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21 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Under P399 in 2024!

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Don’t have any ideas on what to give this Christmas? Don’t worry we got you!

Here’s the ultimate list of the best Christmas gift ideas that won’t break your wallet.

Why Shop Online for Christmas Gift Ideas in 2023?

In case you’re still not convinced on shopping online for Christmas gift ideas this 2022, I thought about that. That’s why below, I listed down the benefits that shopping online will give you. 🙂


2. Less hassle (No more traffic, no need to get dressed, no need to commute)

3. Cheap prices!

4. You can easily see how much you’ll spend. (So you can save more money)

5. There’s tons of sale online!

6. No unnecesary expenses such as food, transportation etc. (Aside from the shipping fee which is minimal compared to buy outside)

7. Saves time and effort so you can spend more time with your FAMILY & FRIENDS.

8. You can compare prices easily.

9. Wide variety of products available.

Of course there are tons more advantages but I’m not going to list them all here. The point is that this season should be spent more with your family and friends not on hours of traffic in EDSA. There’s also the benefit of having control over your shopping expenses so you can save more money!

21 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Under P399

If you’re having a hard time thinking of Christmas gift ideas this 2022, I’ve got your back. No need to spend hours searching on the internet or worse – on the crowded streets! Here are 21 Unique Christmas gift ideas under P399 that I personally handpicked. Most of the items here are things I personally bought so I can attest to its quality. For the others, I’ve checked their reviews before putting them in this list.

Note: Some links especially the LAZADA ones are affilliate links. This means that I get a small but helpful percentage commission each time you purchase them 🙂 Thank you and in return, I can keep making helpful articles like these!

Life Saver Watch

If you’re looking for a quality gift that will put a smile on not just one person, the Life Saver Watch is the perfect one! The LoveHopeFaith Group is a business dedicated in helping Cancer patients through their products.

Their Life Saver Watches have a simple yet elegant design. It’s available in different colors and the quality is superb for its price! I bought 2 Life Saver Watches last January 2020 and they’re still going strong to this day! They may not be as fancy as other watches but the thought that 50% of the net proceeds being donated to Cancer patients makes me happy that I bought it.

P.S. I don’t get commission when you buy Life Saver Watches, I just wanted to help their cause. And did I mention that the watches themselves are freaking cool? 😀

Get your Life Saver Watches Here!

Streetfood Keychains

You may have seen this one on being featured by top news outlets on Social Media. These keychains have definitely caught my eye! They perfectly represent the streetfoods we’ve come to know and love.

These are the perfect gift to just about anyone you know! Watch them laugh and love the unique and incredibly-realistic designs that are locally made by Lakbay Museo! You’ll find tons of streetfood there such as Fishball, Kikiam, Betamax, Squidball, Kwek kwek, Banana cue, Turon, Shanghai, Chicken Feet and more!

Get your Streetfood keychains here!

Lazada Products

Below you’ll find Lazada products I personally bought and handpicked for this list. These are all under P399 so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank for Christmas gift ideas this 2022. Enjoy shopping! 🙂

Before you shop, did you know that there’s an app that lets you earn money while shopping? ShopBack is cashback reward program that allows online shoppers to receive a percentage of their purchase when they shop online at no added cost! I personally use this everytime I shop online and I earned around P244 in just weeks. Pretty cool right?

Here’s the link to register to ShopBack. Use this link so you and I will instantly get P100! 🙂

Personalized Accessories

The items below are customizable, meaning you can put your friend or family member’s name to give it a nice touch. You can also pick out the colors and the designs that go along with it! This is the perfect gift ideas to give your loved ones to remember you by.

Customizable Key Holder

Get your Customizable Key Holder here!

Personalized Passport Holder

Get your personalized passport holder here!

Customizable Wristlet Wallet

Get your customizable wristlet wallet here!

BTS Goodies

Got an ARMY friend or inaanak? They’ll surely hug you after you give them these! Well, I can’t guarantee that they’ll hug you but it’s worth the effort, right? 😀

Colorful BTS LED Night Light

Get your BTS Led Night light here!

BTS Paper Photo Card 54 Pcs.

Get your BTS Paper Photo Cards here!

Cute BTS Dolls

Get your cute BTS dolls here!

Electronics & Accessories

Don’t know what to give your officemates or your techy friends and family? Why not buy them their much-needed accessories! These digital goods and accessories will benefit them as much as they’ll save you money! (Next time nalang ang gadgets hehe :D)

Adobe Master Collection

Get your Adobe Master Collection here!

Romoss Micro USB Fast Charging Cable

Get your Romoss Micro USB Charging Cable here!

World Map Extended Mouse Pad

Get your world map extended mouse pad here!

Rzants Shockproof Full-Body Smartphone Casing (Xiaomi Pocophone)

Get your Rzants Shockproof casing here!

Rigid Strip Night Lamp 48 LEDs

Get your Rigid Strip Night Lamp here!

Health & Beauty

Of course, we can’t forget about the ladies! These are not just for the women but for anyone looking to redo their New Year’s Resolution that was due years ago! (Just kidding :D) These are the perfect gift to give after the Christmas Salo-Salos so they can get back in shape in time for summer!

Adjustable Door-Way Pull Up Gym Bar

Get your adjustable door-way pull up gym bar here!

Tummy Strength Trimmer

Get your tummy strength trimmer here!

Revoflex Extreme Multi Function Home Exercise Equipment

Get your Revoflex home exercise equipment here!

Eseed M4 Smart Bracelet

Get your Eseed M4 smart bracelet here!

Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Get your EiderFinch extra thick yoga mat here!

Foot Socks (Men)

Get your foot socks (men) here!

Foot Socks (Women)

Get you foot socks (women) here!

Sunnies Face Lip Dip

Get your Sunnies Face Lip dip here!

Final Thoughts

The Holidays are always the most precious moments in any Filipino family. If we can avoid the time spent on traffic and crowded places to spend it with our family instead, why not? This is the main reason I wrote this article, to help you get Christmas gift ideas this 2022 without trading your precious time for the gifts. Because the greatest gift that you can give to them is your presence 🙂

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