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4 Top Public Companies Investing in Bitcoins with High Returns

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Even a couple of years back, there was a major section of the world population outside the cryptocurrency bubble. These people regarded digital assets as the most volatile objects that will not be of any use. Go URL to register for free and to start trading Bitcoin.

But since the pandemic and the complete digitalization of many industries, people have finally got the time to research about cryptocurrencies. And final, high-value investors as well as the top companies on the global platform have started to consider Bitcoins as a dependable asset class. 

Things have changed radically since the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Do you know who is buying Bitcoins nowadays? Of course, you have got individual investors. But the larger firms and retail investors have started investing in Bitcoins too. 

Know about the top companies that are allocating a considerable portion of their portfolio to cryptocurrencies from the below content. 

1. MicroStrategy

The premier public company which successfully invested in Bitcoins is MicroStrategy. 

  • If you talk about the most renowned companies investing in cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin now, then the first name to spring up in your head is none other than MicroStrategy. It has successfully invested a sum of $3.1 billion already. And the present worth of the investment is $5.4 billion. 
  • The company is holding 114,041 Bitcoins. It is the largest figure denoting the cryptocurrency holding of any public company so far. And the figure has a considerable margin in comparison to the other companies investing. 

The sole reason why MicroStrategy has been able to make a huge profit from the investment is its early entry into the cryptocurrency investment platform. According to the fiancé experts of the company, BTC is the best way to diversify the investment portfolio of companies that want to achieve considerable financial gains. 

In fact, the company assured the world that Bitcoin is indeed digital gold and more reliable than traditional gold. 

2. Tesla

MicroStrategy can be the flag-bearer for all the public companies that invest in Bitcoins, Tesla is the most famous investor, all thanks to the owner Elon Musk. The company broke the media with a series of controversial tweets from CEO Elon Musk declaring that the company will purchase Bitcoins. 

It is no secret that the declaration of Tesla to purchase the bitcoins has  been a trigger in bringing the cryptos under the limelight. The estimated worth of the Bitcoin holdings of Tesla is around $1.5 billion. And the amount multiplied soon to reach $2 billion worth. 

Therefore, Tesla emerged as the second highest profit earner from the Bitcoin investment process. As a public company, Tesla showed the world how to include digital assets in the investment portfolio for the greater good of the company financially.

But Tesla sold 10% of its Bitcoin holdings in the 1st financial quarter of 2021. The reason for the sale was to utilize the liquidity of Bitcoins as an alternative to traditional cash. 

#3. Galaxy Digital Holdings

Galaxy Digital Holdings is yet another significant player in the institutional investment market. The best part of Galaxy’s investment is that the CEO has been one with modern thoughts who believe in the potential of virtual currencies. Thus, bitcoin has got the chance to surface up to the trade market with such huge investment partners in the trade market now.

The company has inspired many people to invest in Bitcoins through the reliable Bitcoin Era Official Site to make significant financial improvements for individuals and business organizations. 

  • Galaxy Digital is the possessor of a total of about 16,400 Bitcoins. The net worth of the purchase is approximately $190 million. 
  • Right now, the present share consists of $783 million.  

As the Bitcoin price reached its peak at the end of 2021, the company became one of the highest gainers among all the publicly traded companies investing in cryptocurrencies. 

The clients of Galaxy Digital can also enjoy various crypto-based funds. The company has other funds too, like the Ethereum fund or the DeFi index fund. 

Therefore, the company shows more than $1.2 billion in cryptocurrency portfolio. And they earned a double profit in the first quarter of 2021.

4. Voyager Digital

Voyager Digital is a brokerage firm that has been operating for a considerable period since 1993. The subsidiary Voyager Digital Holdings aimed to offer special services dedicated to the crypto market only. Thus, the company offers more than 60 crypto assets for trading. 

The users on the platform can earn incentives and rewards. Presently, the company is possessing almost 12,260 BTC. The net worth of the holding is approximately $585 million. As the company has done a great job with the crypto brokerage business, it has inspired the world of business owners with a revenue generation of $60.5 million during May of 2021. 

So, these companies proved that volatility is never a constraint to earning revenue from investing in Bitcoins. 

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