Moreover, their crypto affiliate program places focus primarily on cashing out rather than having funds locked away in an exchange account – setting them apart from the competition.


The great thing about the Coinbase affiliate application is the fact that it utilizes information to boost your affiliate success – that is the emphasis of the program. After you get enrolled in the affiliate marketing program, you are going to have use of Coinbase’s Impact tracking program.

By using customized landing page programs as well as campaign-rich links, you can get insights into the behaviour of your target audience and the way they respond to your marketing materials regarding utilizing Coinbase. Becoming a Coinbase affiliate not just provides you with a chance to access its effective data-driven methods, but additionally provides you with the choice to get your commissions in virtually any currency you prefer.


BitMEX is famous among cryptocurrency fans to be the very first platform to provide continual swaps in the crypto area, resulting in it being among the most sophisticated crypto trading platforms we have these days. The BitMEX Affiliate Programme offers a chance for affiliate marketers to generate as much as 45% commission and get their profits in U.S. dollars.

In addition to its advantageous commission amount, the BitMEX Affiliate Programme additionally puts a premium on the size of your potential customers. Based on the size of their market, affiliate marketers will get a bonus within the initial 3 months. This helps make BitMEX’s crypto affiliate marketing program perfect for content producers who currently have a huge following and who wish to make money from their market on a scale that they can manage.

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