Condura Negosyo Plus Ep 2: Unique Business Ideas for the Win

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Pinoys have always come up with the craziest, unique and inspiring business ideas. We’ve always had limited resources which is why we use every bit of it to create something that stands out.

That’s why today, you’ll find the streets littered with unique products/services and even witty business names like Summa Cum Laundry for a laundry shop or Bread Pit which is a bakery.

On October 16, 2021, there was an FB event entitled Condura Negosyo Plus: Learn from a Pro, Win Like a Pro. During the said event, we got to know some successful entrepreneurs and won some prizes as well.

Then recently, Condura invited Pinoys to share their unique business ideas for a chance to win some prizes.

Now, we’ll witness the culmination of this event as the Condura Negosyo Plus Episode 2 is going live in November 20, 2021!

In this live Facebook event, you’ll get to know the negosyante contestants with unique business ideas:

  • Janet Bachoco – The Queen of Flavored Leche Flan
  • Anjou de los Reyes – Inventor of Sisig Fusion
  • Jenneth Olaes – Gourmet Bangus Guru
  • Zohra Abdulwahab – Creator of Halal Tocino, Tapa and More!
  • Marlyn Bagayan – Master of Mushroom Food Products

In this event, we’ll know whose idea will get a chance to become a reality! Plus, you’ll get a chance to win some exciting prizes like gift vouchers and appliances.

This is an event that you shouldn’t miss as you’ll get to learn different and unique business ideas from people. Who knows, you might be inspired from this event and even start your own business! Don’t miss this exciting event now, bookmark it here – Condura Negosyo Plus Episode 2.

Jerico Saquing

Jerico Saquing

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