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A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Bitcoin Trading

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Most of the new gen z folks love to explore new arenas which happen to be boons of the digitalization. However, if you are one of those who are going gaga over cryptocurrencies like bitcoins at present, then you can open your arms to embrace the processes of bitcoin trading. It might all be fuzzy to you in the initial stages.

However, with adequate research and time, things would easily get sorted real soon. Visit and open an account on a reliable Bitcoin exchange.

If you further want to explore the crypto world, you can simply go through the following article to find out more.

Bitcoin: the first crypto

Created in 2009, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that showed the world the power of blockchain technology. Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the cryptocurrency to inspire the influx of several other cryptocurrencies in short successions. 

But no other crypto has been able to replace the position of Bitcoins. Such consistency in the market has lead to the huge fan base of bitcoins in the market where people do get tremendous inspiration to hold on to their assets and investments.

Bitcoin trading: A Short Summary

For beginners, Bitcoin trading is all about buying at the lowest price and selling at the highest price. But if you want to hold the bitcoins, you need to predict the price movements accurately with complete concentration on the price graphs.

You can apply two chief methods to analyze the price fluctuation of digital gold:

  1. Fundamental analysis
  2. Technical analysis

For successful trading, you cannot be impatient. You have to put in a lot of time, effort, and money before you can actually start to earn profits.

How to start trading?

If you are deeply interested in investing in BTC, you should begin with the basics of trading:

  • Complete the identity verification process. 
  • Deposit money for investing in the wallet of the account on the exchange.
  • Start with short-term buying and selling the Bitcoins. 

And that is the beginning of bitcoin trading in a nutshell. 

Bitcoin trading vs. Bitcoin Investing

The first thing that you should learn about Bitcoin trading is that it is quite different from investing in Bitcoins. 

  • When you plan to invest in Bitcoins, the plan is to buy the BTC at a low price and hold them for a longer period. But if you want to trade Bitcoins, you have to buy and sell within short terms. The moment you feel you can earn a profit, you will sell it off, instead of holding the BTC.
  • Investors strongly believe that there can be ups and downs in the crypto market. But the price of BTC will always rise in the long term. But for traders, an approaching dip in the price is a signal to sell off the present holding at a reasonable profit level and again buy more BTC as the market goes down. 

After considering the above info, you can easily determine the simple fact that trading and investments are two processes which can take place at the same time. But the BTC at a low price and decide how much to keep aside for long-term investment. The rest is open for trading. 

Methods of trading

All the Bitcoin traders have one common thing in mind- maximum profit. And so, you can practice several methods to generate the rewards.

#1. Day trading:

This method is very popular among traders. you can conduct multiple trades all through the day and benefit from the short-term fluctuations in the price intra-day. You have to spend a lot of time staring at the computer screen to detect the best opportunities. 

#2. Scalping:

This strategy of day trading is getting more popular with time. Scalping aims to make maximum profit from small price changes. 

  • The process depends on a very short-term trade.
  • The concept is to make repeated small profits and limit the risks. 

These profits will sum up to a substantial amount by the day’s end. 

#3. Swing trading

This trading concept is based on the concept of utilizing the natural “swing” in the price cycle of Bitcoins. 

  • You have to spot the next beginning of a price cycle. 
  • Enter the trade
  • Hold the possession till the movement gradually dies off
  • Gain the profit.

As a swing trader, you have to figure out the bigger picture of the market without constantly staring at the computer screen.

Analyze and gain

Whatever the nature of your Bitcoin trading, analysis is important. Monitor the fluctuations to gain big-time as a Bitcoin trader. 

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