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Digital assets: How to stay safe from online fraud

Digital assets

With the increasing popularity of investing online, the concerns of online fraud are increasing day by day. Various studies try to find out this fact about online fraud. The major among such studies is ACI which arrives at a result that the rate of online fraud has been rising. And the increase is around 28.32% every twelve months. To get rid of your worries about these concerns, open bitcoin up account today to increase your confidence.

The methods of such fraud may seem to be different in each case, but the basic idea remains exact. The hackers contact the victims in every case and act as the officials who ask for sensitive information to complete the KYC of the victim. In this way, the hackers call their targets and take all the necessary information. Then it gives them access to the victim’s online wallets and bank details. The hackers use techniques like shimming or phishing to do the frauds.

Popular Types Of Online Frauds

There are various types of online fraud that people are facing every day. The most popular amongst them are:

  • KYC Frauds:

This is the most mutual form of fraud that victims face with every passing day. In this form, the hackers act as certain high officials and call the victims and try to gather all the important data from them in the name of KYC updates. Once they become successful in getting all the information, they try to gain access to the victim’s online wallets that are linked to their bank accounts. And once they get all the information, it is difficult for the victim to save their account and assets from the frauds.

  • Frauds With QR Code:

This happens at higher rates during the online shopping experiences. When the hackers find out about an individual being their potential buyer, they share their QR code for the buyers to make payment. But, as the victims scan the code their account gets hacked by these frauds.

  • Frauds In Sim-port:

It is a very dangerous kind of fraud. Here, the hackers contact the victims as executives of telecommunication departments. After that, they ask the victim for their unique SIM number. Once the hackers get the number, they request porting, due to which the number gets shut down for nearly a day. During this duration, the hackers will issue the same number and reset all the necessary information of the victim for login to their accounts.

  • Crypto Fraud:

Investing in digital currencies is effortless these days. But at the same time, these are risky as there are many cases where the investors lose all their assets and their money. Many times, certain hackers act as artists who ask for Crypto deposits and when they get one, these hackers disappear.

Prevention Of Frauds

Several factors can help in preventing online fraud and saving digital assets. The major ways to save yourself from such frauds are:

  • QR Code:

To save yourself from the frauds of code scan, never fall into the trap of scanning unknown QR codes. Also, do not click on any unknown links that you receive through SMS or mail.

  • Authentication:

For all your online accounts, use the system of authentication of two factors that sends SMS if anyone tries to log in to your account. With this feature, while trying to log in, you will receive an OTP for completing the process.

  • Cross-check:

Always make sure to check out the authenticity of the new Crypto that arrives on the market. Do not follow the trends for the sake of remaining up-to-date. If the celebrities are following by buying some new digital currencies, you don’t have to follow the same.

  • Password:

Using the same password for almost all the accounts is a major mistake. Do not use the same password as it becomes easy for the hackers to get access to all your accounts without any hassle.

  • Applications:

Always remember to download the applications from the official websites that are genuine. Do not download apps from any links that you receive in mail or SMS.


In an era where everything is going online, it is not possible to skip this system. You have to use the facilities of the online world but at the same time, taking care of these precautions will help you in saving your digital assets from hackers.

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