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How to Share Reward Points in TM: Complete Guide

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How to share rewards points in TM

You can always share your TM Rewards points with other subscribers and donate to charitable organizations.

They can be in vouchers, discounts, freebies, or cash.

If you want to know how to share Reward points in TM, check out this article.

What are Rewards Points in TM?

Every time you buy a load for your mobile number, you earn Rewards points.

They can be redeemed for TM promos or vouchers and gift cards for Restaurants, Hotels, and even GCash coins

Globe may have updated the TM Rewards Program terms and conditions to only include the following: balance inquiry, gifting of Rewards to others, use in partner merchants, free discounts and perks, asking for redeemable items, a donation to the beneficiary, and points exchange with partners.

As you can see, direct sharing may not be possible, but you can still share the redeemed Rewards items.

How to share Reward Points in TM

These are the steps on how to share Reward points in TM:

Step 1: Once you have at least 1 Rewards point, open the SMS app on your phone.

Step 2: Dial *143# and respond with the number code for Rewards.

Step 3: Go to Redeem Rewards and choose from Telco Products, Vouchers, Points Conversion, or Donation.

Step 4: Enter the corresponding number for the item.

Step 5: Check its description, then redeem it.

Step 6: Once you have redeemed a shareable Rewards, share the code with another subscriber.

Codes can be presented to the cashier at establishments, and they will check them from their system for their validity.

Another option is providing another person’s details directly, such as when redeeming TM Rewards points for SM Advantage Card points, wherein you need to enter the SMAC account number.

This can also work with other affiliate programs.

How to check how many TM Rewards points I have?

To check how many TM Rewards points you currently have, you can call *143# or see it in the new GlobeOne app.

Can I share my TM points using the new GlobeOne app?

No, the share feature for TM Rewards points is not yet available in the new GlobeOne app.

You can send the points as a gift to other subscribers by dialing *143# and going to the Rewards section.

Can I receive Rewards points from Globe subscribers?

Unfortunately, you cannot receive Rewards points directly from Globe Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.

However, they can instead send a redeemed gift directly to you.

What is the minimum number of points I can share?

You can share as low as 1 point per transaction for just PhP 1 per transaction.

This is especially useful when you have a low number of points or pool your points to redeem more significant items.


You can enjoy your own or share your TM Rewards points with your family and friends.

There are good perks that can be redeemed with pooled points, but they can also be donated to charity.

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