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MLhuillier Rates 2023 (Complete and Updated)

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MLhuillier Rates

If you want to know more about MLhuillier rates and their services, then you are in the right place!

Read on and find out everything there is to know about their remittance services both in the Philippines and abroad.

MLhuillier’s Domestic Remittance 

MLhuillier offers domestic remittance services to its customers which allows them to send and receive money from any MLhuillier branches all over the Philippines.

They have over 3,000 branches nationwide and this alone makes sending and receiving remittances easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

As a matter of fact, MLhuillier has partnered with other networks like LBC, Starpay, and RuralNet to increase the quality of their services even more.

MLhuillier rates for domestic remittances may vary depending on the amount that will be sent to the receiver.

MLhuillier’s International Remittance 

In order to stay true to their promise of providing a remittance service that is fuss-free and convenient to every Filipino, MLhuillier also offers international remittance.

However, MLhuillier Pera Padala rates may be slightly higher if the money will be sent abroad compared to when it will be sent locally.

In international remittances, the MLhuillier rates are computed based on the amount of the money that will be remitted and on the location of the receiver.

Still, MLhuillier is one of the few who offers this kind of remittance service and the best thing is, the receiver can claim the money in the local currency of the country they are situated in.

These network partners abroad can also help in facilitating their customer’s money which will be sent here in the Philippines and can be claimed by the recipient at any MLhuillier branch either in US Dollars (also applicable to other currencies) or in our local currency (Philippine Peso).

How to track your ML Kwarta Padala transactions?

The fastest way to do track your ML Kwarta Padala transaction is to contact MLhuillier directly through their phone or e-mail:

  • 1-800-105-723-252

Make sure that you have the tracking number (KPTN) and give it to the customer service agent once you get ahold of them either by phone or by e-mail.

How to send money through MLhuillier?

Sending remittances locally and internationally through MLhuillier is made easy by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to any Mlhuillier branch nationwide
  2. Fill out the MLKP form and present it to the representative along with your valid ID/ML Diamond Card
  3. Submit the cash to the representative
  4. You’ll be informed when the money has been successfully sent. Then, you’ll also receive a customer’s copy of the MKLP form and an official receipt.

What I.Ds are accepted at MLhuillier branches?

Any government-issued I.D., your Company I.D., or a School I.D. (for those receivers who are not of legal age yet but shows an understanding of the value and proper use of money) are accepted at MLhuillier branches nationwide. Generally, a valid I.D.:

MLhuillier has the right to decline your I.D. if it does not meet the requirements mentioned above.

Some of the cards or documentation that cannot be accepted as an I.D. are credit cards, debit cards, proof of billing (like Meralco bill or water bill), and those that fall in the same category as these.

MLhuillier Pera Padala Rates in 2022

Sending remittances comes with a price, and MLhuillier sees to it that they give only the most reasonable and affordable rates in order to accommodate their customers’ needs all over the world.

Their rates start for as low as P3.00.

Here is the complete table of MLhuillier Pera Padala rates:

Amount                       Rate

Amount Rate
₱1 – ₱100₱3
₱101 – ₱200  ₱6
₱301 – ₱400  ₱12
₱401 – ₱500 ₱15
₱501 – ₱600 ₱18
₱601 – ₱700₱21
₱701 – ₱800₱24
₱801 – ₱900  ₱27
₱901 – ₱1,000₱30
₱1,001 – ₱1,500₱45
₱1,501 – ₱2,000 ₱60
₱2,001 – ₱2,500₱75
₱2,501 – ₱3,000 ₱90
₱3,001 – ₱3,500₱95
₱3,501 – ₱4,000₱115
₱4,001 – ₱4,500₱125
₱4,501 – ₱5,000₱130
₱5,001 – ₱6,000 ₱148
₱6,001 – ₱7,000₱158
₱7,001 – ₱8,000 ₱168
₱8,001 – ₱9,500₱188
₱9,501 – ₱10,000 ₱198
₱10,001 – ₱14,000 ₱210
₱14,001 – ₱15,000₱220
₱15,001 – ₱20,000₱260
₱20,001 – ₱30,000 ₱290
₱30,001 – ₱40,000₱320
₱40,001 – ₱50,000₱350

Final Notes

MLhuillier Pera Padala rates are considered to be one of the most affordable rates for remittance services nationwide.

Sending money to your loved ones no matter where they are in the world has never been this easy!

Now, you do not have to worry about having to set up different accounts or even forgetting passwords, because at MLhuillier, all you need is a valid I.D. and you are all set to send and receive money from any MLhuillier branches all over the world!

Just make sure to check MLhuillier’s website before going to their branches because the MLhuillier Padala rates may be subject to change without prior notice.

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